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Sublimes photos de chiens qui plongent par Steth Casteel : Guide Du Chien
"Shake" by Carli Davidson
Pics | 2 Sep, 2009 | Views: 987216 | Amazing collection of photos taken during the WW2 and nowadays.The WW2 photos were taken during the invasion of Normandy on and after D-Day. Do you like it? It is just one of the thousands of posts that we have on the Please visit our main page to see other great pictures and videos! Stop. Normandy 1944. Then and Now (204 pics) Normandy 1944. Then and Now (204 pics)
Back to the Future Series
« Where Children Sleep », James Mollison « Where Children Sleep », James Mollison Photo- Vendredi 26 novembre 2010 · Tags: chambre, Enfants, lit· 13 commentaires James Mollison photographie les chambres d’enfants à travers le monde, d’une décharge au Cambodge aux grandes maisons confortables du Kentucky, le livre nous présente une leçon très dure de l’inégalité. Livre disponible à la Fnac (33€)
Paris Chromatique (Charles Delcourt)
Remake d'art Adobe recently put forth a challenge to students in the UK with a cash prize of £10,000. The deadline is soon so if you want in on it you better work quick! Since so many of our readers live outside the UK I thought it might be fun to work with Adobe on our own project. Remake d'art