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Guard Patrol Products is leading security Guards equipments supplier company in London, UK

GPP M9. Managing risks and risk assessment at work. The Future of Police Body Cameras. Repair & Maintenance support. Body Wearable Video SPY Cameras. Body Worn CCTV Camera | Body Wearable Video SPY Cameras Boasting a whole host of new and advanced features, the EH-15 (GPP-M9) is one of the most advanced body worn cameras or body wearable SPY Video CCTV Cameras on the market today and should be considered essential for police officers, security teams and any frontline staff that may meet potentially abusive members of the public. For more discrete recording, a remote camera is available for supervisors and managers who need to record an incident or accident scene in a sensitive manner.

Body Worn CCTV cameras are becoming an essential tool in what’s known in the industry as ‘front-line work’, which can involve policing, security services and lone workers, to name a few. Worn video systems like this have proven invaluable in providing evidence for court cases, improving safety conditions and generally helping security teams with their jobs. Guard Tour Systems and Supplies. Why Body Worn Camera an ideal Chioce For Police? Security Guard Accessories - Tamperproof Driver, self-tapping Screws. Photo ID Card Bureau Service. Do you need Photo ID badges for your staff? We have no minimum order quantity for new or existing clients and we offer this for all your ongoing requirements, order and pay for ID Cards only when you need them.

All we need is a basic illustration of how you would like your staff photo ID card to look. This should be drafted in MS Word or Publisher, using your preferred fonts along with digital copies of any logos and/or artwork that you use. We will then use this information to create a professional looking plastic Photo ID card design for your approval. Once this is approved, you simply need to email your staff photos and their details to us and we will get to work straight away in producing your photo ID cards or plastic photo ID cards.

We also offer a wide range of plastic photo cards or photo ID cards accessories, e.g. badge clips, card holders, card reels and lanyards to suit various applications. Security Guard Patrol Equipments. The Palm Touch Starter Kit Kit has everything you need to set up a patrol monitoring system easily and efficiently.

Security Guard Patrol Equipments

This strong and lightweight reader is ideal for companies and organisations that require a system for proof of presence, ensuring every job, employee and event is logged and accounted for as it should be. The full starter kit includes: Palm touch reader (L9000D)USB download cable10 touch buttons10 touch button holdersAn event bookA1 Patrol Management software With unlimited, software, it’s easy and comes at no extra charge to add more touch readers, event wallets or touch button checkpoints to the system if you need.The software is unlimited, so you can expand the system by adding extra Palm Touch Data Readers, Event Wallets or Touch Button checkpoints without incurring any additional software costs.

Rfid guard tour system and Devices. As specialists in guard tour security systems and equipment, we offer a wide range of high-quality security guard supplies that optimise the reliability and efficiency of property patrol and monitoring. We have a selection of RFID products, designed specifically to accommodate our first-rate Guard Tour data readers. The combination ensures effective checkpoint tour management as it is a simple and secure system for security guards to use, and is capable of storing huge amounts of data.

The radio-frequency identification system extracts the unique serial number from a microchip located inside an ABS cointag, card or fob. Not only do they offer a higher level of security than other options, our RFID products can read at a much faster rate – not to mention their durability. Lone Worker Protection Systems - Lone Worker Monitoring Systems And It's Benefits. How To Achieve Better Security Guard Tracking? Top Essential Tasks of Security Guards in Business Premises. Guard Patrol Systems. Here at Guard Patrol Products we specialise in supplying a great range of guard patrol systems to help you to set up and maintain an excellent level of security at your premises. We offers complete guard patrol systems to give level of security.

Drivers Licence Scanners. Guard Tour Systems and Supplies. Active Track - Real Time Guard Monitoring System. Two Way Voice Communications, Live GPS Tracker, Lone Worker and “Proof of Presence” in a single device. Plus Real-time alarm and event reporting via ACTIVE VIEW. ACTIVE TRACK – The real time guard monitoring system, is a handheld easy to use device designed for two-way voice communications, GPS tracking, lone worker protection and proof of presence reporting, with all events and alarms monitored in real-time via a cloud-based web portal called ACTIVE VIEW which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

In addition to ACTIVE VIEW web-based reporting ACTIVE TRACK can send SMS text messages regarding GPS position, Panic or Man down alarms to a designated mobile telephone, e.g. in a control room. Email alerts can also be sent to a manager or supervisor informing them that a member of staff has not arrived on site or if the patrol has not been started or completed. Key Features: Live GPS Tracking. RFID Intelligent Key Management Systems. How many times have you gone to your key cabinet and found keys missing and then found there is no record of who has taken them? If this sounds familiar have you ever thought of Intelligent Key management!

Landwell’s latest RFID Intelligent key management system’s cabinets fully automate the process of managing your keys and provides a full audit trail of user activity when connected to its management software. The key tracking systems cabinets are available with 12 or 48 keys capacities, with the local access terminal capable of managing up to 200 keys.

Each terminal can also be networked back to the management software via a LAN/WAN allowing very large key management systems to be created. Active View – The WEB Based Management and Monitoring Portal for Active Track. Active View – The WEB Based Management and Monitoring Portal for Active Track General Description Active View is a web-based management portal that facilitates the rapid deployment of Active Track.

Active View – The WEB Based Management and Monitoring Portal for Active Track

Once you have an account then you can start managing your clients. You can configure your Active Track Devices, the staff who use them and the companies and sites they serve. The “Man Down” operational parameters are configured prior to despatch and define what conditions result in a Man Down alarm and identifies the mobile telephone that is to receive SMS alarm messages and is typically a mobile phone located in a security control room. Active View monitors all of the events and alarm messages generated by each Active Track device in real time. Active Track’s ability to read RFID Tags (Checkpoints) also opens numerous ‘Proof of Presence’ applications. An integrated report generator is available to analyse stored information that is held within the system.

RFID Intelligent Key Management Systems. Fire Warden Patrol Monitoring System. As you may be aware, the daily tasks of the fire marshal include the following routine activities: If you would like a system that can monitor your fire wardens to ensure that all fire warden patrols are performed on time, that all relevant locations are visited and that a record is kept of all actions and incidents plus management reports that can provide statistical information on patrol performance, then the Minitool Pro Patrol Monitoring system will fulfil your needs.

Fire Warden Patrol Monitoring System

The Minitool Pro system can also be configured to record weekly, quarterly, half yearly and annual checks or services of your fire alarm system. Generating unalterable reports that identify who performed the task, the actual location or system component that was checked or serviced, a description of the task and a date and time stamp to confirm when the check or service was performed. RFID Intelligent Key Management Systems. Employees Attendance Tracking Systems. Body Wearable Video CCTV Cameras. Hire Magento Developer in India.

Magento Commerce is a revolutionary development in the world of e-commerce.

Hire Magento Developer in India

The perfect platform for medium- to large-sized online businesses, it was released in 2016. Magento Commerce is a unique platform that has out-of-the-box features, amazing third-party integrations and unrivalled customization ability to provide the audience with an engaging shopping experience. Its key benefits & features are: It allows its user to create personalised promotions & content. It provides a smooth purchase path for the audience. It’s thus, the perfect next-gen solution with many more benefits and features that will make your business stand out from the crowd. Guard Patrol Systems. Body Wearable Video CCTV Cameras. Purchasing a Proof of Presence or Patrol Management System. Benefits of Security Systems in your business premises. Benefits of Security Systems in your business premises. Benefits of Active Track Guard Monitoring System.

Body Wearable Video CCTV Cameras. Why You Need Body Worn CCTV Camera Systems? Why You Need Body Worn CCTV Camera Systems?

Why You Need Body Worn CCTV Camera Systems?

Comments Off on Why You Need Body Worn CCTV Camera Systems? Body Worn CCTV Camera Systems have become popular and widespread in recent times. You may wonder whether your organization requires it or whether acquiring such equipment is worth the cost. We look at reasons why you need body Worn CCTV Camera Systems? 1. As per independent studies the employment of body worn cameras brings down incidents as well as risks by about 50%. 2. Body worn cameras can alter a person’s behaviour when he/she is aware that he/she is being recorded into a more positive reaction. 3.

These cameras go along with an employee wherever he/she goes at all time. 4. This technology can protect individuals better than other existing technologies. 5. These cameras provide high-quality audio and video recording of event from the security staff’s perspective while they perform their job. 6. 7. Active View – The WEB Based Management and Monitoring Portal for Active Track.

Active Track - Real Time Guard Patrol Systems. Body Wearable Video CCTV Cameras. Guard Patrol Systems – get a great security guard tour system. Security Guard Patrol Systems / Guard Tour Systems and Supplies.