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Empire Strikes Back (16mm Preservation) : Puggo : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming. 44 Of The Best Internet Clapbacks To Racists. Believe it or not, racism is still well and alive in our modern society, and why it shouldn't be is not for us to explain. But it definitely has to do with some huge holes in education and intellectual development of the spiteful people. When Rihanna released her "Flyliner" liquid eyeliner line, one color name stood out above the rest, "Cuz I'm Black.

" The title was a response to a racist comment she received on Twitter where someone asked her why her hair "looked so nappy" to which she elegantly countered with "cuz I'm black b*ch" comeback. Yes, racist trolls are everywhere on the internet, but RiRi isn't the only one with savage comebacks to these hateful people. All across Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram people are using their platforms to shut down ignorant comments in the spirit of anti-racism with the pettiness they deserve. Scroll down below to see some of the best comebacks to bigots on the internet.

Toby - Video Games Soundtracks I Like. Last words. You will need an MP3 player to hear the recordings. Caution, may be disturbing to some individuals! Discretion is advised! The reader of these reports is cautioned that the transcription of a CVR tape is not a precise science but is the best product possible from an NTSB group investigative effort. The transcript, or parts thereof, if taken out of context, could be misleading. The attached CVR transcript should be viewed as an accident investigation tool to be used in conjunction with other evidence gathered during the investigation. Conclusions or interpretations should not be made using the transcript as the sole source of information. Black History Month Library.

Yay Ponies - Archive (Design from BronyAsia) Index | FAQ | MLP G4 Episodes | MLP G4 Movies | G1/G2/G3 Episodes | DVDs/Blurays | Books/Comics Discord | Twitter | Pony Music | Pony Life | Equestria Girls | Other shows | Fan Works | Others Bronies II | RSS | YayPonies Subtitles | Japanese Episodes | Derpy TV - 24/7 Pony stream Direct links are hosted by Coco Pommel, thank to them ! If you have trouble to start direct download with the direct link, right click on the link and click on "Save link as... " in the list. How Lil Nas X changed music history on Twitter. Lil Nas X made music history in 2019 with the release of “Old Town Road,” a country-trap song that spent a record-breaking 19 consecutive weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart earlier this year. The single, first released in December 2018, crisscrossed music genres like a line dance, making headlines and creating conversation before being remixed into the now ubiquitous version featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.

Lil Nas X has since been awarded accolades from the Country Music Association Awards, American Music Awards, MTV VMAs, and the Teen Choice Awards, culminating in six Grammy nominations. From the beginning, one of Lil Nas X’s key methods of self-promotion has been social media, highlighting his music through memes, videos, and jokes. Building his fan base this way has paid off — when the song first dropped in December 2018, Lil Nas X already had a strong Twitter community to share it with. SZJDFGS MASHUPS. Conservative Memes for Braindead, Racist Teens. This Massive Super Mario Art Archive is a Reminder 2D Mario Needs its Graphics Refreshed. Modern Super Mario Bros. games utilize 3D-rendered character models in place of the sprite-based graphics of times gone by. That doesn't mean Nintendo wholly abandoned its 2D past, however: Almost every new Mario game is accompanied by charming hand-drawn character art. A dedicated Nintendo fan recently rounded up most of these unique artworks and placed them in a Google Drive for everyone to enjoy.

Redditor Cevan shared their Mario artwork archive via the Nintendo subreddit. (Here's a direct link to the Google Drive.) The archive even includes art from very recent releases like Luigi's Mansion 3 and Mario Kart Tour. It's amazing how much supplemental 2D art Nintendo creates for each new Mario title: Cevan managed to fill up nearly all of the 15 gigs allotted to them. The majority of the illustrations are the work of Shigehisa Nakaue, an artist who's been with Nintendo since 2003. Brew some tea, get comfy, and click through the archive Cevan set up. Maybe it'll happen someday. Japanese Secrets!


Raves. Billie Eilish's Vine Account. Password Generator | MameMame Labs. Rave. Rave. TJ Davis | Welcome. Artist Drive Folders. Music | Paradise Records. /première vapour EP | vcr-classique | Pacific Plaza Records. 空想科学小説 高忠実度 // DMT​​​​​​​​-​​​​​​​​794 | Vague Reference | DMT Tapes FL. ウィッカペディア | Wiccapedia | Pacific Plaza Records. Tools Similar to Sproxel. How Spider-Verse Got You to Love Miles Morales in 45 Seconds. Once again, Vulture is speaking to the screenwriters behind the awards season’s most acclaimed movies about the scenes they found most difficult to crack. For this installment, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse writers Rodney Rothman and Phil Lord talk through the introduction of Miles Morales, the half-black, half–Puerto Rican teen stepping into Spider-Man’s suit.

Miles Morales, for fans of comic books and Spider-Man, is very well known. But for people outside of that world, he’s not very well known. With Into the Spider-Verse, we’re introducing a character who our audience already knows is going to become a new Spider-Man. But the audience loves Peter Parker, the Spider-Man they’ve got. We open the movie with a montage that introduces the real Spider-Man. The most important thing for this scene to communicate is that Spider-Man, as a character, is always punching up. We needed Miles to score a foolproof laugh at the beginning of the movie, right when you meet him. GODZILLA (1954) Completed Projects - ZFGC - (Zelda Fan Game Central) Black people eating money. Zelda Classic Quests. On: February 4th, 2012 [This is an overly enthusiastic guest article by vinheim that was originally posted to TIGForums.

Zelda Classic is an enhanced remake of the original Legend of Zelda that runs custom quests built with ZC's editors.] Hey TIGers, prepare your anus for a waaaaall of text. I bet some of you who’ve played the Legend of Zelda series and enjoyed it are probably thinking “Damn, these are incredible, it doesn’t get better than this!” I’d like to introduce two types of LoZ fan games. Second, for the Zelda Classic games, which may as well be the pinnacle of gameplay in the history of videogames since forever.

Here’s some of the best I’ve played. Best Game in History Award Lost Isle – The biggest quest I’ve encountered so far. If you play this game, you will want to sacrifice yourself to the god found in the nearest book in the nearest library you can find. Perfect Hero Of Dreams – Massive overworlds and challenging/interesting-themed dungeons as well as interesting characters. #21552 - crossover, safe, the legend of zelda, twilight sparkle - Derpibooru - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Imageboard. Gameboy Genius » Blog Archive » Gameboy clone “Game Fighter” teardown. Gameboy clone “Game Fighter” teardown November 11th, 2012 Game Fighter posts: Original Gameboy clones are a rarity.

Whereas you can get clones of NES, SNES, Megadrive/Genesis and even Gameboy Advance with relative ease, Gameboy clones were made in small quantities back in the day, before the factories got shut down, and the few pieces that exist are now collecting dust in someone’s basement. Or so it seems. I’ve been trying to get people to lend me one of these units for science, without success. So, the unit I was sent is of the brand Game Fighter. It doesn’t look as tacky as, say, the Mega Duck or the Fortune Hand Game with its unibrow style select/start button. Note: DMG in this post refers to Dot Matrix Game, Nintendo’s codename for the original brick type Gameboy, which is also reflected in its model number, DMG-01.

Buttons The buttons are nearly the exact same diameter and color as an original DMG. External connector The external connector says “EXT. Looking at the female connector. Apply Cold Water Directly to Burned Area. Redneck Link - Nintendo 64 Photos - 1072621 | Retro MMGN Australia. 10 Perfect Gifs of Kim Jong-Un Looking Through Binoculars. ZELDAHH_WM. [ Tails.Kicks-Ass.Net ] Helps you remember what's happened in your life. Objection! Storm The Castle -Creativity, Epic Fantasy, Classical Guitar, video game making, writing, dioramas, terrariums, and more. Homemade synthesizer. Fuck the Super Game Boy: Introduction. Fuck the Super Game Boy: Introduction The Super Game Boy is probably the coolest piece of video game hardware in existence. It’s also probably the biggest wasted opportunity in video games. It’s been pretty much entirely forgotten about now, because— as is pretty common with neat hardware made by Nintendo— very, VERY few games ever really took advantage of it at all.

And it’s a shame, because the unique visual style of Super Game Boy-compatible games, in addition to just looking really neat, can teach a lot about effectively using colour in games. Games don’t look like this. So I’d like to take a few posts to look at a few noteworthy Super Game Boy compatible games, explain what they do, both from an artistic standpoint and a technical one, but trying to keep it straightforward as possible. So what the hell does it actually do? If you’re playing a non-Super Game Boy compatible game, not much. If it’s a Super Game Boy-compatible game, however… well, it probably still didn’t do that much. My Little Pony Tomodachi wa Mahou S1E6 Watch. Yay Ponies - Archive (Design from BronyAsia) Future Zelda Concept Art | VG Lounge. Link's Awakening Manga. The Legend of Zelda - Zelda 25th anniversary. You have to rescue Princess Zelda, who has been kidnapped by the great wind mage Vaati.

But, you won't get anywhere unless you cooperate - help each other out to solve the mysteries and puzzles that await you. Princess Zelda Vaati In order to reach Vaati, you'll need to collect Rupees; when you reach the goal in every stage, the player with the most Rupees will be awarded a medal. In the single-player mode, you control two Links. Activate the two switches by switching Links. In order to enter Vaati's Palace and face the great wind mage himself, you'll need to collect keys by clearing the Sea of Trees, Talus Cave and Death Mountain.

You can learn important techniques and get info on how to use items at the Chambers of Insight. If you can clear Vaati's Palace, new areas will become available... Each Link is able to carry and use one item at a time, activated by pressing the Y Button. This item lets you jump, hold the Y Button to jump and soar through the air. Retro handheld games collection.

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Painis. Paste HTML: free anonymous HTML hosting. Painis. Snappy comeback for rude people. WonderCraft | | Create and play text adventure games online.