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Crochet Patterns

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Kidizen • Buy & Sell Kids Clothes. Monster Baby Booties. This is a pattern that I developed from a picture of some booties that were knitted.

Monster Baby Booties

A friend of mine sent a picture of them to my phone and asked if I could make them for her. I took a quick glance at them and said sure no problem-o. Later on when closely looking at them I shortly realized that they were knitted. I do not knit. Crochet Hat Pattern #2 Free Crochet Pattern Oombawka Design Crochet. Toddler Striped Sweater - Cre8tion Crochet. Easy Peasy Toddler Striped Sweater with Hood This adorable striped sweater comes complete with hood and buttons up the front.

Toddler Striped Sweater - Cre8tion Crochet

Can be made to suit either gender. Tutorial: simple crochet striped hooded baby jacket/ Einfache gestreifte Baby-Kapuzenjacke (gehäkelt) Na denn, willkommen zu meiner aller ersten Häkel-Anleitung ;)Well then, welcome to my first ever made crochet tutorial :) Diese Jacke ist für ein Neugeborenes gedacht, weitere Größen und notwendige Angaben dazu findet Ihr dann im Verlauf der Anleitung in Klammern hinter den Grundangaben, nach Alter aufsteigend geordnet: 6, 12 und 18 Monate) Auf eine Maschenprobe habe ich, wie bisher eigentlich immer, verzichtet.

Tutorial: simple crochet striped hooded baby jacket/ Einfache gestreifte Baby-Kapuzenjacke (gehäkelt)

Sie war meiner Meinung nach auch nicht notwendig, da ja alles ganz gut passt. This jacket is fitted for a newborn, other sizes and their measurements are given during the tutorial in parantheses, sorted by age: 6, 12 and 18 months). Baby Boy Crochet ... by TwoSeasideBabes. Basic Skills Necessary:

Baby Boy Crochet ... by TwoSeasideBabes

Crochet Snowman Hat Pattern. Start your rounds in the same stitch as your chain.

Crochet Snowman Hat Pattern

Join your rounds to the first DC, NOT the chain. Your last stitch should be in the stitch before your chain. Worsted Weight Yarn in an accent color (like red) and black for the top hat Size I hook Tapestry Needle Poly-fil Two medium/large size buttons (about 1") 5 small buttons for the mouth. Handspun Baby Socks pattern by Angela Whisnant.

Neat Ripple Pattern. Ahhhhhhhh look at all those hooky ripplesome ripples, aren't they glorious?

Neat Ripple Pattern

I love crocheting this pattern, its relatively simple, rhythmic and soothing, but playing with colours in this way is also energising, exciting and a lot of fun. Well to me it is any road. there's something magical and mesmerising about the way the ripple effect makes the colours sing and dance next to each other, and it's a pattern I can see myself coming back to time after time.

Free Original Patterns. Dinosaur applique. So, I was looking for a pattern for an applique dinosaur and came up blank so I decided to try making it on my own:eek.

Dinosaur applique

I have never done this designing thing so I just wrote what I did as I went along. It hasnt been tested and I am sure others could have come up with something better. It turned out a little bigger than what I need so I am going to do another and make a change or two (will post those too if anyone is interested). I am not sure if the directions are written in proper format so if anyone tries it, please let me know if I could have made it more clear or said something differently. I know this pales in comparison to some of the other designs on the forum but I am excited that I did it without a pattern:yay. [IMG] Dinosaur (brontosaurus) Ch 46.Row 1: 4dc in 3rd chain from hook, hdc in next ch, 12 sc , hdc, 15 dc, 4 hdc, 4sc, slip stitch in last four chains.Row 2: Turn. Celestine Crochet. Free Dinosaurs And Dragons Crochet Pattern Link Directory. Crochet the Cutest Festive Sheep Ornament. Welcome to I Love Yarn week!

Crochet the Cutest Festive Sheep Ornament

Be sure you show off your work for a chance to win our awesome prize pack! You can show us any of your finished projects, your WIP’s, your craft room and even any projects that simply use yarn. See more details on how you can enter! To kick off I Love Yarn Day week we’re sharing this adorable pattern from Jennifer Dickerson of Fiber Flux. Festive Sheep Ornament The Festive Sheep is the perfect addition to any yarn lover’s holiday décor. Snowflake Crochet Pattern. Sport Ball Appliques. Crochet Ladybug Applique. This sweet little ladybug would make a great appliqué for a hat and a cute embellishment on a headband, but could also become a pin, magnet and more!

Crochet Ladybug Applique

Whatever you make with it, it is perfect for your love bug! Crochet Ladybug Appliqué Materials: - Size F crochet hook - Red worsted weight yarn - Black worsted weight yarn - 6 small black buttons for wings - 2 small white buttons for eyes - Tapestry needle. FREE CROCHET APPLIQUES. Jenn Maple Design: Skull Applique – free crochet pattern Just in time for Halloween I searched for a crochet pattern for a little skull, with the hopes to use skull and crossbones as a buckle on a new pair of Crochet Pattern: Christmas Wreath Applique This free and quick crochet project is great for beginners.


This Christmas wreath applique is perfect for greeting cards, clothing or linens. Crochet Appliques. Crochet Ladybugs - free pattern. Let's do the spring. Crochet mini ladybugs. It's an easy pattern and you can use them as brooch, as clip hair, as applique for a T-shirt or some jeans. You can sell the finished products, but please mention my blog and the name Ema's Decorations. Hakuna Matata Mini Mandala. Pattern Terms: US Yarn: Raeesah Cotton Soft Hook: 4.00mm Size: 18cm (7 inches) Skill Level: Intermediate Foundation: 6ch, ss to first chain to form a circleRow 1: Into the circle, 3ch, 1dc, 2ch; *2dc, 2ch* *to* x 5 (6 x 2dc groupings), ss into top of 3ch to close. Row 2: Join yarn in any 2ch sp; 5ch in same sp as join (counts as 1sc, 4ch); *1sc, 4ch into next 2ch sp* *to * x 5; ss into first of 5ch at start to close.

Row 3: Join yarn in any 4ch sp; 3ch, 5dc into same 4ch sp as join, 1ch; *6dc into next 4ch sp, 1ch* 5x (6 x 6dc groupings), ss into top of first cluster to close, break off yarn Row 4: Join yarn in 1st dc of any 6dc grouping; 3ch (counts as 1dc) in same dc as join, 1dc into each of next 5dc 1ch, 1dc, 1ch into 1ch sp between 6dc groupings; *1dc into each of next 6dc in next 6dc grouping; 1ch, 1dc, 1ch into 1ch sp between 6dc groupings* *to* x 5; ss into top of 3ch at start to close; Edging.

Owl mittens « The Green Dragonfly. It is starting to get cooler here, so I whipped up both the kids some fingerless mittens this week. Really there is not much simpler than a basic fingerless mitten. Tiny crochet heart pattern. Talking Crochet ...Shamrock Motif. Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket. About three years ago, I was lucky enough to become an aunty yet again, and to celebrate I decided to make a pretty little baby blanket for the new niece or nephew.

Using some hot new colors available in Lion Brand Cotton Ease that year, I came up with this: I loved it, the new parents loved it, and my sister-in-law tells me even complete strangers remarked on it. I put it in my Ravelry notebook (a notebook I’ve sadly neglected lately), and it went crazy in the favorites, if I do say so myself. It’s cute, fun, and easy, and it’s time to share. Ok, one more look. 12-pointed Star Christmas Tree Skirt: Free Pattern - B.hooked Crochet. Free Pattern Moving on to Christmas project number 3 and I am especially excited about this one! I will admit, this project was a challenge at first but once I got into a groove, it was a piece of cake! I dedicated a couple weeks in November to putting this tree skirt together and I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. If you’ve never made a tree skirt before, this is the pattern to try! Let’s get started shall we.

Puff Stitch Flowers: Free Pattern - B.hooked Crochet. Ever wonder how to crochet those adorable little puff stitch flowers that are all over Pinterest? I’ve seen these puff stitch flowers used in many ways. The most popular of ways is to sew them together as is to create a “bed of flowers” baby blanket. One incredibly creative person sewed them together and made a stylish flower handbag. Embellishment, motif…whatever you need, this puff stitch flower is perfect for the job. Monster Baby Booties. Free Crochet Patterns and Designs by LisaAuch: Crochet Baby Boy Cardigan pattern with hood (Easy Hooded Crochet Cardigan Pattern FREE) 3 sizes. Easy FREE Crochet Cardigan with hood perfect crochet sweater for baby boys. 3- 6 months, 12, months (use a 4.00mm hook) and 18 months. Crochet Dungaree Pattern. Making things for babies and toddlers is always a pleasure for me, I love searching the web for new patterns and idea’s. Wanna make a monster?

Crochet Dragon - Smaug from The Hobbit. Basic Half-Double Crochet Hat. Free Crochet Bird Pattern. Simple Cat Amigurumi Pattern. It is best to use a small enough hook that the crochet work is tight so it won't show stuffing. I used hook size H/8 (5.00 mm).