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Sabine Gruppe sur Twitter : "Hansom #Superfamilie @Fontyou -50% #Rabatt nur noch heute! #Corporate #Branding #Font. Hansom FY. Witter / ? Canberra FY font by Fontyou – contemporary, classic, personal. Fontmatters | On 29, Jul 2014 Download Canberra FY font Canberra FY font by Joana Correia & Fontyou Team is another great typeface after Jasmina FY font included in our 15 great font debuts on MyFonts – 2014, 1st half.

Canberra FY font by Fontyou – contemporary, classic, personal

Canberra FY font family is a contemporary low-contrast Serif family with tall x-height and asymmetrical serifs. Marianina FY by Fontyou. WE AND THE COLOR is a blog about creative inspiration in art, graphic design, illustration, photography, architecture, fashion, product, interior, video and motion design.

Marianina FY by Fontyou

Subscribe to WE AND THE COLOR via RSS, eMail or check out our social media links. Fontyouverymuch : Discover 5 Hot News Typefaces... Desktop Fonts, WebFonts, Mobile Fonts and Stock Art by FONTYOU. FONTYOU. Creative Characters interview with Fontyou, September 2013. Top row, left to right: Gia Tran, Denis Moulin, Valentine Proust, Gregori Vincens, Alexandre Pichon, Pauline Chasseray-Peraldi, Julien Priez Bottom row, left to right: Jérémie Hornus, Nicolas Boudriot, Alisa Nowak.

Creative Characters interview with Fontyou, September 2013

It does not happen very often that we interview designers right after they’ve signed up with MyFonts, and we’ve never interviewed a group as large as Fontyou. But then, the subject of this month’s Creative Characters interview is not your average type design studio. The Paris-based initiative has an ambitious plan: finding new ways to design and produce fonts. Using online tools, Fontyou establishes fruitful relationships between people with complementary skills — lettering artists, type designers, font technicians, and more. The outcome: something that’s greater than the sum of the parts — collaborative font designs with originality, quality, and character. In your introduction to Fontyou, you proclaim it as “the first collaborative type factory.”

Fontyouverymuch : Squirrel chinese Work in... Fontyouverymuch : ELLA FY is coming soon! Fontyouverymuch : MARYLEEN FY is coming soon! Fontyouverymuch : Work in progress... Smooth... Fontyouverymuch : Work in progress : Multiple... Mais que fait la police ? Pas plus qu’on ne conçoit une pomme à consistance de framboise ou un Tino Rossi chantant baryton-basse, on ne voit un Balzac en Pléiade imprimé autrement qu’en Garamond.

Mais que fait la police ?

Imagine-t-on le nom de Walt Disney autrement qu’en Waltograph, police maison ? Il ne viendrait pas à l’esprit d’un policier de vous envoyer une convocation imprimée en Fraktur, la police «gothique» par excellence, même s’il n’a pas vécu l’occupation allemande (l’Allemagne nazie a promu le gothique «pur», jusqu’en 1941, date à laquelle cette graphie fut décrétée «judaïque»). Une personne est associée à son écriture, et pas seulement à sa signature, tout le monde sait cela. Pour les élections, chacun y va de son petit paragraphe manuscrit (Nicolas Sarkozy n’a pas dû gagner beaucoup d’électeurs en publiant le sien). Les noms de marque (les «logos») recherchent cette association. Chacune a sa «charte graphique», son identité visuelle. Methods of Distribution: Digital Fonts and the Global Market by Peter Biľak. Methods of Distribution: Digital Fonts and the Global Market by Peter Biľak Article written for the Centre national des arts plastique, discussing conventional distribution methods of digital typefaces and their alternatives.

Methods of Distribution: Digital Fonts and the Global Market by Peter Biľak

The text focuses primarily on the French typography scene. The Golden Age? ‘The golden age’. Everything started with the ‘digital revolution’, a ‘democratisation of technology’ that gave type designers the tools to create typefaces which would have required heavy machinery just a decade earlier. Transformed from a physical product into a collection of ones and zeros, typefaces are also ideally suited for distribution via the web, email or removable media. Obviously there is a great difference between physical products like spices and intellectual products like digital typefaces, but a similar model prevails in font distribution today. Make money with fonts. How to Make Money Marketing Your Font. Posted on 14'10 Dec Posted on December 14, 2010 along with 2 JUST™ Creative Comments This is a guest article by Sonia Mansfield*.

How to Make Money Marketing Your Font

Last week you learned how to make your own fonts, now you can learn how to make money from them… Marketing the fonts you create is much like marketing anything on the Internet: you need to create a product that buyers want, you need to create something that is different from anything else on the web, and you need to spread the word about what you have. If you ignore any of these aspects, your creation(s) will be lost amongst the millions of other fonts out there. Subtle Influence Many ordinary people don’t care about fonts and aren’t even aware of the existence of fonts or the subtle influences the typography can have on their attitudes and perceptions. Some designers seem to think that all they have to do is create any font they can dream up and the buyers will come. These three points are explained below. 1. 2. 3.

What makes a particular font successful?