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Welding Processes - Shop Floor Talk. Weldhouse. How to choose the right drill speed. Welding and Metal Arts Career Guide. Basic Brazing Information For Bicycle Builders. What is Brazing?

Basic Brazing Information For Bicycle Builders

Brazing, simply put, is joining metal to metal by filling the joint with a different, melted metal at temperatures over 840F. The melted metal filling the gap must be able to wet the pieces being joined so that it is drawn into the gap by capillary action. Welder Apprenticeship 1st 2nd 3rd Yr. Alberta, Red Seal (new). - Mississauga / Peel Region Tools & Hardware For Sale - Kijiji Mississauga / Peel Region Canada. Welcome to Capital Crestings - America's Leading Fabricator of Roof Crestings, Finials & Snowguards.

Welding Projects

How to Weld. Welding Equipment and Supply.™ One comment we hear often about TIG Torch packages “What do you mean a torch package only includes a torch body and a cable?”™

Those of us in the industry are used to this, but fabricators new to the industry can easily end up ordering a TIG torch that they can’t use—at least until they buy the front end accessories. A premium TIG torch package includes rubber cables and hoses, and a standard package includes vinyl, plastic cables and hoses. What you don’t get is the front end parts you’ll need to actually use you torch: gas nozzles, collets and collet bodies, a back cap, and tungsten electrodes. If you already have the TIG torch accessories you need, a standard or premium torch package is the way to go, but if you’re just starting out, or have a welding project that requires a different front-end setup for your torch, you’ll need to get the proper parts.

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