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Escherian stairwell

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Lawyer file. Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies. A few weeks ago a postdoc in my lab logged on to Amazon to buy the lab an extra copy of Peter Lawrence’s The Making of a Fly – a classic work in developmental biology that we – and most other Drosophila developmental biologists – consult regularly.

Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies

The book, published in 1992, is out of print. But Amazon listed 17 copies for sale: 15 used from $35.54, and 2 new from $1,730,045.91 (+$3.99 shipping). I sent a screen capture to the author – who was appropriate amused and intrigued. But I doubt even he would argue the book is worth THAT much. Tree Allay withpics.

Part of my cover letter: "The triolet pretty much gave up the ghost after Dobson, & I can not find a successful serious example besides that Bridges chestnut (the best one is by Adelaide Crapsey); nevertheless, its conciseness & musicality appeal to me (having written in practically every form). These cover a great span of time—my earliest attempt must have been around 1977—but mostly of recenter vintage. And I learned not to sweat the recurrences: my initial impulse (as I practiced in all the French forms) to make each repetition mean something different (which is still visible in a couple of these) resulted in unpleasing, when not ludicrous, contortions. If the mood of them seems dark, it is surely not darker than the times; if monotonous, it is because those are the feelings that called me to the form." – graywyvern

IndivisibleGuide 2017 01 29 v8. Search Engines That Don't Track. Google, Bing, Yahoo – all the major search engines track your search history and build profiles on you, serving different results based on your search history.

I guess another is though they aren't as helpful as google in some respects – graywyvern

Try one of these alternative search engines if you’re tired of being tracked.

Search Engines That Don't Track

Google now encrypts your search traffic when you’re logged in, but this only prevents third-parties from snooping on your search traffic – it doesn’t prevent Google from tracking you. DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo is a popular search engine for the privacy-conscious. As its privacy page says, DuckDuckGo doesn’t log any personally identifiable information. Editor’s Note: if you want a search engine that respects your privacy and is also great, DuckDuckGo is your choice. Passport stuff. Delusion of the Fury. Texas probate. Frequently Asked Questions AboutSteps to Take When Someone Dies My loved one just died.

texas probate

Car manual. Phone manual. Flight to Mars State Fair of Texas FULL POV dark ride horror. Fukushima google street view. My "appearance" in Issue 1. Translations of jabberwocky. Jabberwocky VariationsHome : Translations NEWEST (November 1998) Endraperós Josep M.

translations of jabberwocky

Ode to Donna Haraway. … a permanently incomplete and always partial project … Donna Haraway is a retired professor in the History of Consciousness Department at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she teaches feminist theory and science studies.

Story telling for earthly survival (film): – graywyvern

She is also an affiliated faculty member in the Women’s Studies, Anthropology and Environmental Studies Departments at UCSC.

Ode to Donna Haraway

Dr. Woodford on harry stephen keeler. The nineties tried your game. Chipper pew atoll. Rosalie moore. Adams. Hans Vaihinger - The Philosophy of as If. Stanyhurst reprinted. Ruth welcome. Welcome to Zitherland In Search of Ruth Welcome By Jeffrey Letterly I still remember the day a few years ago when I received a 12”x12”x2” box in the mail containing my recent eBay win: a lot of six Ruth Welcome records.

ruth welcome

They were in great shape — the covers barely worn and the vinyl near mint. Johnny Guitar. Chris Leonard (July 2013) Rating: of 5 Throughout her five-decade-spanning career, Joan Crawford embodied numerous different roles, ranging from the shopgirl of the 1930s to the "Scream Queen" of the 1960s.

Johnny Guitar

It's in Johnny Guitar that Miss Crawford takes on one of her most notably different personas: the no-nonsense, yet still very much all woman, saloon owner Vienna. Perhaps the only Western ever to have women squaring off against each other (and in lead roles, too), Johnny Guitar is perhaps a rarity in Hollywood all 'round. Stuart Hoggan (April 2013) Triumphal Chariot of Antimony. Since, Basil Valentine, by Religious Vows am bound according to the Order of St.

Triumphal Chariot of Antimony

Benedict, and that requires another manner of Spirit of Holiness, then the common State of Mortals exercised in the prophane business of this World; I thought it my duty before all things, in the beginning of this little Book, to declare what is necessary to be known to the pious Spagyrist, inflamed with an ardent desire of this Art; as, what he ought to do, and whereunto to direct his aim, that he may lay such Foundations of the whole matter, as may be stable; lest his Building shaken with Winds, happen to fail, and the whole Edifice to be involved in shameful Ruine, which otherwise, being founded on more firm and solid Principles, might have continued for a long series of time. Root hog or die. House of leaves. Night film. Hide captionA screen shot of the Night Film decoder app.

night film

Random House A screen shot of the Night Film decoder app. When you watch a DVD these days, there's a whole array of extras waiting for you after the movie — commentaries, deleted scenes, special re-creations that add to the experience. The stairwell.