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CyTube. [23:34:45] Wulfric: whats with you two, keep talking about me like a piece of meat or something[23:34:54] Zappox: excuse me for a moment while i flip through my recipe book 2 connected users Connected [14:02:18] Wulfric: :3 [14:03:19] Zappox: a question that no one ever has to ask or answer, if you could, would you?


Of course you fucking would, anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Sonicand Knuckles 3 - SEGA Games Download. Facepunch. Ponigg; King of the nigger ponies. Zach Sobiech: Finding Peace Through Music. Home » Zach's Story: Finding peace through music A Portrait of Zach Sobiech We’re honored to introduce this beautiful new portrait of Zach Sobiech by Nashville artist Wayne Brezinka.

Zach Sobiech: Finding Peace Through Music

The Sobiech family commissioned the artwork, which Wayne created using Zach’s clothing, song lyrics, fan letters and other personal items. GODZILLA (1954) SharkArm Studios: Action 52 Owns Launcher. I decided that it was finally time to do a launcher program for the Tigsource Action 52 Owns Project.

SharkArm Studios: Action 52 Owns Launcher

It only took a couple of hours and still has some features to be implemented and polishing to be done, but the core functionality should all work. Download158 MB Contains all games completed in the project so far. Fifteen Years of Pokémon: A Retrospective on One of Gaming’s Best-Selling Series. I have a vivid memory from the ancient era of 1998 of coming to school one morning about an hour before class started, as I did every morning due to my parents’ work schedules, and seeing that a television had been set up in the main hallway of my elementary school.

Fifteen Years of Pokémon: A Retrospective on One of Gaming’s Best-Selling Series

A throng of youths of varying ages were gathered about it, curious what the occasion was. When the adults finished setting everything up, they switched through the channels until they found what they were looking for, and pacified the crowd of children with a new show starring a boy with a baseball cap and an electric yellow creature given to him by a professor named after a tree. None of us knew what it was, none had heard of it or knew where it came from, but we did know one thing: we wanted more. The date was September 8, 1998. The first episode of had just aired in the United States.

Two years later, Nintendo and Game Freak launched Gold and Silver. In 2007, I was in high school and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl came out. Magic MICRO Computers. Build to Order Gaming Computer, Custom Barebone PCs, Gaming Laptops, Order PC Parts. Completed Projects - ZFGC - (Zelda Fan Game Central) Black people eating money. INFINITY ~ A Red Arremer shrine. Zelda Classic Quests. On: February 4th, 2012.

Zelda Classic Quests

#21552 - crossover, safe, the legend of zelda, twilight sparkle - Derpibooru - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Imageboard. Welcome! - retroUSB. Gameboy Genius » Blog Archive » Gameboy clone “Game Fighter” teardown. Gameboy clone “Game Fighter” teardown November 11th, 2012 Game Fighter posts: Original Gameboy clones are a rarity.

Gameboy Genius » Blog Archive » Gameboy clone “Game Fighter” teardown

Whereas you can get clones of NES, SNES, Megadrive/Genesis and even Gameboy Advance with relative ease, Gameboy clones were made in small quantities back in the day, before the factories got shut down, and the few pieces that exist are now collecting dust in someone’s basement. Apply Cold Water Directly to Burned Area. Redneck Link - Nintendo 64 Photos - 1072621. 10 Perfect Gifs of Kim Jong-Un Looking Through Binoculars. ZELDAHH_WM. [ Tails.Kicks-Ass.Net ] Privnote - Send notes that will self-destruct after being read. Helps you remember what's happened in your life. Etherium Sky. Friendship is the Great Leader. Objection!

Atom Smasher's Error Message Generator. Do not link directly to the image!

Atom Smasher's Error Message Generator

No Hot-Linking! Your link will not work! Feel free to copy this image and use it on your own web site, and please link back to here. Storm The Castle -Creativity, Epic Fantasy, Classical Guitar, video game making, writing, dioramas, terrariums, and more. Homemade synthesizer. Fuck the Super Game Boy: Introduction. Fuck the Super Game Boy: Introduction The Super Game Boy is probably the coolest piece of video game hardware in existence.

Fuck the Super Game Boy: Introduction

It’s also probably the biggest wasted opportunity in video games. It’s been pretty much entirely forgotten about now, because— as is pretty common with neat hardware made by Nintendo— very, VERY few games ever really took advantage of it at all. And it’s a shame, because the unique visual style of Super Game Boy-compatible games, in addition to just looking really neat, can teach a lot about effectively using colour in games. The ones that do work exist in a really bizarre stylistic place. Games don’t look like this. Watch Full Episodes, Clips & More. Oz The Great and Powerful-2013-SinisterGrin -_- My Little Pony Tomodachi wa Mahou S1E6 Watch. Ask Retro Pony Pixels. Also, a further test of a new style of Retro Pony Pixels that came about during my participation in EQD’s Artist Training Grounds Equestria Daily Newbie Artist Training Grounds V Art Dump.

Ask Retro Pony Pixels

Only Got about half of them, but hey, I did my best :) Just testing out an alternative design. Luna seems to have forgotten where she is ;) Yay Ponies - Archive (Design from BronyAsia) Future Zelda Concept Art. Link's Awakening Manga. The Legend of Zelda - Zelda 25th anniversary. You have to rescue Princess Zelda, who has been kidnapped by the great wind mage Vaati.

The Legend of Zelda - Zelda 25th anniversary

But, you won't get anywhere unless you cooperate - help each other out to solve the mysteries and puzzles that await you. Princess Zelda Vaati In order to reach Vaati, you'll need to collect Rupees; when you reach the goal in every stage, the player with the most Rupees will be awarded a medal. Try to make sure you get more than the others! In the single-player mode, you control two Links. Activate the two switches by switching Links. In order to enter Vaati's Palace and face the great wind mage himself, you'll need to collect keys by clearing the Sea of Trees, Talus Cave and Death Mountain. You can learn important techniques and get info on how to use items at the Chambers of Insight.

History of Hyrule. Retro handheld games collection. Majoras Mask. Majora Larvatum Papilio by Verde13 on deviantART. Zelda Capital - 3D Models.

PC custom Shit

Low Poly Mask by kongorilla. I'm going to say something your friends have been afraid to tell you: You could stand to lose a few polygons. Here's a blank canvas for the new you. Or your Halloween costume. Or maybe your audition for store mannequin. Or your general purpose anonymity needs. Sometime in the future I hope to make a full head version, but I wanted to post what I've gotten done so far in case someone could use it for Halloween 2012. I'm going to make a mask with dark paper, and use glow-in-the-dark tape to highlight the edges - I'll be Wireframe Man! EDIT: Since originally posting this, I've seen comments by people stating they intend to make the make the mask using materials other than paper.

EDIT: 10/31/12 - Thanks for all the email messages, comments and photos I've been getting! The mask comes in two flavors: "black lines" and "faint lines", which has light blue lines, giving a cleaner look to the final product when used on white paper. Deku Scrub Mask by Atticus-W on deviantART. Painis. Paste HTML: free anonymous HTML hosting. Painis. Snappy comeback for rude people. The Subtle Art of Trolling. Trolling the web: a guide By Steve Spumante There are some individuals out there who don't just enjoy winding up people on newsgroups and bulletin boards - it's their sad lifestyle choice! Using every known disruptive trick in the book, these troublesome types don't go out to the pub, meet members of the opposite sex or enjoy life. They spend their time hunched over their computers trolling. Here's how they work: The object of this post is to bring together a definitive document to cover the phenomena of the Usenet Troll.

What I want this document to focus on is how to create entertaining trolls. Geekin' on Minecraft, #Minecraft IRL Workbench. Minecraft - The Card Game. WonderCraft. Create and play text adventure games online. Evoland.