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All modern mainstream news sources are slanted to serve an agenda. The truth can be found between the lines, and in unbiased journalism.

Before It's News | Alternative News | UFO | Beyond Science | True News| Prophecy News | People Powered News. The Vigilant Citizen. UK Indymedia. TorrentFreak | Torrent News, Torrent Sites and the latest Scoops. The Raw Story | America's #1 completely independent news and politics source. Home. The Peace News log | Peace News. Rolls-Royce directors were confronted with the harrowing testimony of a Hiroshima survivor, Setsuko Thurlow, at their AGM on 1 May.

The Peace News log | Peace News

Although the quote was lengthy, the chair was too disorientated to interrupt, and the board responded with nervous laughter. Rolls-Royce provides power systems for Britain's Trident nuclear-powered, nuclear-missile-carrying submarine system.