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How 936 Pennies Will Forever Change How You Parent - From Famine to Foodie. Can We Please Just Make it to “Amen”?! A couple of weeks back we dedicated our son to the Lord at church. As we stood before our church family and God, and vowed to raise him, by God’s grace and help, to know, love, and serve the Lord; he yelled at the top of his tiny lungs “Down! Down! Down!”. I held tightly to the frantic child, discretely stuffing animal crackers into his mouth as our pastor eloquently went about introducing the other families and children.

Just as our pastor instructed the church family to bow their heads in prayer over these little ones, my dear precious son lost any scrap of patience he had left and yelled–loudly–through the entire prayer. Our church family has a good sense of humor. The Burdening Weight of 936 Copper Pennies At these child dedications, gifts are always given to each family. This time, however, we were in our new church. Into my hand was placed a mason jar full of pennies. “In these jars is a penny for every week you will raise this child.”