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Mashups, APIs, and the Web as Platform. ProgrammableWeb gets you the latest on what's new and interesting with mashups, Web 2.0 APIs, and the Web as Platform.

Mashups, APIs, and the Web as Platform

It's a directory, a news source, a reference guide, a community. Find: APIs, Mashups, Code, and Coders Our database of over 2000 open web APIs and thousands of applications people have built with them is the most comprehensive resource of its kind. Indexed, cross-referenced, and up-to-date. Whether you're looking for the right web API for your next project or want to see the latest and best mashups, start here. 15 Free IDEs for Developers. 10 UI Design Patterns You Should Be Paying Attention To - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Design patterns were first described in the 1960s by Christopher Alexander, an architect who noticed that many things in our lives happen according to patterns.

10 UI Design Patterns You Should Be Paying Attention To - Smashing Magazine

He adapted his observations to his work and published many findings on the topic. Since then, design patterns have found their place in many areas of our lives, and can be found in the design and development of user interfaces as well. In short, design patterns are solutions to recurring problems. By extension, UI design patterns are solutions to common user interface problems. Ecwid: E-Commerce Widgets.


Basic Patterns for Everyday Programming. For most of you the patterns mentioned below should be nothing new.

Basic Patterns for Everyday Programming

These are very basic stuff we slap into our code everyday and at times feels they are actually code smells than smart patterns. However, I've been doing some code reviewing lately and came across many code that lacks even these basic traits. Game of Life Demo. СподелиЗнаење code programing design paterns. DesignPatterns. Introduction to Design Patterns Using PHP. Introduction to Design Patterns Using PHP(Page 1 of 2 ) What are Design Patterns Design Patterns are simply defined solutions to common problems.

Introduction to Design Patterns Using PHP

Design patterns are not created by someone who sits in a room and decides to make a design pattern instead design patterns are proven solutions that are implemented over and over again through different projects. This re-use of the solution itself becomes a pattern. Don't be intimidated by the fancy names given to design patterns, such as façade, singleton or observer, they are exactly that just fancy names given to repeatable solutions. IT Outsourcing Service Provider - Remote Offshore Software Developer.


SQL. PHP. Drupal. Git Client - SmartGit. APIs Explorer. Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents. Support; Tailored Installation Instructions. If you like Xdebug, please consider giving a"donation".

Support; Tailored Installation Instructions

Or Flattr this website: This page helps you finding which file to download, and how to configure PHP to get Xdebug running. Please paste the full output of phpinfo() (either a copy & paste of the HTML version, the HTML source or php -i output) and submit the form to receive tailored download and installation instructions. Do not paste the raw HTML (from view-source) into the form. Institute of Telecommunications - Dr. Toni Janevski. Dr.

Institute of Telecommunications - Dr. Toni Janevski

Toni Janevski, Full Professor. Short biography. 10 European Startups To Watch in 2011. When you hear Silicon Valley discuss the European startup scene it’s often negatively.

10 European Startups To Watch in 2011

Some say that the investors aren’t brave enough, some say the entrepreneurs aren’t bold enough. Whether there’s any truth in these accusations or not, the fact is that there are startups across Europe that are brimming with original ideas and creativity. Following on from our 10 Exciting European Startups from 2010, here are 10 startups to look out for in 2011.

Pearltrees. Rubular: a Ruby regular expression editor and tester. ComboFix. New Interview Questions for Senior Software Engineers. SSL Certificate Not Trusted Error. "The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority.

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" The certificate not trusted error indicates that the SSL certificate is not signed or approved by a company that the browser trusts. This occurs most often for one of the following reasons: The web site is using a self-signed certificate.


Macedonian free domain names. Институт за телекомуникации - проф.д-р Тони Јаневски. My 25 Favorite Programming Quotes that are Funny too. Recently I was looking for some good programming quotes for one of my presentation.

My 25 Favorite Programming Quotes that are Funny too

I was amazed to find that there are some good programming quotes that are really funny and need some brains to figure out the fun part. Here are 25 of them I like in random order. The best thing about a boolean is even if you are wrong, you are only off by a bit. (Anonymous) A guide and tutorial on using ComboFix. Introduction ComboFix is a program, created by sUBs, that scans your computer for known malware, and when found, attempts to clean these infections automatically.

A guide and tutorial on using ComboFix

In addition to being able to remove a large amount of the most common and current malware, ComboFix also displays a report that can be used by trained helpers to remove malware that is not automatically removed by the program. At this time ComboFix can only run on the following Windows versions: Windows XP (32-bit only) Windows Vista (32-bit/64-bit) Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit) Mailing Lists. There are many PHP-related mailing lists available on our server. Most of them are archived, and all of them are available as newsgroups on our news server. You can search some mailing lists right from this website from the search page or by using the search input box selecting the appropriate option on the top-right of every page.

There is an experimental web interface for the news server at and there are also other archives provided by Marc. Twitter. AGgreenvid's Channel. Upload Subscription preferences Loading... Working... AGgreenvid.