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Music Tuition and Help Resources. Sound Thinking - The ultimate guitar chord finder. A virtual chord and scale encyclopedia at Sheet Music Downloads Links @ Natural minor (Aeolian) scale for guitar. Influences | Learn | TwinNote Music Notation. Alternative Notation Systems that Inspired TwinNote Several other alternative notation systems inspired the design of TwinNote.

Influences | Learn | TwinNote Music Notation

They are shown here in a progression from traditional music notation to TwinNote, with each system overcoming disadvantages of the prior system. The chromatic scale shown in each of the notation systems discussed below: A world of music. 6music - Home. Music - Home. ULTIMATE GUITAR TABS ARCHIVE | 300,000+ Guitar Tabs, Bass Tabs, Chords and Guitar Pro Tabs!

Musicians' Union. UK Music. Sound On Sound | Recording Techniques | Audio Technology | Music Production | Computer Music | Video Media. AllMusic. Free Guitar Backing Tracks @