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Ruboss Technology Corporation. Data Visualization for the Web. Degrafa : Declarative Graphics Framework. RestfulX Framework. Data visualisation with RaVis in Flex. RaVis (Relational Analysis Components) is part of the BirdEye “a community project to advance the design and development of a comprehensive open source information visualization and visual analytics library for Adobe Flex.”

Data visualisation with RaVis in Flex

The RaVis components all you to create interactive data visualisation interfaces for the analysis of relational data sets such as social networks, organisation trees, navigation systems and anything else you can think of. To create this example I followed an article I beta tested for the Flash&Flex Developer’s Magazine. Once you get to grips with setting up the project and components it’s really easy, this was my first proper dive into flex and I found it to be quite manageable.

The data for this example and the ones on the project website are loaded in form an xml file and are very basic, for example to make 2 nodes and connect them takes as little as this code: ————- Update.