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GRAPHIC WORD T. If you have been following along on Instagram @ispydiy you may have spotted me traveling around the US with Express, stopping at college campuses, DIYing Tshirts with the students.


Hélène la baleine et Léo le baleineau. Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes. Check out my new site, Let's Wrap Stuff.

Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes

It's dedicated to all things related to gift wrap. You can even submit a tutorial or photo (even if you don't have a blog)! Lately, I've been a little obsessed with making different kinds of gift boxes. So when I came across these pyramid shaped DIY gift boxes, I knew I had to make some. These are so simple to make, because Sassafras has generously provided a free printable template. Print the template onto the inside of an 8.5 by 11 piece of card stock. These little boxes are easy to open and close, and would be perfect for a little Mother's Day gift like earrings or a necklace. Origami Paper Boxes. March 5th 2013 Hello! It's a couple of years since I posted this, but I will be updating the directions very soon.

Perhaps with a video of sorts. My apologies to those who have found my directions confusing. I'm slowly learning how to be a better "instructor". B.Light Design » Blog Archive » Look Ma, I’m famous. DIY boot socks. Look!: Recycled Magazine Wastebasket. Living Well: 4 Secrets to a Well-Mended Wardrobe. By Lindsey of Café Johnsonia.

Living Well: 4 Secrets to a Well-Mended Wardrobe

Sigh. It’s true. We live in a throw-away clothing culture. We pick up inexpensive pieces, fully aware that they’ll wear out and need to be replaced next season. But with new interest in slower, sustainable living, choosing clothes that last, and maintaining them so they’ll last even longer, is gaining momentum. And I say hooray. ИНТЕРЕСНОЕ ПО КРОЮ ПОНЧО с выкройкой... класс.... Обсуждение на LiveInternet.

DIY t-shirt Summer Dress. Hey Brassy Apple Readers.

DIY t-shirt Summer Dress

I was Very Excited Megan asked me to contribute to her amazing site. Over the next few months I will be adding how I re-style some of my older clothes and how you can DIY T-shirts. (Which is my favorite thing) Casinha dos moldes: Molde Fadas. Make this Homemade Holiday Gift: Felt Phone Case HOMEMADE HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA EXCHANGE: PROJECT #23.

Easy Necklace Idea. DIY and inspiration: 18 slippers ideas. With my tiny surreal feet I'm always wearing slippers with Disney characters on it.

DIY and inspiration: 18 slippers ideas

(do not like!!) Time to put a stop to this. - DIY – L’attrapeur de hibou rêveur. Pillow box récup’ Des étiquettes de Noël à imprimer, { Création } Boites cadeaux. Jveux être bonne: Y'a pas que le contenu qui compte. Que vous ayez déjà acheté vos cadeaux de Nowel ou non, il va falloir à un moment ou un autre les emballer!

jveux être bonne: Y'a pas que le contenu qui compte

Si vous voulez faire des emballages mignons faits maison, sans fil, ni aiguille, ni colle, ni ciseaux, ni scotch... Juste avec du papier, ou du tissu et vos mains, il y a plusieurs modèles d'origamis par exemple qui vous le permettront. Et pour des emballages tres écolos, utilisez la technique traditionnelle japonaise : le Furoshiki. Je suis une grande débutante en Origami, et je me demande pourquoi je ne m'y suis pas mise plus tôt... bref, ces modèles sont de niveau facile, alors n’importe qui peut le faire...Tout ce qu'il vous faut c'est du papier... pour les boites, je pense que c'est bien d'utiliser du 90 ou 100g; juste pour que ce soit un peu plus rigide, mais n’importe quel papier fera l'affaire en réalité.Pour faire une boite toute simple (photo de gauche), avec la possibilité de faire des petits casiers si on veut, suivez le modèle traditionnel du Masu.

Idée de Noël n°2 : des étiquettes cadeaux à télécharger. Mettre le paquet. On emballe! Après avoir acheté des cadeaux, ya un truc à faire.

On emballe!

Assez important. { Création } Boites a cupcakes. DIY une enveloppe en origami. DIY Monday #8 / Le DIY du Lundi #8. DIY enveloppe et jolis papiers. Papier et étiquettes cadeaux DIY ! Mon cadeau de Noël! ★{Christmas}★ #8 Les étiquettes cadeaux. J’adore les étiquettes cadeaux, c’est un peu le cadeau avant le cadeau pour moi !

★{Christmas}★ #8 Les étiquettes cadeaux

Ducoup j’aime bien les personnaliser ! L’année dernière, j’avais réalisée des étiquettes avec du masking tape, et cette année j’ai eu envie de quelque chose de plus personnalisé. A Noël, cousez vos paquets cadeaux! Ruban Collectif. Ho Ho Ho!!

Ruban Collectif

Pour Noël nous vous offrons un kit a télécharger gratuitement qui comprend des petites étiquettes cadeaux, des petits drapeaux décoratifs, du joli papier cadeaux et des boites/Déco pour suspendre à votre arbre!! Toute l’équipe de Ruban Collectif vous souhaite de passer de très bonnes fêtes de fin d’année. Télécharger ici. {DIY} un cadeau étoilé… ♥ DIY - Des petites boîtes maisonnettes pour les fêtes ♥ Spécial DIY de Noël. Spécial DIY de Noël. DIY Joli Noeud en papier pour joli paquet cadeau. Christmas is coming... DIY Boites cadeaux. DIY pour Noël : un paquet cadeau original (tampons sur tissu) Gem Earrings. I am currently a little gem crazed (so expect more to come).

Gem Earrings

It’s the holidays, so why not bedazzled everything! I had a couple jewels left over from my gem clutch DIY kit and wanted to bling out my lobes, so whipped up these little ditties. They are perfect for the holiday season, and an even better gift to give. Finally! Oui, oui oui il est enfin là! Yes, yes, yes it’s finally here – how to make your very own Paris skirt in any size! I know it has taken awhile but here it is. Now before I get started I want to apologise for the lack-lustre photos, you see it is winter here and I have a finite time period with good light to get pretty good photos and to be honest it is about an hour not really enough time to write a tutorial, sew the skirt and take photos so I decided the photos would just have to suffer a bit. Eat.sleep.MAKE.: MAKE: Dino iPhone Tripod. So, if you know me, you know 2 things about me: 1 - I love my iPhone and anything Apple 2 - I love dinosaurs Needless to say, this is the perfect combo of the 2, is it not?

Tentacle neck pillow. Years ago, the first time we both flew halfway across the continent to visit my parents at Christmas, I told my boyfriend that my real reason for dating him was to ensure I’d have a human pillow on plane trips. I was kidding, of course. Mostly. Kind of. I mean, love and that stuff is really important, but it is so nice to be able to lean against the person next to you on a long, cramped plane flight. Without, you know, causing an awkward incident. Still, we can’t always travel with our human pillow companion. DIY Surprise Balls. I’ll never forget the first time I unraveled my first surprise ball. My smile only got bigger and bigger as a glorious pile of brightly colored paper started to form after more and more wonderfully trivial prizes were revealed.

By the end, I was left wanting more. 14 Simple, Beautiful Homemade Holiday Gifts. Sock Monkey (and Friend) DIY. Sock monkeys are a classic and super adorable project. They are also simple to create and make great gifts. If you are making these as a gift for a young child remember to use child safe snaps instead of buttons, or no buttons at all (you could use a small piece of fabric or felt for the eyes). And once you've mastered the fine art of the sock monkey you can make slight variations on this pattern to create some little friends-like this cute raccoon! 1. Supplies: two long thick socks, needle and thread, scissors, two black buttons, polyester plush. 2. Tricks + Treats: Little Birdie Plush by Viviana Agostinho. Hi there!

It's Viviana! Elsie asked me to share a cute plush DIY today for Tricks + Treats and I made this little bird just for you. Enjoy! A little birdie told me... Wanna know what this birdie is telling? The numbers in each birdie part correspond to the amount of pieces you will have to cut. Fishtail Braided Anchor Bracelet. I have been obsessed with stripes lately, mainly blues or reds against white.

How to Make Bath Bombs. Crafts for men: comic book DIY coasters. It’s so hard for me to think of crafts for men! You may be like me and have a brother who loves comic books – in which case, geeky coasters are the perfect gift for said brother. And trust me, I’m not throwing stones. Le collier Col Claudine : DIY # 7. Bonsoir les jolies, comme cela faisait un certain temps que je n’avais pas fait de tuto bijoux, je me suis dit qu’il était temps que j’en fasse un nouveau !! DIY : Le joli sautoir. Joyeuses Pâques ! Après plus d’une semaine de concours, me revoilà enfin avec mes ongles peinturlurés ! Et en ce week-end de Pâques, je... Lire la suite › DIY : le collier Cat & Stone. Il est chouette mon Hibou ! ♥ Le collier noeud-chic du petit matelot ♥ DIY #18 : le collier noeud pap’ A y est, le printemps est bel et bien là ! À nous : journées plus longues, plus chaudes, apéros et dîners en terrasse et...

Lire la suite › mi-chemin entre le jaune et le vert la couleur que l’on nomme chartreuse est beaucoup moins difficile à porter que ce que... Lire la suite › ans la famille des classiques, je demande la chemise ! Le collier col. Attention à vos rétines c’est une invasion de fleurs Happy mardi les coquelicots,Je vous l’annonce dans le titre…attention à vos yeux.

Je vous emmène dans un univers... Lire la suite › My Rainy DaysMy Rainy Days. Une bague de dentelle. DIY récup’: Les carnets recyclés. Le collier chevron en pâtes... D.I.Y. Le collier nuage ☁ DIY - Un Headband like a princess. Douillets frimas : les moufles. Le headband de nuit : DIY ! DIY, le renard et la poulette… Rose tendre, Blanc Neige & Or. D.I.Y Bagues éphémères. My Rainy DaysMy Rainy Days. 20 One Afternoon Craft Ideas. Old Mens T-shirt Sewn Into Women's Dolman Tee. Build a Compartment Depot Bookshelf. Scrunchable Scarf. Kernel scarf - Knitty: Fall 2009. Free Pattern: One Row Lace Scarf. Criss cross T-shirt.

Burgundy Cut Out Shirt. Upcycled Sweater Boots. Diy eugenia kim ruffled barrette. DIY giant chevron floor pillows. The Collected Coat Vlogs. Pin Cushion Ring: 5-Minute Project! DIY Gold Leaf Faux Jewelry. Day 18: A Bow Ring - a diy jewelry tutorial. Craft Tutorial; Plastic Animal Ring Holder. Ring Tray Holder. Small Space Solution: How To Make Your Own Vertical Jewelry Box. DIY Fri: Detachable Collar Tutorial. Learn Needle Tatting With My Flower Pendant. DIY Bow tie necklace. Vintage Lace Cuff by I Heart Naptime. Lace & Pearl Bracelet » Flamingo ToesFlamingo Toes. Puzzled: Bracelet & Earrings ∙ Creation by Leisha on Cut Out. How to tie a Turks Head. DIY Wedding, Wedding Wardrobe. Day 2: A Bow Bracelet - a diy ribbon jewelry tutorial.

DIY Nautical Knot Bracelet - henry happened. On the Banks of Squaw Creek: Storage Solution: Children’s Books. Old dresser into bench. Decoupage Chest and Magazine File - Martha Stewart Home & Garden.