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Top 75 Apps for Enhancing Your Facebook Page

Top 75 Apps for Enhancing Your Facebook Page

Have you customized your Facebook page? There are thousands of apps that can help you engage with your fans. In this article I’ll focus on the top 75 Facebook apps. These apps allow you to customize your landing tabs, add your blog, add videos and photos, add chat, add polls, contests, geolocation, scheduling, email, ecommerce and much more. Why Facebook Apps?
The Warzone Map Tools (WMT) are licensed under the GPL 3 and are © 2009 by Florian Schanda and Martin Brain. The Warzone Map Tools are a collection of various tools and libraries for editing and creating Warzone 2100 Resurrection maps. Currently the entire point of the WMT are to support Diorama, a gratuitously over-engineered random map generator. The WMT currently consist out of the following: - A library for reading and writing warzone 2.2 maps. - A random map generator for warzone 2.2 with a GUI. Warzone Map Tools Warzone Map Tools
CCEnhancer | The Web Atom CCEnhancer | The Web Atom CCEnhancer is a small tool which adds support for over 1,000 new programs into the popular program CCleaner. The tool uses the winapp2.ini system built into CCleaner to easily add new rules and definitions for programs. The rules were sourced mainly from the Piriform Support Forum, with several sourced from other places around the internet. Directly download the winapp2.ini file here. Disclaimer: The entries created by this tool are not supported by Piriform, the makers of CCleaner.
Yoono STAY CONNECTED Connect to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Foursquare and more... in one place STATUS SYNC Update your status across all your services at once EASY SHARING Share links, images & videos across all your networks YOONO EVERYWHERE Available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Supported Services Facebook MySpace YouTube Twitter Flickr FriendFeed LinkedIn MSN AIM GTalk Yahoo Chat Foursquare Click Allow Button Above from Firefox Click Install Now After downloading, Restart Firefox Sorry, Yoono currently only supports Firefox 2 and later and Internet Explorer 7 and later though we plan on supporting more browsers in the future! We're very close to launching Yoono 6.0 beta for IE!


Google Docs: Download Firefox Greasemonkey Script Note: Google has now built bulk document exporting into the GDocs interface. Read more about it at Google OS. The GDD greasemonkey script will still be available for those who prefer to download uncompressed documents. Google Docs: Download
How to: add features to Firefox with Mozilla's new Jetpack - Ars Technica How to: add features to Firefox with Mozilla's new Jetpack - Ars Technica Mozilla Labs has announced a new project called Jetpack to provide an easy way for users and developers to enhance the Firefox web browser. Jetpack is a lightweight extension system that makes it possible to build new Firefox features with HTML, JavaScript, and other conventional web technologies and, although it's still at a relatively early stage of development, the project already delivers some extremely useful capabilities. In this tutorial, we will look at what Jetpack has to offer, then show you how to use it to augment Firefox's functionality. The Firefox user interface is largely built with XUL, an XML-based user interface design language. Much like regular web content, XUL user interface elements can be styled with CSS and manipulated with JavaScript through the browser Document Object Model (DOM).
The Keyfixer Extension substitutes the platformHTMLBindings.xml file (within the toolkit.jar chrome file) with a new version that is functionally the same as the equivalent Windows version, except it also maps the 'accel' key (i.e., Command) to every binding that uses the 'Control' key. This could cause compatibility issues with other extensions that also modify this file, although there are no known issues at this time. Keyfixer :: Firefox Add-ons Keyfixer :: Firefox Add-ons
Fixing Home and End Keys on Firefox 3 for Mac OS X Fixing Home and End Keys on Firefox 3 for Mac OS X Since I'm a heavy gmail user, I make significant use of the editor window in my web browser. Ever since moving to a Macbook as my primary computer, I've been struggling with re-learning the Mac navigation key shortcuts. Since I still use Windows a lot, I decided to instead reconfigure the Mac shortcuts to emulate Windows shortcuts. This strategy worked well, except for in Firefox, which doesn't respect the Mac DefaultKeyBinding.dict file. For Firefox 2, I solved this problem by running Keyfixer as published by Starry Hope.
Update: This program is very old and was made for Firefox 2. It is not recommended to use this program with newer versions of Firefox. To help in the ongoing search to make the “home” and “end” keys work in Mac OS X like they work in other operating systems, I give you the Firefox version of KeyFixer. (See here and here for background on the problem and info on how to fix this issue in other apps besides Firefox). While I believe that this software will not harm your system in any way, it is offered to you for FREE with NO GUARANTEE! KeyFixer - Firefox Version - Starry Hope Productions KeyFixer - Firefox Version - Starry Hope Productions
Mozilla Jetpack: Firefox Extensions with Added Thrust Jetpack is a new experimental project from Mozilla that could revolutionize how Firefox browser extensions are built and deployed. Extensions have been an important part of Firefox since its conception. Mozilla made it easy for developers to hook into the chrome API and enhance the browser in ways that had not been envisaged before. Remember how difficult client-side coding was before the introduction of third-party tools such as Firebug and the Web Developer Toolbar? Today, there are more than 12,000 extensions available from an enthusiastic community of developers. With over one billion installs, the power of Firefox’s add-ons is certainly one of the largest contributing factors to the success of the browser itself. Mozilla Jetpack: Firefox Extensions with Added Thrust ooop » home Be our user ¶ Please use the latest version: ¶
Gspace is the FON friendly site that provides FREE Online Storage to access your files everywhere. Gspace turns the 7GB of your Gmail account into free online storage. With Gspace you can manage unlimited Gmail accounts to store all type of files within its simple, user friendly interface. Listen your favourite stored music directly from your Gspace, view your collections of pictures and manage your Gdrive files as well. Download Gspace now and transfer files between your computer and Gspace at anytime, from everywhere! Gspace
Programming: How to build a Firefox extension SExpand Ever since we started releasing home-brewed Firefox extensions here at Lifehacker, several readers have asked: How difficult is it to build a Firefox extension? For someone with a bit of programming experience, the answer is not that difficult. The meat of a Firefox extension is simply Javascript - the not-very-mysterious stuff of bookmarklets and regular old web pages - and a markup language called XUL (pronounced "zool.") To build your own, you'll need some Javascript know-how, comfort editing XML files, and a healthy curiosity about bending your favorite web browser to your will. I started teaching myself how to build Firefox extensions using free tutorials on the web over two years ago.
Firefly - filemanager in your browser
CustomizeGoogle: Improve Your Google Experience -- Firefox Extension