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6 Easy Steps for Getting Started Using Free Plickers for Assessment. Data is an essential component in education, yet sometimes it can be viewed as a necessary evil for educators. In the past, a teacher may teach a lesson and require students to complete an exit ticket assessment activity to show mastery of the concept(s) reviewed over a certain time frame. Passing out the materials and grading individual student responses can be a time consuming task.

As the year goes on a teacher’s attitude toward data collection may change and decline as assessment becomes more overwhelming. Fortunately, today's technology provides useful tools for educators to gather, analyze, and save data in record time. One such tool is enabled through the tablet and smartphone, but does not require students to have any technology, making it essentially free. What is a Plicker? In my classroom, students’ desks are grouped in pods to allow collaboration during activities. First, here is the website for downloading this must-have app to your device: