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A to Z of Twitter Etiquette. Ask : Ask questions on twitter. There’s a saying which goes “If you don’t ask, you won’t know”. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask your fellow tweeters. There are tweeters from various backgrounds having experiences in different fields of interest. Stay away from self proclaimed ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ though. And be sure to lend help when needed as well. Ur Doing It Wrong: How Not to Suck in Social Media - Advertising Age - DigitalNext. Quick!

Ur Doing It Wrong: How Not to Suck in Social Media - Advertising Age - DigitalNext

Which is the worst social media faux pas? Inviting consumers to follow your company -- via a locked Twitter account; or When a customer posts a negative comment about your business, track his identity and learn where he works. Speculate to innovate: social-change paves the way for Crowdsourcing. Blog » Social media lessons learned from one cool business. You probably haven’t heard of Mitch Byrne, but you should be paying close attention to how he runs his business – specificially his marketing and customer service efforts.

Blog » Social media lessons learned from one cool business

As the owner of Northeast Cooling , Mitch helps businesses like restaurants and food service vendors with a wide variety of refrigeration services and repairs in the Chicago area. If you think refrigeration sounds boring – Mitch’s story will prove you dead wrong. Iceland wants to be your friend. Twittermania: 140+ More Twitter Tools! Most Of Your Tweets And Facebook Messages Will Never Reach Your Intended Audience. Why Porn Stars Love Twitter. Hope to find MH 370 was virtually destroyed by a month of bungled searching.

Why Porn Stars Love Twitter

The only saving grace was one lonely satellite company’s brilliance. It’s now a month since Malaysian Flight MH370 became modern aviation’s greatest mystery. Certain things are clear and many of them are disturbing. 8 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Get More Out of Twitter. Scott Gerber is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, public speaker and author of Never Get a "Real" Job: How to Dump Your Boss, Build a Business and Not Go Broke.

8 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Get More Out of Twitter

The content for this post was sourced from the Young Entrepreneur Council, a group of successful Gen Y business owners. You can submit your questions to this group on To tweet or not to tweet. That is the question on many business owners' minds. A to Z of Twitter Etiquette. Getting the Most Out of Twitter, No Posting Necessary. Six Degrees of Separation, Twitter Style. Over the past year, we've spent a lot of time exploring Twitter, and one of the things we've been curious about is how connected people are to each other within the Twitter network.

Six Degrees of Separation, Twitter Style

So, we sliced and diced more than 5.2 billion Twitter friendships (the number of friend and follower relationships) to investigate the connectivity of the Twitter network. We discovered that Twitter is, in many, ways a network with only five degrees of separation. Twitter Conversation Statistics - Power of Replies and Retweets. When a tweet generates a reply (aka @) or a retweet (aka RT), it suggests the tweet has resonated enough with someone that it sparks a conversation or encourages someone to share it with their followers. Given the power of the reply and the RT, we thought it would be interesting to explore how many tweets actually generate a reaction.

We also wanted to collect more insight into the characteristics of these reactions. For example, what is the timeframe for a retweet to happen? To carry out the research, Sysomos examined 1.2 billion tweets posted in the last two months. 29% of Tweets Generate a Reaction. Tweasier - The Twitter tool blog that makes life easier. Social networking sites are a 'modern form of madness'