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All my Spanish 2016-17 resources. Ok, so I like to be transparent with my teaching.

All my Spanish 2016-17 resources

I am not perfect and don't claim to be. For me it's about the journey and wonder of learning the language in pieces with my students. This year went well considering the following challenges: One of my favorite stories: Ferdinando el Toro. You may have seen that Ferdinando el toro is being made into a movie.

One of my favorite stories: Ferdinando el Toro

I am very excited about that and will definitely use it in the future, but in the meantime, I love using the Disney short film to start my unit about Bianca Nieves y los siete toritos, a novel by Carrie Toth. I blogged about it a couple of years ago, but wanted to share the Ferdinando materials again because I just used them and it went to well with my Spanish 2 students. Also, I LOVE this story!! And I think students do too! Spanish – cireading. Sub Plans that keep the CI Flowing. One of my least favorite tasks as a teacher is to write substitute plans.

Sub Plans that keep the CI Flowing

I can take the easy way out and have the students watch a movie. Movies have a variety of value: there are movies in the target language that students don't understand, movies in the target language with English subtitles, and movies that are in English but are culturally rich. What other options are available? What will keep the CI flowing even when the substitute doesn't speak the language you teach? Eduardo García’s Path: Migrant Worker, Convict, Deportee, Star Chef - Justin Slocum Bailey. Months ago, I witnessed a classically ineffective language learning lesson.

Justin Slocum Bailey

The good news is that the person in charge wasn’t actually a language teacher, and didn’t have pedagogical training at all. The person was a local substitute who gave the kids something to do, which has its own merits. The truth, however, is that many language teachers spend the first few classes teaching the alphabet. Don’t. Comprehensible input strategies.

Profa Baros's Classroom. These lessons are designed using the theory of Comprehensible Input.

Profa Baros's Classroom

According to this theory, we acquire languages subconsciously by comprehending messages that we hear and read. Generally speaking, we build up a base vocabulary through auditory input (listening) and then transfer that vocabulary to written input (reading). The resources on this site are intended to provide this input through compelling and pleasurable stories that make comprehending Spanish (and therefore acquiring Spanish!) Enjoyable. This is where things get interesting: Once we are able to successfully connect the written and auditory input together (i.e. Transitioning a department to TPRS/CI first thoughts. So, at the end of last year, I saw a need.

Transitioning a department to TPRS/CI first thoughts

I'm the kind of person who, for better or for worse, tries to solve problems. One problem I saw was that our language department was not working as well as it could. I knew that TPRS/CI was one solution that had the power to a) bring the overall level of the students up in the long run, b) make teachers happier, c) make our program better. What Is My Daily Intro Routine? I open every class with an intro routine.

What Is My Daily Intro Routine?

I add one or two words per day, and by the end of the course, the kids have picked up about 90 expressions from just intro alone. Here’s how I do it I ask, class, what is the day? And class, what is the date? Scientific research on TPRS - TPRS Academy & The CI Bookshop. On this page we present scientific research on (aspects of) TPR Storytelling.

Scientific research on TPRS - TPRS Academy & The CI Bookshop

Would you like to do research on TPRS or comprehensible input teaching methods? Please contact Kirstin Plante for advice and support. The following overview lists all the research on TPRS we could find. TPRS Academy cannot be held accountable for the content of the publications presented here below. Karen Lichtman has written a summary of these publications. The TPRS approach to language learning is strongly influenced by the work of Stephen Krashen. Alley, D. & Overfield, D. (2008). An easier way to learn a language? This is what research says. It's hard, but not impossible.

An easier way to learn a language? This is what research says

Flickr/Serge Seva Learning a new language is hard — especially if you're an adult, especially if you're busy, and especially if the language is based on really different sounds than your native tongue. Hard, but not impossible. How Well Do TPRS Students Do On The AP. Short Stories for Oral Spanish - Anna Woods Ballard, Charles Oran Stewart - Google Books. MJ's Comprehensible Input. A colleague had a question over on the iFLT/NTPRS/CI Facebook page.

MJ's Comprehensible Input

He is suddenly teaching multiple levels and wants advice. Usually what I say about multiple levels is to pretend they’re all your own children and move on. Anyone with more than one child has catered to different levels of language, fluency, and proficiency for hours at a time. And our kids are so fascinating that just talking to them about themselves and the things going on in their lives, meanwhile sharing your favorite songs and weird news and heartwarming videos is easy to do in the target language. Thief! A game to practice physical descriptions and direct object pronouns – The Comprehensible Classroom.

I shared this game on my blog many years ago, and I’m posting it an updated version today since it is so buried in the archives. “Thief” is a game that I first learned about from Michele Whaley, who read about it in a post by Jeremy Jordan on the MoreTPRS listserv. I have historically used it as a P.A.T. game and when targeting physical descriptions and direct object pronouns. Click here to download print-ready instructions for this game. Lesson/Unit Plan Document. 60 Content Reading Strategy Activities. Comprehensible input strategies. Wafflina, an Invisibles Spanish 1 lesson – My generation of polyglots. (Click here if you just want to watch the video of my lesson) Wafflina is a character that one of my students created when we had a few minutes the day before Thanksgiving break.

She is a pink waffle that lives in IHOP and laughs at all of the pancakes that get eaten there. She does not realize that humans eat waffles too. Before the class period I was flipping through my pile of characters and I found this picture. One of my students had written a description of her Invisibles character on the back of the paper. Prior to the video we spent 5 minutes on FVR (these level 1 students are just starting independent reading). The next day we used a variety of activities to reprocess the story. TLE Oct12 Article. Mix It Up! Authentic Activities for the World Language Classroom. Do you ever feel stuck in a rut while planning your language classes? Perhaps you spend a lot of time lecturing at the whiteboard, use the same activities with different vocabulary for every unit, or rely on teaching students grammar because that’s how you were taught.

No matter what your go-to activity is, we’re all much more engaging when we vary our activities and make them relatable. If the speaker is engaging, a good lecture every now and then is enjoyable. However, when faced with daily lectures, students dread class, and hence learn less. Lesson Plans. Home > K-12 Gateway > Lessons Thematic Units. La Malinche and the fall of the Aztecs. TPRS Spanish Standards. Category: Whole Class Drawing - Latina Hilara. La Clase de la Señora Dentlinger. Pictionary with Novels | Shared by Elizabeth Dentlinger at This week I tried something new! Right now Spanish 1 is in the middle of reading Tumba and Spanish 2 is working on Robo en la noche.

I have really made an attempt to vary our pre-reading activities that focus on vocabulary. Sometimes we old school TPR, sometimes it’s Quizlet, and other times it’s PQA. Bingo Images: reviewing a chapter with images. Creating comprehensible input with commercials – Kristy Placido. Commercials are a really great way to infuse your language classes with a short burst of authentic language, but they are also really valuable as a vehicle for storytelling and discussion. Commercials are designed to be compelling and to elicit emotions. Paired with activities designed to make them comprehensible, commercials are wonderful for cultivating an environment of acquisition. Circling 101 - Google Slides. 1st semester Spanish. These are the stories that I’ve used in my first semester 8th grade Spanish class (Level 1).

Wildebeest Movietalk: Hay, Dice, Ve. Martina Bex has this great Embedded Reading/Movietalk which is a perfect thing to start the year. FLAM staying on target (pdf) VanPatten/Ellis/Conti/Long: “Principles” compared. Role Play Resources. CI / TPRS Wikia - Wikia. Now that more and more teachers are adopting TPRS and CI in their classrooms, there is an extreme wealth of information out there about these practices. However, especially for a beginner, it is overwhelming to synthesize so much information. The goal of this wiki is to facilitate the organization of the information learned from places like blogs, facebook groups, and presentations so that all language teachers may benefit it. Dear Mr and Mrs Smith. The Edgartown School on Martha's Vineyard - a nationally-recognized blue ribbon school of excellence. Edgartown School uses a comprehension and communicative approach, which is an OPTIMIZED IMMERSION experience. TPRS Hangout. OWI Spanish 1 6th Period September 7, 2016.

Expert Instruction in Comprehensible Input and TPRS methods for teaching and learning Mandarin Chinese. SLA from Day 1: Powerful First-day(s)-of-school Activities. 90% TL: just do it! – En français, SVP! (Just so we’re clear, I stole the title of this blog post from Thomas Sauer, not Nike.) Well, it’s spring break here, which means that my French ones have been through 3 1/2 weeks of “only” speaking French in class. Frequency poster. Karen Rowan. Optimizing Immersion. Jasonslanguageideas - home. About Us - 2SpanishTeachers. MovieTalk - Database - Write Christy.Miller to Contribute! TPRS STORE - Darren Way Spanish Teacher. An updated look at my classroom – My generation of polyglots. Circling With Balls. The Deskless Classroom. SCOLT 2016 Presentation: The Switch from Traditional to CI Methods. Resources. Terry waltz TPRS exec summary. Lugar para pensar. FFTechniqueMatrix%20January1111 2. FFTechniqueMatrix%20January1111 2. Why I’m Throwing Out my Spanish Textbook.

Spanish with Sra. Shaw: How to Create and Give IPAs: Part 4: Preparing Students for Interpersonal Speaking. Information about my Middle and Upper School Spanish classroom. Everyday adventures in an ordinary classroom. Traditional & Technology Infused Foldables for the Foreign Language C… Fabulous Classroom. Very Narrow Listening. 12 Best Apps for Learning Spanish Like a Boss. The Black Box. Language Teaching Memes. ¡Buen fin de semana! Nivel A1. RESOURCES - Señora Eason's clase de español. A place to think about my language lessons, and how to make them better. #langchat Summaries Archives. PRESENTERS. Somewhere to Share. Ideas, some bright, from my classroom. Conference Handouts – The Comprehensible Classroom. What target structures have you worked with? Overview - Cuentos Fantásticos. WHATS THE PASSWORD1. A journey into the world of comprehensible input.

Tuesday's Tips For Staying in The Target Language. Spanish Cuentos. MovieTalk: Technique. CI Program Checklist: 9 of 13. #ACTFL13 Where Sitting Is the Exception: Achieving 90%+ through Organic Language Acquisition (with tweets) · SraSpanglish. Welcome to my Blog! Join me, Eliza Pfeifer, as I create a student centered Organic World Language Classroom. Tuesday's Tips For Staying in The Target Language. Cambio de Pilas (Cortometraje Animado 3D) HD. Darren Way Spanish Teacher - SCOLT 2016 Presentation: The Switch from Traditional to CI Methods. Las antiprincesas, las nuevas heroínas de los cuentos infantiles en Argentina - BBC Mundo. 45 cortometrajes para educar en valores.

Nothing is a stretch for your students.