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Reading and Writing

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II. Reading and Writing

7. Kid Discover
website provides a variety of topics such as geology, money, presidency, invention, solar system and so on. Teachers and students can use this website to read non-fiction genres.

Students can read or listen to a narrator and follow the text in silent.

 Teachers can ask students to research about the solar system and write a summary about the text of their choice.
 Teachers can choose several texts to do a Jigsaw reading about presidents of the United States.
 Teachers can ask students to keep a journal of unknown words and new topics they discover throughout their learning journey.

8. News For You
website provides current news that engage students in reading and conversations of contemporary topics about health, education, sports, arts and others. It contains full readings with vocabulary exercises, read aloud, multiple choice, fil in the blank etc. that might help ELLs in their English development. It includes videos and images.

 Teachers can ask use this website as extra materials for the unit they are teaching.
 Teachers can ask students to do some of the exercises to monitor their reading comprehension.
 Teachers can focus on specific words of the topic and create a story.
 Students can highlight each word and obtain its definition.

9. Brain Pop
website offers a myriad of resources for teachers and students. The former can create screencast to engage students in a lesson. The latter can work in and outside schools in different subjects Science, English, Math, Technology. This website is aligned to Common Core Standards.
 Teachers can play a video in class to reinforce a topic or unit.
 Teachers can ask students to create a Mind Maps base on the video to provide evidence of their comprehension.
 Teachers can engage students in different learning activities through games

10. Edublogs
is a website designed to create blogs.
 Teachers and students can interact in classroom discussions using their blogs.
 Teachers can write a question based on a topic and students can comment on it.
 Teachers can ask students to critique, summarize, or reflect on passages read in class.
11. Project Syndicate
website triggers readers’ discussion in public debates. The goal is to engage and provoke commentaries by well-known people and thinkers. Students are encouraged to leave a comment.
 Teachers ask students to read one topic and write a reflection.
 Teachers ask students to research about specific topic.
 Teachers provide the beginning of a story and student critically write the end.

12. Famous People Biographies
website offers biographies of famous people. It includes M3 files and online interactive activities that provides immediate feedback.
 Teachers divide the class into small groups. Teachers give to each group a biography.

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