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Facebook Twitter Animation Learning Guide for Flash. Designing and animating characters in Flash – Part 1: Drawing tools and symbols. Adding Sound to Flash Movie Timeline and Choosing Flash Sync Sound Options - Flash Event Sound vs Flash Stream Sound Tutorial. This tutorial comes with exercise files.

Adding Sound to Flash Movie Timeline and Choosing Flash Sync Sound Options - Flash Event Sound vs Flash Stream Sound Tutorial

Click the link below to visit the download page:[GO TO EXERCISE FILES DOWNLOAD PAGE] In this Flash Sound tutorial, we'll be learning the basics of adding sound to Flash documents. Here, I'll show you how to add sound to the timeline of a Flash movie. We'll also be taking a closer look at 2 of the Adobe Flash Sync Sound options - Flash Event Sound vs Flash Stream Sound. These are options that allow you to control the synchronization of sound in your Flash movie and we'll take a look at the difference between the two. Open the add-bg-music.fla file. NOTE: You DO NOT need a dedicated layer for your audio in Flash. To add sound to Flash documents, let's first import the audio file.

Next, go to the Properties Inspector. Go ahead and select it. Take a moment to look at the other properties under the sound heading. The Effect menu let's you choose from a few basic effects that you can apply to the selected sound. Sync is short for synchronization. Character animation with the Bone tool in Flash. Adobe Flash CS4 Professional includes a new Bone tool that enables you to link symbols together quickly and easily in a parent/child relationship commonly referred to as inverse kinematics.

Character animation with the Bone tool in Flash

The entire bone structure is also referred to as an armature. You can apply a armature to a series of movie clip symbols or to a raw vector shape that can then be manipulated across time by dragging the armature to a new pose. This article examines how to create a basic bone structure using symbols and shapes, and then apply these techniques to make a cartoon character walk across a scene. You can use the Bone tool to create an armature using movie clip symbols or an armature within a vector shape. Smoothly Animate a Caricature Using Motion Tweens.

In this tutorial we'll see how we can create a caricature, split it into different layers then arrange the pieces properly as graphic symbols.

Smoothly Animate a Caricature Using Motion Tweens

Finally we'll look at how easily we can smoothly animate the caricature by using motion tweens. This is a lengthy tutorial, so let's get started! Final Result Let's take a quick look at the effect we're aiming to achieve with this tut: Step 1: Begin with the caricature design. Step 2: Now open Flash and begin a new flash file. Step 3: Import the scanned image to the default layer by going to File > Import > Import to Stage. Step 4: Now scale the image to fit to the stage. Step 5: Make a new layer. Step 6: Draw each part of the caricature on a different layer and keep naming them. Step 7: Having drawn the face and torso it appears that this whole part would act as a single body-part (of course! Step 8: Now press "Ctrl+F8" or go to Insert > Create New Symbol. Step 9: Step 10: Now come back to the scene view, by clicking on "Scene 1" in the Edit bar. Step 11: Exericing Stickmen 2 - pushUps, sideSitups, stretches and weightlifting.