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DIY IEM's (In Ear Monitors)

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Try Sensear. [How to video] Quite possibly the neatest and best DIY custom-fit earbuds ever... DIY In Ear Monitors for cheap! Collin's Lab: Custom Fit Earbuds. Custom molded in ear monitors iem. Westone 3, disassembled. Westone 3 True 3-Way Triple Driver Earphones. Shockingly Musical, Lyrical, Total Goodness May 12, 2012 First of all, i would like to thanks earphone solutions for and fedex for making such a smooth and painless shipping.

Westone 3 True 3-Way Triple Driver Earphones

Really impressed with the transparent service rendered by earphone solutions, you guys did a good job and guess what, my friend also bought. Pros: + the clean tight punchy bass that pumps my ears without killing it +the warm sincere mids +the emotional highs which is non piercing +the clean separation of the instruments without the artificial separation in it, it feels musical, wholesome +making original XRCD, DSM, 24/96 even more audiophile, normal recordings like the DDD sounds much better with all areas being involved. w3p1.jpg (JPEG Image, 676 × 274 pixels) How It Works: The Littlest Subwoofer. Home-Made IEMs. My drivers are going to be the CI-22955 and the TWKF-30017.

Home-Made IEMs

The CI-22955 is the bigger of the two, and cheaper. Mouser has it for $26.19 per driver. The TWKF is the "world's smallest dual driver" and sells for $51.44 per driver. Add shipping and you have an idea of the price of the drivers themselves.