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Dollar Photo Club - high quality royalty free stock photos and vectors - Dollar Photo Club. Design Sets. Gambar-gambar Ilusi Optik yang Menipu Mata. Gambar-gambar Ilusi Optik yang Menipu Mata Apakah jembatan ini terputus?

Gambar-gambar Ilusi Optik yang Menipu Mata

Ilusi optik selalu ditampilkan dengan gambar yang dapat menghasilkan salah pengartian atau memperdaya penglihatan secara umum. Berikut adalah beberapa gambar ilusi optik yang cukup dikenal, kebanyakan mungkin sudah pernah dan sering dijumpai. • Persegi Sama Sisi Ini adalah persegi sempurna, sisinya sama panjang. • Lengkung atau Lurus Wah, kok garis sisi-sisi kotaknya melengkung ke dalam ya? • Bulat atau Benjol Lingkarannya sempurna tidak benjol! • Lurus atau Melengkung Garis vertikal merah 100% tegak lurus dan tidak melengkung. • Biru atau Merah Lihat gambar yang kiri, kalau anda mengira garis hitam adalah sambungan garis biru, maka anda salah! • Lingkaran Berputar Lihat bulatan di tengah sambil pandangan maju mundur, maka kedua lingkaran itu akan berputar. • Panjang Mana Mana yang lebih panjang dari dua garis tegak tersebut?

Kalo yang ini? • Kontras Mana Dua lingkaran dalam kotak di atas ternyata mempunyai kontras yang sama.

Creative art

Promsite, un proyecto de CDmon - CDmon 2014. Promsite. All rights reserved. MoCo Loco - Modern contemporary design & architecture. 50 Logos, Volume 3 on Behance. Digital-number-puzzle-template-1 - mrprintables-digital-number-puzzle-question-templates.pdf. Digital Number Puzzle. There are so many digital number displays blinking and glowing in our environment, once children start learning the numbers, they will find these digital numbers around them, looking a bit different from the printed ones, intriguing.

Digital Number Puzzle

We also like the utilitarian look of the digital segment fonts, so this will make both a fun number activity for kids and a cool display for kids wall art! This digital number puzzle comes with one large number template for the board, and a complete 0 to 9 digital number cards set to use alongside. Kids will need to insert all the pieces with the right side up in the right hole to match the number on the card. Even if they don’t know the numbers yet or find it difficult to recognize the digital numbers, it’s a fun visual and motor skill activity for any preschoolers.

You will need all the flat and clean cardboard sheets you can get from empty boxes, a good sharp craft (x-acto) knife, glue, white & colored papers or paints. Home - Mr Printables. Home / Children's Wallet Cards. Easy DIY geometric beads. By Kate on June 28, 2013 H ere is a 60 minute project for those of you who like woodwork but don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

Easy DIY geometric beads

All you need is some cube-shaped wooden beads, sand-paper, paint and a bit of cord to string them onto. + Some cube shaped wooden beads + Sandpaper (fine and medium grade) + Acrylic paint + Paintbrush + Cord 1. Take your bead. . ….if you do manage to find some more spare time you can make your own beads from a chunk of wood (Happy Friday BTW!) Little Gatherer. Design. CATable, A Multifunction Table for Humans and Curious Cats Designer Ruan Hao of architectural firm LYCS has created...


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Little Wings, Ornate Insect Drawings by Alex Konahin

Art. Knitted Comfort Food by Jessica Dance Artist Jessica Dance has crafted common foods and meals... Mesmerizing 3D Paper Art by Maud Vantours Paris-based designer Maud Vantours creates stunning... Relaxing Animated GIFs by Rebecca Mock Brooklyn-based illustrator and comic artist Rebecca... Artist Abraham Poincheval is Living Inside a Bear French artist Abraham Poincheval decided to live inside... Weegee, America’s First Crime Scene Photographer In the 1930’s and 40’s, photographer Arthur Fellig... Mobile Lovers & Spy Booth by Banksy.