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Learn Backbone.js Completely. (More Than Just a Complete Backbone.js Tutorial) Duration: 25 to 30 hoursPrerequisite: JavaScript knowledge of 5/10 Below, I provide you with a comprehensive study guide that I myself have used (indeed, I have refined it for this article) to learn Backbone.js properly.

Learn Backbone.js Completely

This study guide should take just about 30 hours to complete. Our Career Paths and Courses Website Is Now Live New UPDATE: June 8, 2015 Enrollment for our Career Paths is well underway. The second cohort for Career Path 5: Modern Fullstack Developer is also full. Backbone.js for Absolute Beginners - Getting started (Part 1: Intro) - Adrian Mejia's [code]Blog. Backbone.js is a JavaScript framework, among many others, that is gaining special attention in the web development community because it’s ease of use and the structure that it provides to JavaScript applications.

Backbone.js for Absolute Beginners - Getting started (Part 1: Intro) - Adrian Mejia's [code]Blog

(Updated: 2013-02-02, 2013-11-24) Brief Background (optional reading) How to quickly start a single-page application with Node.js « Gelblog, addicted to the web. A problem I experienced while starting coding with NodeJS environment and Express framework is that I had difficulties to quickly make a well structured app.

How to quickly start a single-page application with Node.js « Gelblog, addicted to the web

I spent too much time on organizing my modules and writing helpers. Paradoxally with Express, I like the fact that I am free to do what I want and don’t encounter too much constraints due to the framework. At last, it was harder to design front end code than back end code. To deal with that, I used two tools that fit with my requirements : Build a Backbone/Brunch/Chaplin Backend with Python Flask and MongoDB - Thomas Sileo. Some tips on how to use Flask with MongoDB to build a REST Backend for Backbone/Brunch/Chaplin. With both these tools, it's extremely easy to build a full featured REST Backend ready to use with Backbone Models/Collections. I hope these tips will help you avoid some pitfalls I've fallen into. Tutorials, blog posts and example sites · documentcloud/backbone Wiki.

MVC mit PHP - Das MVC-PAttern mit PHP implementieren und verwenden. Dieses Tutorial erklärt wie MVC mit PHP verwendet werden kann.

MVC mit PHP - Das MVC-PAttern mit PHP implementieren und verwenden

Es ist auf keinen Fall als fertiges Framework zu verwenden, es soll nur das Prinzip von Model, View & Controller erklären und eine Möglichkeit aufzeigen, wie es implementiert werden kann und dem Leser helfen, ein Gefühl dafür zu vermitteln, was MVC ist und wie es funktioniert. Eine Übersicht fertiger PHP MVC-Frameworks findet ihr hier oder hier oder hier. Trotzdem ist es natürlich nicht verboten, den Code hier auf seine eigenen Bedürfnisse anzupassen und zu verwenden. Grundlagen Was ist "MVC"? MVC steht für Model, View, Controller. Model: Das Model hat die Aufgabe, die Webanwendung mit Daten aus der Datenbank (oder von wo auch immer) zu versorgen und die Daten, wenn gewünscht, zu speichern. Nach oben Und warum "MVC"? Eine Typische PHP-Webanwendung, wie sie vor allem von Anfängern programmiert wird, besteht oft aus vielen einzelnen PHP-Dateien.

Introduction to Backbone.js Part 1: Models - Video Tutorial. If you’ve read my last post or have just been keeping up with the JavaScript world at all, you’ve probably heard about Backbone.js.

Introduction to Backbone.js Part 1: Models - Video Tutorial

Well, this is the beginning of a tutorial series for Backbone.js and with this new series also comes a new media type: video! Today’s video tutorial teaches you how to get started using the M from MVC: the model. It’s pretty simple, yet pretty awesome and powerful. TodoMVC. Build a Backbone.js Application with PHP.

Last year like a lot of other developers I started to get excited about client-side Javascript frameworks.

Build a Backbone.js Application with PHP

Particularly interesting to me are frameworks that implement the concept of binding, where changes to your model objects will cause the view to update automatically. Basic Node.js and Backbone.js application I « hop2croft's software development Blog. Introduction to Backbone.js Part 5: AJAX – Video Tutorial. Backbone.js apps with Authentication Tutorial.

Backbone.js Wine Cellar Tutorial — Part 1: Getting Started. One of the challenges when building nontrivial Web applications is that JavaScript’s non-directive nature can initially lead to a lack of structure in your code, or in other words, a lack of… backbone.

Backbone.js Wine Cellar Tutorial — Part 1: Getting Started

JavaScript is often written as a litany of free-hanging and unrelated blocks of code, and it doesn’t take long before it becomes hard to make sense of the logic and organization of your own code. Backbone.js is a lightweight framework that addresses this issue by adding structure to JavaScript-heavy Web applications.Self-contained building blocks Backbone.js provides several classes (Model, Collection, View, Router) that you can extend to define the building blocks of your application. To build an app with Backbone.js, you first create the Models, Collections, and Views of your application. You then bring these components to life by defining a “Router” that provides the entry points of your application through a set of (deep-linkable) URLs.

Data Binding Elegant REST Integration Download. Clintberry/backbone-directory-auth.