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IC Chips list. Buy Electronic components,Ic,Module,Transistor at UTSOURCE. Products – ELECTRIC MUSIC STORE. About/build info / DIY Hub. Home / DIY Hub. Abstrakt Instruments Intros Avalon Bassline 303 Clone With A Twist. At the 2015 NAMM Show, Brian Castro of Abstrakt Instruments introduced the Avalon Bassline, a new Roland TB-303 clone with a twist. The back of the Avalon Bassline has a cartridge slot, designed to let you swap out different filters, giving the synth different sonic personalities. At the Show, Castro was demoing the Avalon Bassline in a booth shared with Social Entropy, who introduced the Engine x0x-style sequencer: Here’s a much longer, in studio demo, of the Avalon Bassline. The demo features Avalon Bassline & TR-909, straight to Steinberg MR-816x, no signal processing: Features: The Avalon Bassline synth is an analog monosynth based on the TB-303.

Official availability and pricing is to be announced. via Kylee Kennedy, Abstrakt Instruments.

Midibox diy

Regelwerk English. OpenMIDIProject. Home | News | Forums | Documentations | FAQ | Links | Contributors | Author Japanese | English | Chinese Welcome, Here I make free and open source MIDI softwares and libraries. They are relaesed under the term of GNU LGPL. You may download, copy, share, and see source codes, reproduce it under the term of LGPL. Programing language is C (Sekaiju is C++). There is a forum, too. Please write feedback, bug report, and questiones. Hosting service is provided by OSDN. Please note: Sekaiju, MIDITester, AutoDrum, and MIDISelector's user interface and docuumentation is English version ready.

Softwares Sekaiju : MIDI sequencer software. Libraries(DLL) MIDIIOLibrary(DLL) : MIDI message input and output library. Android music applications - MUSICAL ANDROID. B-Step Sequencer | The Music Sequencer for Melodies, Arpeggios and Basslines. Temper: Home (Angry Red Planet) Android midiArranger, the first Music Auto Accompaniment Software for your Android Tablet. Goom. Goom is a digital music synthesiser based on an NXP LPC1343 ultra-low-cost microcontroller. It broadly emulates the architecture of traditional analogue synthesisers, offers 16-voice polyphony and is fully multitimbral, and is controlled over a MIDI interface. The total cost of the basic components to make a fully-working synthesiser is just a couple of pounds; the (optional) ‘knobs and switches’ analogue front panel interface increases the total component cost by an order of magnitude or so, mostly accounted for by the potentiometers themselves.

Here’s the demo track, recorded in a single take from Goom’s analogue output without effects processing, dynamic range compression or other treatment. Sequencing was done using Rosegarden. Audio not playing? Download it. Thorsten Klose has ported Goom to run on the MIDIBox hardware platform using a rather faster STM32-series microcontroller. There is another demo of his here.

Features Voice architecture Hardware Software System timing Similar projects.

Soniccore Scope Creamware

Ctrlr - Control your MIDI life (MIDI editor for all your hardware) LMusix™ LMusix™ creates complex multi-layered 'self-similar' musical structures using a context-free deterministic character-based Lindenmayer System (or L-System for short). This means that the LMusix™ L-System production rules are defined for ‘single’ characters only (i.e. there are no special production rules for particular sequences of characters) and there is only one possible production rule for each character.

Character-based Lindenmayer Systems (L-Systems) are interesting because they generate ‘families’ of self-similar character sequences using a relatively simple recursive process. In addition to production rules, LMusix™ also assigns musical themes, transformations, and instrumental textures to each character-element of the L-System. During iteration of the L-System the ‘textures’ are used to control which instruments generate parts and whether musical transforms are applied.

ArtSong™ ArtSong™ is designed to allow combining of different types of algorithms within a single, shared music-composition environment. Different algorithms can have very different input parameter requirements and output ranges. Under-the-hood ArtSong™ uses an object-oriented software design with 'component', 'variable', and 'function' objects in order to provide a consistant user-interface regardless of what algorithms might be used in a project.

Components are the structural elements of an ArtSong™ project. Components contain composition data used to control the composition process and the generated MIDI note and controller data. Components share a common user-interface for edit and display. The ArtSong™ project itself as well as the different algorithms, MIDI note and controller tracks, chord progressions, scales, etc. are all customized components. Most components have properties which can be algorithmically controlled. Submit Express Inc.Search Engine Optimization Services. Sound Programming. Midi Quest - Instrument Support List. + = user created instrument, limited tech support Midi Quest also supports the following MIDI hardware courtesy of Psicraft Yamaha: MX49, MX61Alesis: Vortex Keytar controllerM-Audio: VenomDave Smith Instruments: Evolver, Poly EvolverAkai: EWI4000S, MPD24, MPD26, MPK49, MPD32, MPK88, MPK61, MPK25, MAX49Line 6: Pocket POD, Floor POD Plus, POD 2.0TC Electronic: G-System, M350, G-Major 2, G-SharpRoland: VC-1TC Helicon: Voice One, VoiceWorks, VoiceLive, VoicePro, VoiceDoubler, VoiceWorksPlus All editors are free with the exception of the Evolver and Poly Evolver editors which must be purchased separately from Psicraft.

(The Evolver editors are currently only available to those who have already made a purchase.) Cirklon. Multi-track hardware sequencer, with MIDI, analogue and USB connectivity. Cirklon is a multi-track hardware sequencer, designed to be at the heart of your hardware MIDI, analogue or hybrid studio setup. Continuing from where our P3 Sequencer left off, it retains the P3's unique step-sequencer capabilites, and adds an event-list pattern type ideal for polyphonic synth and drum parts, with event-list and drum grid editing.

The user-interface is based around a 240x64 pixel graphic LED display, 19 rotary encoders with push-switches, 2 assignable knobs, 35 high-quality Cherry keys with integrated LEDs, and a further 35 tri-colour status LEDs. Cirklon has up to 64 tracks, user-configurable as 1 to 4 banks of 16. There are 5 independent MIDI INs and OUTs to connect a large number of controllers and synths/sound modules while keeping MIDI latency to a minimum. The 32-bit, 72MHz ARM Cortex CPU runs a proprietary sequencer engine to ensure optimum timing accuracy. Prices exclude shipping. Pittsburgh Modular - Switch. SWITCH (PGH Labs) Quad Voltage Controlled Switch with Dual Bus Limited Edition Price - $239 <a href=" target="_blank">Buy Switch (PGH Labs Module)</a> Take control of your signal path!

The Switch is an analog, four channel signal switch with gate control and dual, assignable output busses. Designed for performance, the Switch offers an interactive way to manage audio and CV signals within a complicated patch. Each channel offers a manual on/off switch that acts as a master on/off control for the channel. The output signal is routed to three potential destinations. The Switch module uses fourteen manual switches and four CV inputs to allow intimate control of audio and CV signals. Switch Controls: On/Off Switch - Each channel uses the On/Off Switch as the master control switch for the channel. Bus A Send - Switched in the Send position, the signal is routed to Bus A. Output Jack - Audio or CV signal output for each channel. Overview. Dirty Modular Synth Plugin | Free Kontakt Player Virtual Instrument | Download Analogue Style Hybrid Plugin. Introducing Dirty Modular, a powerful hybrid modular virtual instrument powered by the Kontakt Free Player.

Under the hood of this beast lies 8,496 pristine audio samples, direct from a real analogue modular synth. These form the bases of 170 multisampled oscillator settings ready to be combined, routed and processed further. From the front end you are presented with a stunning GUI allowing you to create patches visually using the 3d rendered cables, as well as load and save internal presets at lightening speed and without reloading the main Kontakt instrument. This stunning instrument is packed full of analogue modelled effects and powerful LFO's, envelopes and an analogue style step sequencer. We wanted to create something that put detailed raw sounds already at your fingertips, allowing deep and complex sounds to be built easily without fiddling, allowing you to concentrate on what is most important - the music!

Features: - 8,496 samples from a real modular synth Summary: View topic - Klee Sequencer Circuit Boards Now On Sale. Hello all! Sorry to have to tap the shoulder of a sleeping thread, but I'm somewhat interested in the Klee and *think* I would like to embark upon the adventure of building one. Unfortunately, I'm not really much of a DIY'er so I need some advice on whether I should even consider taking on this kind of project.

First off, my only experience with anything similar might be a couple of PAIA kits and the occasional minor soldering work. But sadly I have no idea what to expect from a circuit-board-only project! So my questions are: - Is there easy-to-follow documentation or would some level of engineering experience be required? Sorry to spoil a perfect thread with all these silly little questions, but after playing with the Klee software in the virtual world I can't help wanting to experience one in the physical world. So what say ye? Corporation - Analog Synths, Theremins, Preamps, and More. Synthesis Technology - Home of the MOTM Modular Synthesizer. The MOTM Analog Modular Synthesizer is a series of studio-quality assembled modules that offer outstanding value.

MOTM differs from all of the other modular synthesizers in that both electrical and mechanical design represent our "No Compromise" attitude. Our front panels are made from 1/8" (3.2mm) thick aircraft aluminum, providing the strongest mechanical support available. Our pots are the quietest, longest-lasting AND the most temperature stable possible: Spectrol or Bourns 100% sealed types. We use Switchcraft jacks with nickel-plated brass hardware for years of trouble-free service. Yet, the MOTM modules are affordably priced. MOTM was specifically designed to be compatible with existing synthesizer equipment.

Click to see other MOTM systems up close! The MOTM modules are designed to be easily mounted into standard 19" equipment racks. Our catalog is now on-line. The Synthtopia Guide To Eurorack Modular Synthesizers. Eurorack modular synthesizers have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Eurorack modular synths are relatively inexpensive, compared to larger formats, and pack a lot of functionality into a small space. There are now over fifteen companies making Eurorack synth modules, giving Eurorack owners more options than just about any other modular synth platform. Here’s a list of active Eurorack modular synthesizer manufacturers, along with links to recent coverage of their synths at Synthtopia: Eurorack Synth Modular Manufacturers If you’ve got additions, corrections or comments about any of the manufacturers, please leave a comment below!

Via MusicOfSound, MuffWriggler; image: thumbuki.