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Insulation, Foam, etc.

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Melamine sponge. Acoustic Foams – AK Foamtech. Acoustic & Sound-proofing Foams for Noise Reduction & Absorption AK Foamtech supply a wide range of technically engineered acoustic foams and damping foam products with excellent sound absorption properties that are ideally suited for noise control and soundproofing in various environments and applications.

Acoustic Foams – AK Foamtech

Our Service – Acoustic Foam Product Development & Manufacture Given a brief explanation of our customer’s noise control requirements, such as the application environment and sound reduction goals, we can provide expert advice in the manufacture of acoustic and soundproofing foam products. We assists customers in the product development process, by recommending and sourcing the optimal acoustic materials, and providing the technical manufacturing support essential to achieving the desired level of acoustic performance. Sound Absorbing Material. One of Polymer Technologies’ staple product lines is our absorption materials.

Sound Absorbing Material

Polymer Technologies has been producing top quality sound absorption foam since its creation, and we continue to strive to find unique absorption techniques and materials that will expand our capabilities of absorbing noise, heat, and vibrations. We currently offer a variety of absorption materials including our proprietary POLYDAMP® acoustical foams, melamine and hydrophobic melamine foam insulation. Let our experienced team of engineers design a custom, sound absorbing foam solution for your most complex problem.

There is virtually no limit to the new solutions we can create to solve your noise problem. Our engineers will dissect your problems and develop an unparalleled solution. Below is a sampling of our acoustic foam materials: POLYDAMP® Acoustical Foam (PAF) Applications typically include equipment engine compartments, power generation, and construction equipment. FOAMTECH. FOAMTECH. Bass and Broadband Absorbers - Soundproofing, Acoustical Foam. 2 inch SoundTrax Acoustical Foam - Next Acoustics. Styrospray 1000 Foam Coatings. CPDS Series 2 Spray foam insulation machine. Promotion: Get a Free High Expansion 750 Foam Kit or 1200 Foam Kit with purchase of CPDS Series 2 Machine and a Set of Foam (750 or 1200 kit) .

CPDS Series 2 Spray foam insulation machine

Savings of $795! Item will automatically be added to your shopping cart. The CPDS Series 2 Machine from Touch 'N Seal combines convenience with efficiency by applying spray foam up to 2 and a half times faster than standard foam kits. It is a portable, constant pressure dispensing machine used to install Class I fire-retardant polyurethane foam. The foam is both insulating and sound attenuating. This machine offers high profit with little maintenance, and eliminates the need for use of a bulk system with a mid-sized project (rehabs & renovations, repairs, room additions and "call backs").

It comes ready to use. The CPDS Series 2 is easily handled and transported by a single individual. Spray Foam Insulaiton Kit 1200 Board Feet Fire Retardant. Insulation Products. PDS-DC315.pdf. Bonded Logic - Construction Products - Acoustical Panels. Bonded Logic Natural Fiber Acoustical Panels are manufactured using high-performance recycled cotton fibers.

Bonded Logic - Construction Products - Acoustical Panels

The acoustical panels offer exceptional sound absorption, are thermally bonded for durability, contribute to healthy indoor air quality, and help you avoid fiberglass itch/irritation. In addition to offering industry leading noise reduction, natural fiber sound panels also provide thermal insulating performance in applicable installations. The panels are treated with a non-toxic solution that actively inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, and fungi. This same treatment also acts as an excellent fire retardant, giving Bonded Logic Natural Fiber Acoustic Panels a Class-A/Class-1 Fire Rating. Uses Bonded Logic Natural Fiber Acoustical Panels are available in a variety of colors, creating opportunities for a truly special installation.

Product Features Capabilities In-house fabricating capability for finished parts. Physical Properties Standard Available Sizes. Fiberglass Insulation Products. Handi-Foam 1 Component Foam Sealant (24 oz Can) Charcoal foam - Open-cell foam for shipping, packaging, padding.

Knauf insulation

Acoustical Foam - Soundproofing, Sound Insulation & Control Foam. Insulation Industries - Product Catalogue-Rockwool Soundscreen Batts. New Generation Glasswool Soundscreen batts.

Insulation Industries - Product Catalogue-Rockwool Soundscreen Batts.

The final word in residential acoustic attenuation If it's a noisy neighbour or an all night 'Guitar Hero' session that needs silencing think 'New Generation Glasswool Soundscreen' The density of these Glasswool batts also delivers exceptional R-values helping with thermal transfer and loss as well as acoustic attenuation For the current Soundscreen brochure click here For more information read the product MSDS Click here for the home theatre design guide for tips on how to get the most out of Soundscreen And here for the technical data sheet To learn more about CSR product cubic metre densities click here For a free quote on a commercial or residential property click here. Back to menu. Spray Foam Insulation from SprayFoamDirect - FOAM IT 1202 Open Cell Slow Rise E-84 Class 1 Spray Foam Kit.

Help Me Choose Buy Products - quicker, easier, safer Foam it Green Spray Foam Kits E-84 Fire Retardant Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Seals & Insulates in 1 inch High R-Value (7) in 1" Use for: Almost all Projects - Attics, Walls, Basements, Crawls, metal buildings, etc.

Spray Foam Insulation from SprayFoamDirect - FOAM IT 1202 Open Cell Slow Rise E-84 Class 1 Spray Foam Kit

Features: Seals & Insulates in 1 inch. Untitled Document. Urethane Foam , Expanding Marine Polyurethane Foam.