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Docker. Shipyard/shipyard. Docker. DesignUXUI: 99% of #programming tutorials ... Programming. C# Community. C/C++/C# C# ASP.NET. ASP.NET MVC. Web Development. Javascript. Javascript. Javascript. Node.js. Node.js | Javascript - Platforms. Coffee Script. Learn CoffeeScript. CoffeeScript | Javascript/Etc - Languages. Python. Python. Objective-C. Photography. The PEN Ready Project from Olympus - StumbleUpon. Point-and-shoot cameras buying guide. Today’s digital cameras are chock full of features, making it easier than ever to take a great set of pictures.

Point-and-shoot cameras buying guide

In fact, the most difficult task you’ll have to do is to pick one camera from the seemingly endless selection available. But don’t fret: we’ve got a few tips on what to consider when looking for a camera. Use this checklist to find a point-and-shoot with the features that meet your particular needs. And if you’re still stumped, we have a few suggestions to start you off. Types of point-and-shoot cameras There are a daunting number of point-and-shoot cameras to choose from. Basic Point-and-Shoot: A basic point-and-shoot camera is a no-brainer pick for anyone who just wants a camera to have on hand at all times; most of them even shoot 1080p HD video now. These cameras have small sensors, so don't fall into the trap of buying an inexpensive camera with a very high megapixel count. Advanced Point-and-Shoot (compact camera with manual controls): Mobile Industry News.

Android Apps. Tools & apps. Android Apps. Android Development. Android App Development. Energy. Nuclear Energy. Social Media. Social media. Working Out / Running. Running. Half Marathon Training from Online Extras: Hurt FeelingsFour common injuries—and how to treat themBy Michelle Hamilton Every runner hates to get sidelined.

Half Marathon Training from

Unfortunately, any time you ratchet up your training, your chance of getting hurt rises, says Clint Verran, a 2:14 marathoner and physical therapist in Lake Orion, Michigan. Your best bet is to follow tried-and-true training advice: Build mileage slowly, add intervals gradually—and address aches and pains immediately. Here's how. Shinsplints The HurtAny pain on the front of the lower leg The CauseRunning in worn-out shoes or dialing up your mileage or speed too quickly can lead to inflammation, a muscle tear, or a stress fracture. The FixIce twice a day for 15 minutes, and stretch your calves. Plantar Fasciitis The HurtPain in the bottom of the foot, sometimes between the arch and the heel. The CauseThe inflammation of the plantar fascia is usually due to a high arch or a tight Achilles tendon, which connects the calf muscles to the heel.

Runner's Knee Sunday: Off. Half Marathon. Beginner Half Marathon Program. Posted Monday, 8 September, 1997 First things first: bookmark this page so that you can check on your progress.

Beginner Half Marathon Program

You can also add daily run reminders to the Cool Running homepage as you roll through the weeks of this training program (to do this, edit your start page preferences). This program contains some speed workouts. (For more information on the types of speed workouts, we lay it all out in "The Runner's Building Blocks"). A few quick notes on how speedwork is described here: The distance in parentheses below fartlek runs includes a mile each of warmup and warmdown, in addition to your fartlek sessions. All other workouts (including the long runs) should be run at an easy training pace -- emphasis on "easy. " Finally, the pre-training schedule. The schedule The schedule peaks at about 35 miles per week.

Total Distance: 243 mi 0 mi 5 mi 10 mi.

Half marathon training. Half marathon training (or mini marathon) will be challenging, but should be fun and enjoyable.

Half marathon training

Train right and enjoy lots of fun on the big day! Are you a beginning runner? Already a runner? Haven’t run in a long time? Either way, you can finish a half marathon. Motivation: Building mental stamina is essential. RunKeeper. Giuseppe Turitto. Khan Academy. Creativity Tools. RaspberryPi.