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How to Make snotty slime style goop at home for kids « Kids Activities. Ever wondered how to make slime?

How to Make snotty slime style goop at home for kids « Kids Activities

Now you can learn! Make slime just like they use on Nickelodeon for Halloween, pranks, or just to play with! So gather up your ingredients and get cookin'! We have used many creepy and gross things in the production of the Creepy Puppet Project films. One of the favourite things we use when blowing up zombies or making our monsters teeth drip with goop is snotty slime.

1000+ images about What Liquid Latex Can Do on Pinterest. Simple DIY Mannequin - Cheap. » Making a Monster / Step 3 : Cutting the Teeth. Continued from – Step 2 : Bones of the Beast Full Disclosure – this project began before we decided to create the blog ‘Fake Believe’ – There is inadequate photographic documentation in this post and I apologize.

» Making a Monster / Step 3 : Cutting the Teeth

I hope to do a better job with future posts. The most important aspect of Alex Pardee’s design for this beast was the TEETH. They needed to be huge, sharp, gnarly and there needed to be LOTS of them. Monster sketch by Alex Pardee. Since this was a costume and the teeth needed to be lightweight, I opted for the new, super cool ‘made-for-kids’ product “magic Dough” made by Crayola (other off-brands seem to work fine too). Attaching all the teeth was done by using 1/4″ pieces of Luan (plywood) cut to fit the inside of the monster’s mouth. To make each tooth, I used a tape measure while working to make sure I had a variety of sizes. The molded tooth shown before I pushed the wire inside. the pigtail curl was placed inside, about 1/4″ from the end of the tooth. Inner Jaw Mechanism – XRobots. Monster Page of Halloween Project Links. Skull 1 – Skull Corpsing Tutorial – Monster Tutorials.

Scroll to the bottom for video… Step By Step Skull Corpsing Tutorial In this tutorial I’ll show you how to easily corpse a generic skull using simple corpsing techniques and easy to find materials.

Skull 1 – Skull Corpsing Tutorial – Monster Tutorials

This skull ended up looking like some sort of wild monkey…it resembles an angry mummified baboon. Materials and tools: Skull Corpsing Tutorial Materials List A cheap skull, could be foam or papier mache Two marbles Cheap plastic fangs Toilet paper, paper towels and/or cotton balls Black spray paint Black exterior latex paint Assorted acrylic paints (we used black, white, burnt umber and yellow ocre) Elmer’s glue Water Paintbrushes. How to Make a Werewolf Mask - All. Here is a list of the main supplies you will need: - Foam board 16x20 -(Although this can be substituted for any sturdy medium, such as cardboard, I highly recommend using foam board.

How to Make a Werewolf Mask - All

It's lightweight, durable, easy to cut and work with and you should be able to find a good size piece for under $10) - Fur - For the mask, you will not need as much as I have pictured. Go to your local craft store and see if you can find them in the 9x12 sheets. Scary Dragon costume - All. So, My most ambitious costume to date was to create a Wearable smoke breathing dragon.

Scary Dragon costume - All

This costume could easily be converted into a prop for freaking your neighborhood out! I learned a few things along the way, and have tips for anyone who may wish to create something similar in the future. Teeth, Full face mask and Masks on Pinterest. 666 DIY Horror Filmmaking Tutorials. It’s that time of year again, so we thought it was time to update last years killer feature “Horror Filmmaking: From Script to Scream.”

666 DIY Horror Filmmaking Tutorials

That’s right a sequel! This time we are narrowing the focus a bit and concentrating on the DIY (Do It Yourself) elements. Hopefully this will help you slash the budget without murdering your production values. DIY: Blood, Bullets & Stunts DIY: Stage Effects/Green Screen DIY: Digital Effects After Effects Sony Vegas. Carnivorous Plants of Paper Mache. Author's note: this how-to was written years ago, before I started mastering toilet paper mache.

Carnivorous Plants of Paper Mache

In fact, I wrote this while making my first plant ever. Which explains why it's so pitiful (the pictures, the instructions and my technique). BucketHead2. Revvo Casters and Wheels - Technical Reference. Technical Reference for Revvo Caster and Wheel Performance Rolling ResistanceRolling resistance determines the effort necessary to move the equipment from rest and to keep it rolling.

Revvo Casters and Wheels - Technical Reference

If a wheel, so hard that it will not flatten under load, rolls on an absolutely flat hard surface, perfect rolling is possible. The nearer you get to this ideal, the lower the rolling resistance becomes. In view of this, the first choice should be hard tread wheels, but the average floor is far from smooth and clean and is often littered with small particles of some description. Once the wheels are rolling they will pass over these small items with no problem, but if the equipment starts from rest with minor obstructions, such as swarf, in front of the wheels then the starting effort includes that which is necessary to lift the equipment to the height of the obstructions.