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Sharp My Knife - Milton Ontario - Be Sharp, Not Dull ! - Home. 5 Lessons in Creativity from the Return of Ze Frank. Beyond the Food Truck: Six Ideas for Mobile Food Businesses. Even when you don't have a lot of money or time, you still want a tasty meal, and mobile food businesses are uniquely positioned to provide it.

Beyond the Food Truck: Six Ideas for Mobile Food Businesses

Whether serving crepes from a splashily painted food truck, a bacon-wrapped hotdog from a push cart, or Baskin-Robbins ice cream from a franchised kiosk, food is going where consumers are. Even though street food is enjoying a resurgence, this is a tried-and-true business model that's fed generations of eaters. Today, there are approximately 3 million food trucks operating in the U.S., more than 5 million food carts, and an unknown number of kiosks. If you multiply the following six mobile options with the myriad cuisines and foods you can serve, possible locations, and the time of day you are open, your options for a mobile food business are endless. 1. 2. This style of mobile food business has been around for decades and is a multibillion-dollar industry. Related: Food Trucks 101 -- How to Start a Mobile Food Business 3. 4. 5. 6. Small Business Ideas.

2011 Trends: This Way Up. In his inauguration speech, President Obama paid homage to entrepreneurs. The path to greatness, he rhapsodized, has been paved by "the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things--some celebrated but more often men and women obscure in their labor, who have carried us up the long, rugged path towards prosperity and freedom. " Almost three years later, it's clear he was spot on. Entrepreneurship has been one of the precious few bright spots in a terribly gloomy economy, and this new generation of entrepreneurs, both intentional and accidental, has taken it upon themselves to keep things chugging along.

At the same time, starting a business gained serious cool cred. Consider American Express' slick ad campaign featuring Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard; foursquare's founders as models in glossy Gap mag ads; and the cults of celebrity surrounding "the Zuck" and the late Steve Jobs. Top 10 Small Business Predictions for 2012. December truly is the most wonderful time of the year for small business owners.

Top 10 Small Business Predictions for 2012

Besides the spurt in shopping activity, it's the time when business pundits provide predictions for next year's trends. I'm feeling pretty good about my track record in picking winners -- you can check out my 2011 predictions post. OK, maybe most businesses didn't splurge on IT this year, but there were definitely more IPOs, QR codes gained in popularity, and cloud-based software and services were huge. What changes in the business climate are just over the horizon as 2011 winds down? The overall economy is expected to grow just 2 percent, but your local mileage may vary.

Page 2 105 Service Businesses to Start Today. At your service: Convenience-craving consumers are always looking for a way to do things better, faster and cheaper.

Page 2 105 Service Businesses to Start Today

Often, that means turning to a specialty-services entrepreneur who knows how to get the job done right. Here, we provide some inspiration for aspiring service providers-from adventure-tour leaders to window washers. With 105 ideas to choose from, you have no excuse not to get started today with your own service business. Low Cost Business Ideas, Starting a Business - 10 Low-Cost Weekend Businesses to Start. Whether you want to just make some extra money in your free time or desire to one day quit your day job and create a full-time business, starting a low-cost business on the weekend is an easy way to test the entrepreneurial waters.

10 Low-Cost Weekend Businesses to Start

Need a Business Idea? Here are 55. This article has been excerpted from 55 Surefire Home Based Businesses You Can Start for Under $5,000 by Entrepreneur Press & Cheryl Kimball (2009), available from Entrepreneur Press.

Need a Business Idea? Here are 55

Today, tens of thousands of people are considering starting a home based business, and for good reasons. On average, people can expect to have two and three careers during their work life. Those leaving one career often think about their second or third career move being to their own home. Kickstarter. 7 Intriguing Business Books to Inspire You on Spring Break. Ah, spring.

7 Intriguing Business Books to Inspire You on Spring Break

It's a time of year when business picks up... just when the kids get out of school and it's harder to get work done. It's still important to use this time productively, even working in a little reading time while you hang with your family. This season, my business bookshelf is once again stacked high with interesting new books whose titles have intrigued me enough to keep them out of the donation pile. Among them are useful tomes out recently for wannabe business owners, as well as bootstrappers, innovators, and leaders of all stripes. This isn't a ranking -- they're in alphabetical order: 1. 2. 3. 4. Electric power washer. Business Idea Center. Business Overview Look anywhere and you're sure to find graffiti'walls, sidewalks, signs, and fences'making a graffiti removal service a very timely and in-demand start-up.

Business Idea Center

Removing graffiti does not require a great deal of work experience. In fact, it can be learned on the job through trial and error. The market is unlimited, largely untapped, and is constantly being renewed so there is lots of upside growth potential. The only equipment required is a portable pressure washer (water) and perhaps a portable sandblaster, but in recent years most graffiti removal services have been getting away from sandblasting because of the potential to damage surfaces. The Market. Planning Startup Stories — Top 100 List Of Make Money at Home Blogs. Lessons Learned. Startup Company Lawyer.

Profitable Small Business Ideas You Can Start Today.