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Mercurial Visual Studio Plugin. TortoiseHg. MS Team Server. MSDN Library Design Tools Development Tools and Languages Mobile and Embedded Development Online Services patterns & practices Servers and Enterprise Development Web Development Show: © 2014 Microsoft.

MS Team Server

Assembla. Kiln. Team Up Don’t compromise on quality.


Kiln makes it easy to get feedback, mentor team members, and improve the quality of your software. Another set of eyes on your code now means fewer bugs later. Learn more… Keep Track Don’t compromise your project’s success. Kiln helps team leaders track the team's progress and reach their goals. Learn more… Get Organized Don’t compromise your productivity. Kiln gives you tools to visualize, organize, and understand your code. Learn more… Veracity. GitGUI. Git Extensions is the only graphical user interface for Git that allows you control Git without using the commandline.


It comes with a manual and video tutorials to get you started quickly. Features Windows Explorer intergration for Git Visual Studio (2005/2008/2010/2012) plugin for Git Feature rich user interface for Git Single installer installs MSysGit, GitExtensions and the mergetool KDiff3 32bit and 64bit support Video Tutorial View Commit Log The full commit history can be browsed. File History Explore the history of single files. Blame Find the last person that edited a specific part of a file. Multi Platform Git Extensions runs on multiple platforms using Mono. Active Community The active community of Git Extensions is still growing and is supporting Git Extensions for over two years now. Donate Developing and maintaining Git Extensions takes a lot of time and dedication. TortoiseGIT. Git Version of TortoiseSVN.


It is a port of TortoiseSVN for Git. TortoiseGit supports you by regular tasks, such as committing, showing logs, diffing two versions, creating branches and tags, creating patches and so on (see our Screenshots or documentation). You're welcome to contribute to this project (help on coding, documentation, Translation, testing preview releases or helping other users on the mailing lists is really appreciated). If you upgraded to TortoiseGit and TortoisePLink reports "missing MSVCR110.dll", go to TortoiseGit settings, Network and select "TortoiseGitPLink.exe" as ssh client (which is located in the TortoiseGit\bin directory; issue #2156 ). There seems to be a bug in the MFC library, so please make sure you have the latest service pack installed. The latest and recommended release of TortoiseGit is:, see ReleaseNotes for details.

Download TortoiseGit System prerequisites and installation howto Get a full list of screenshots. Context menu Commit Dialog. Git Visual Studio Plugin. Sign in to write a review Sort by: Since the Built in Microsoft Git Provider is very very slow, this Git Source Control Provider remain the best solution to integrate Visual Studio with Git. yeah,the author is a chinese coder?

Git Visual Studio Plugin

This plug-in is rubbish, you cannot push/pull/add/delete/compare/see history from inside VS. not what you expect from a SCCI EDIT: I just installed the latest version today and it blew away my Resharper registration in Visual Studio 2012. Nice one! Very useful extension, the integration with Visual Studio 2012 is quite good but sometimes buggy. This plugin completely broke for me. Had the hanging problem after installing and opening a repo that was already tracked by "github for windows" under windows 8, needed to install the full git install from now loading vs2012 is fast and everything seems to work, comiting is fast and simple great tool! Really good extensión.