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SCA Performance Stainless Steel Basket Hilt. Helmet Pattern: Sallet by Rainald - Armour Archive. Sallet by Rainald Patterns (Click on thumbnail for full-size image) Sallet Top (Make Two) Sallet Back/Tail (Double pattern as directed) Sallet Lower Face.

Helmet Pattern: Sallet by Rainald - Armour Archive

Armor Shop: West Coast Armoury - Gauntlet Pattern Idea - Pricey. Armor Shop: Gorget Ideas - Bokalo's Armoury. Armor Shop: By the Sword - Pricy but Pretty. Shield Construction: Aluminum Shield. How to make an Aluminum shield for SCA combat This article will show you how to construct a shield for SCA combat, using an aluminum "blank".

Shield Construction: Aluminum Shield

I've had this blank laying around my shop for years now; I've forgotten where I bought it. There are several armour merchants out there who sell them. The shield I am making is usually called a "heater" shield, presumably because it looks like an iron. This type of shield evolved from the "kite" shields typical of the era of the Norman Conquest (1066), which were much longer and thus protected the holder's legs better.

Click on any of the thumbnail pictures that follow for a full-size version. First, a look at my old heater shield. The first step is to scribe a line for your thread holes. Next I used a palm sander and 60 grit sandpaper to sand both sides of the shield. I used a 3M spray adhesive and laid my course linen onto the face of the shield. The next step was to apply an artificial "gesso" to the linen. Now to do the real thing! Coat of Plates: Armour Archive. How I Made My Coat of Plates I purchased a side of 5.5 ounce leather from Brettun's Leather Village for $50, including shipping.

Coat of Plates: Armour Archive

It was 24.25 square feet of beautfil black vegetable tanned leather. This was more than enough to fit me, and I'm the size of an NFL lineman I would heartily recommend Brettun's over any other leather distributor. I purchased 2lbs of round head rivets (3/8" length, 3/16" diameter) from R.J. I used this pattern from the Armour Archive (I didn't use the complicated looking pattern at the bottom, but the one right above it).

I used 16 gauge mild steel which I picked up from a fabrication shop. Actually making the coat of plates is really easy since there is little skill involved. If you don't have a rivet set already, then here's how to make one. After measuring myself and cutting out my leather coat, I flipped the leather upside down so that the shiny black part was on the ground and the dull, lighter side was facing me. Coat of Plates: Pictures All Wisby Types - by Hoas Hantverk. Coat of Plates: 15th Century Brig - Very Pretty. Armor Construction: A Guide to Bartholomew's SCA Armor. A Guide to Making Bartholomew's SCA Armor Visit Bartholomew's home page Click here to make Bartholomew's armorer write more of this. 1.

Armor Construction: A Guide to Bartholomew's SCA Armor

Bartholomew's Foreward Welcome to my armorer's workshop. I've asked my armorer guide you through his latest projects. . - Bart [Note from Bartholomew's spright: Bartholomew has never figured out that his armorer is a figment of HIS imagination.] Organization of this document: 2. Figure 1: Bart's armor - various views. This document is intended to serve as a self-help guide for the interested SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) fighter who is interested in making nice-looking armor. My goal is to describe in as much detail as possible the way I put armor together. This document is for you if you are tired of your football shoulder pads and carpet vambraces. This document is probably NOT for you if you hate 14th century European armor, because that is what I try to emulate.

Also, this document is not for you if you want to learn to make things in metal. 3. Armor Construction: How To Make Plastic Armor. Armor Construction - Plastic: Thickness of ABS Plastic. Armor Construction: Plastic Armor - FAQ. Mail: Unchained. Armor Requirements: Women in Armor. Armor for Womenby Lady Yang SuGyong Introduction I am Lady Yang SuGyong (or Stick Chick)- Squire to Syr Cedric of Thanet in the East Kingdom.

Armor Requirements: Women in Armor

As one of a growing number of serious female heavy weapons fighters in the SCA, I am often asked to demonstrate that women can and do fight in armor with the "big boys". Many times, a result of my exposure to the public is the discussion (and sometimes outright argument) of the difference of men fighting and women fighting. There are differences aplenty , but when it comes right down to it, if a woman was attacking you, would you try to tell her that she can't for whatever reason?

But before anyone can get out onto the battlefield, they need to pass inspection of the marshals. Now when you look at this and visualize what is (more of what ISN'T) covered, you may wince to yourself (particularly if, like me, you come from a hard hitting shire). HAVE FUN! News and Updates I've amended a bit of the pattern directions. Padding: Zoombang.