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Minetest Education

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Installation de Minetest – Framacloud. Folder Structure - Minetest Modding Book. Introduction In this chapter we will learn the basic structure of a mod’s folder.

Folder Structure - Minetest Modding Book

This is an essential skill when creating mods. MineTest et imprimante 3D - Page 3/3 - Mathématiques. Minetest2Obj : tuto - View forum - Français. Minetest (SVTux) Mods:Learning - Minetest Wiki. From Minetest Wiki Minetest Tutorial Game/World Tutorial (Tutorial) by Wuzzy - A world the size of a castle, with a parcour of stations.

Mods:Learning - Minetest Wiki

Each station explains one aspect of minetest, and gives opportunities for exercise. [IDEA] Minetest for teachers. Apienk wrote:[*]Teachers need a way to quickly modify permissions for students (For this to work, commands like /grant all interact must be implemented, ideally bound to a key or GUI.)[*]Teachers need to assign griefing-proof working areas to individual students or groups of students while the rest of the world is protected (SOLVED: With the Area Protection mod one can set such working areas by first owning the whole landscape with /set_owner and then assigning sub-owners to particular spots with /add_owner.).

[IDEA] Minetest for teachers

There is also Node Ownership mod: apienk wrote:[*]Announcement system is needed to distribute assignments to all students (SOLVED IN PART: Chat and server messages are easy to miss if there is a lot of traffic. A GUI popup window would be better. [Game]/[World] Tutorial [1.8.2]/[2.1.0] Hi!

[Game]/[World] Tutorial [1.8.2]/[2.1.0]

The work on the tutorial continues. You can download version 0.2.0 in the attachment of this post. Current state of Tutorial World: Minetest - Education Version. There might be/probably are better/different methods, but to kick off: -- Water and lava --> (re)move the bucket mod from games/minetest_game/mods-- Fire --> (re)move the fire mod from games/minetest_game/mods or remove the word fire out of the flammable blocks their groups.

Minetest - Education Version

Example: minetest.register_node("default:junglewood", { description = "Junglewood Planks", tiles = {"default_junglewood.png"}, groups = {choppy=2,oddly_breakable_by_hand=2,flammable=3,wood=1}, sounds = default.node_sound_wood_defaults(),}) -- Punching --> In the file minetest.conf.example you'll find these lines:# Whether to enable players killing each other#enable_pvp = trueI don't think it will prevent punching, since that has also other uses, but should prevent killing. Copy/paste this:enable_pvp = false in your file minetest.conf.