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Creatieve Industrie. Smart Culture: Kunst en Cultuur. Nu financiering aanvragen voor onderzoek naar kunst en cultuur. 21 juni 2016 Ervaren onderzoekers uit WO en HBO kunnen tot 27 september aanvragen indienen binnen het programma Smart Culture – Kunst en Cultuur.

Nu financiering aanvragen voor onderzoek naar kunst en cultuur

In de call ligt specifiek de nadruk op onderzoek naar de positie van de maker en de verbinding tussen kunst- en cultuurpraktijk, wetenschap en de creatieve industrie. De call maakt onderdeel uit van de topsector Creatieve Industrie en sluit aan op de Nationale Wetenschapsagenda. Minister Bussemaker, lector Micha Hamel en hoogleraren Janneke Wesseling en Timo de Rijk lichten in een video het belang van het nieuwe programma toe. Financieringsvormen. Inaugural lecture prof.dr. Janneke Wesseling - Leiden University. Inaugural lecture to be delivered by prof.dr.

Inaugural lecture prof.dr. Janneke Wesseling - Leiden University

Janneke Wesseling. As of 1 February 2016, Janneke Wesseling has been appointed Professor at Leiden University’s Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA), Faculty of Humanities, where she holds the chair in Practice and Theory of Research in the Visual Arts. Janneke Wesseling is director of PhDArts, as well as professor Art and Research at the University of the Arts The Hague.

Wesseling obtained the doctoral degree at Leiden University with a dissertation on contemporary art and reception aesthetics, De Volmaakte Beschouwer (The Perfect Spectator). Donald Duck - Mathmagic Land.


Cookies op RESONANCES. Science – Art – Politics Superstudio Piu', Via Tortona 27, Milano At first glance, Science, Art and Politics might seem like far-away universes.


Yet they all mix ingredients of reason, facts and figures all the way to opinions, concerns and values, in order to derive meaning and make sense of the world. We believe that working together and eventually creating a resonance between these approaches will be needed to solve collective problems like hunger or climate change, and make the world a more liveable place for all. During the two-day festival 'Resonances', the JRC will experiment with elements of science, politics and the arts to explore different ways of discussing scientific, ethical and policy relevant issues.

The festival will consist of an exhibition, talks and performances, which will showcase “things” that can be interpreted in different ways relevant to science, ethics and policy. The festival is linked to the activities of the EU at Expo Milan 2015. The Mobile City » About The Mobile City. Cosmic Sensation - Experience the Universe. Experience the Universe! A Cosmic Dance Event. Live broadcast inside the dome Posted October 1st, 2010 by Frank | No Comments » There is a live feed from inside the dome available at Office Broomer.

Experience the Universe! A Cosmic Dance Event

If you’re unable to attend tonight, make sure to tune in! Cosmic Experience first night Posted October 1st, 2010 by Frank | No Comments » More than 750 people showed up for the first night of Cosmic Experience – and judging by their reactions they all had a blast! Experience the Universe from Paula Kleinheerenbrink on Vimeo. Click ‘read more’ for some awesome fotographs of yesterday! Read more » Visuals have arrived! Posted September 30th, 2010 by Frank | No Comments » Yesterday we’ve got the projectors running and have put up a small demo for the press. Cosmic Sensation. Chaîne de TeamCosmicSensation. Galerie de CosmicSensation. DaHuge: Logo design is van mij htt... Cindy Cloin: met laptop en kop thee @co... See Further Festival: Science+Arts Royal Soci. Synthetic Aesthetics. Synthetic Aesthetics (synthaes) Synthetic Aesthetics. Sascha Pohflepp, artist, designer and writer, and Sheref Mansy, assistant professor of biochemistry, are visiting Mediamatic for a residency.

Synthetic Aesthetics

Synthetic Aesthetics, a project run by the University of Edinburgh and Stanford University, is bringing together synthetic biologists, designers, artists and social scientists to explore collaborations between synthetic biology, art and design. What is Synthetic Biology? Synthetic Biology is a new approach to engineering biology.

By applying engineering principles to the complexity of living systems, scientists and engineers are turning biology into a new design material. Synthetic biology involves understanding and modeling natural entities and processes on a molecular scale: modifying existing organisms such as bacteria through intentional design and construction; building synthetic organisms capable of accomplishing specified goals; constructing new organisms from the bottom up. How can designers contribute? Wiskunst Gent 20mei2011 Sint-Lucas. The Oxford Handbook of Interdisciplinarity: Robert Frodeman.

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Liedewij van Eijk 'english tea' #artscience

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