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Replies to Inbox / bendunn. Your Companion to the Social Web! Twitter Fatigue: Rumors of Twitter’s Demise May Not Be Greatly E. By Neal Wiser.

Twitter Fatigue: Rumors of Twitter’s Demise May Not Be Greatly E

Follow him @nealwiser) Over the past year, predicting Twitter’s demise due to a lack of business plan has been the topic de jour in the blogosphere. However, it’s recently become clear that Twitter faces a more immediate threat; its own success. In my last post, Twipocalypse Now: Warnings of a Twitter Bubble, I observed that Twitter was at risk on several fronts, one of which being what I called “Twitter Fatigue” (TF).

Since then, I’ve discovered that TF has been around in various forms for quite some time and that it has recently found a new sense of urgency among a growing chorus of bloggers. The Top Five Misconceptions About Social Media. In the years that I’ve been involved in social media, I have heard so many misconceptions and myths about social media that I am certain this article is long overdue.

The Top Five Misconceptions About Social Media

Here is a list of the top five misconceptions regarding social media: Misconception #1: Social Media is only right for certain brands – Often time people ask me: ” Is social media only right for web services or for “cool” products? The answer is no. Social media is right for every brand as long as the brand is able to find its target audience within a certain platform and converse/interact with it in an effective manner. Of course it may be exciting to do a marketing campaign for Apple than for Charles Schwab but for either one of those brands a targeted social media campaign within social networks and the blogosphere can bring amazing results as far as: Brand awareness, Overall buzz around the brand, traffic, customer loyalty and ultimately revenue. Home. Web 2.0 tools can foster growth in hard times. Your Dashboard.

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