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Carlos Montoya (Flamenco guitarist) - "Malaga" (1959)

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Lonesome-george. 1000 × 669 - I'm sorry for whatever I did. 15+ Sea Slugs That Prove Aliens Already Live On Planet Earth | Bored Panda. Abraham-Hicks - Citations Quotidiennes - 17 JANVIER 2013 -… - 16 JANVIER 2013 -… - 15 JANVIER 2013 -… - 14 JANVIER 2013 -… - 13 JANVIER 2013 -… - 12 JANVIER 2013 -… - 11 JANVIER 2013 -… - 10 JANVIER 2013 -… - 9 JANVIER 2013 - La… - 8 JANVIER 2013 - La… - Le temps qu'il vous faut pour aller du point où vous êtes jusqu’à celui où vous voulez être, c'est […] La paix mondiale signifie un état d'esprit assez large pour prendre les décisions au sujet de ce que […] Le désir appelle la Force de Vie. Si nous devons continuer d'être en vie, nous devons continuer à […] C’est tellement merveilleux, lorsque quelqu'un a une idée et est capable de l’entretenir assez […] Si vous avez l’intention d’aider, votre œil n’est pas sur le problème mais sur l’aide, et c’est […] Le Bien-être est le seul ordre du jour, sauf si vous faites quelque chose pour l'écarter.

Donc, petit à […] « Devez-vous changer votre vibration sur un sujet particulier afin de le laisser venir à vous ? La chose la plus importante que vous puissiez enseigner à vos enfants, c'est que le Bien-être abonde. Lorsque votre cœur chante, vous consentez au Bien-être. La Conscience n'a pas besoin de forme physique. Contentez-vous d'aimer tous ceux qui entrent en relation avec vous. DNA Interactive: Discovering the DNA Structure and beyond. Google Visualizes Massive Changes To The Face Of The Earth With New Timelapse Project.

A lot can change in 28 years, and Google has put together a very graphic demonstration of just how much can happen geographically with a new effort that combines global, annual Landsat satellite image composites with its Google Earth Engine software. The result is a series of interactive time lapse images that progress year-by-year, showing exactly how things have changed in key areas like the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest, booming metropolitan areas like Las Vegas and Dubai, and the progress of large bodies of water like the Aral Sea. It’s stunning to watch the Amazon rainforest virtually disappear, or see the building creep across the desert in Vegas, or watch the Columbia Glacier vanish entirely.

Google worked with the U.S. Geological Survey, NASA and TIME magazine to build the Timelapse project, and went to Carnegie Mello University’s CREATE Lab to build the final HTML5 site that makes the animations interactive and browsable. Olympic National Park: One of the wildest places left in the USA [36 PICS] Maple Glade Trail. It’s supposed to be a humbling experience to stand amidst such giants in the ancient forests of Olympic National Park. Photo #1 by rachel_thecat Maples in Olympic National Park’s Hoh Rain Forest. 95% of this national park is designated as wilderness, a paradise for backpackers and hikers. Photo #5 by KevinM Olympic National Park trees and roots in Hoh Rain Forest.

Olympic National Park has a 73-mile long wilderness coast that is a rare treasure in a country where much of the coastline is prime real estate. Maple leaves and sword fern cover the ground. Big Cedar Tree and tiny girl. Lakes and mountains, an adventure lover’s dream. The largest known Western Redcedar, in the world with a wood volume of 500 cubic meters (17650 cu. ft.). Hoh Rain Forest has a mystical appearance with all the moss.

The Kalaloch Cedar in the Olympic National Park, with a dbh of 599 (19,6 ft) cm and wood volume of 350 cubic meters (12,270 cu ft). Coast Range Subalpine Fir groves in meadow. Olympic National Park: One of the wildest places left in the USA [36 PICS] Plantas de Puerto Rico/Plants of Puerto Rico. ¿Qué es el sitio web Plantas de la Isla de Puerto Rico? Cosas únicas de este sitio web Comunidad botánica y foro público Nuestro modelo de conservación regional Las plantas de interés para la conservación Historia del proyecto y agradecimientos Prospecto del proyecto ¿Qué es el sitio web Plantas de la Isla de Puerto Rico? Plantas de la Isla de Puerto Rico es una página web botánica con dos funciones principales, ayudar a la gente a aprender acerca de las plantas de la isla de Puerto Rico y contribuir a su conservación.

La página tiene una base de datos de más de 3,500 plantas vasculares registradas para Puerto Rico. Cada especie contiene una ficha de especie. Además de la base de datos, la página provee tres recursos botánicos específicamente irientados a la isla de Puerto Rico: la Guía Verde, la Guía Agro-Verde, e Info-Botánica.

Cosas únicas de este sitio web Formato amigable y lenguaje sencillo para los usuarios no expertos, con la mejor calidad para expertos. Comunidad botánica y foro público. <--> <--> BBC Science - Richard Feynman on flowers, artists and scientists. 16 May 2013Last updated at 10:11 By Christopher Brooks BBC Scotland Can scientists appreciate beauty? Over 30 years ago, physicist Richard Feynman claimed that a scientist can see more beauty in a flower than an artist. Since then, science and art have combined to bring the meaning of his words to life.

How science adds to the excitement, mystery and awe of a flower Continue reading the main story “Start Quote I could imagine the cells in there, the complicated actions inside, which also have a beauty.” End QuoteRichard FeynmanPhysicist In the video, Feynman tells an anecdote about a friend who said that "a scientist takes [a flower] all apart and it becomes a dull thing. " Knowledge and beauty Rosie Sanders, an artist with a particular interest in flowers, agrees with Feynman: "I don't believe that knowledge detracts from beauty. " So does Kesseler agree that science reduces art to a dull thing? Rosie Sanders' work is influenced by macro (extreme close-up) photography. Microscopy Two-way street. Amazon River Cam. The Amazon River stretches more than 4,000 miles. The tropical rainforest of its watershed is home to millions of species of plants and animals, making it the planet's most diverse ecosystem. The Zoo is home to an Amazonia Exhibit and animals from Amazonia, as well as many animals from other parts of South America.

Amazonia Exhibit The Zoo's Amazonia Exhibit leads visitors into the realm of the Amazon River Basin, where giant arapaima, pacu, red-tailed catfish, and piranhas swim in shallow water, and poison arrow frogs, titi monkeys, and tanagers inhabit the world above. Living kapok, avocado, and cocoa trees spread their roots in this enclosed tropical habitat. Take an audio tour of the exhibit. Adjacent to the exhibit, the Amazonia Science Gallery offers a glimpse into the scientific research Zoo staff conduct in the lab and in the field. Tropical Wildlife at the Zoo Golden Lion Tamarin Program Leaf-cutter ants and Cuban crocodiles hail from tropical and subtropical forests in the Americas. Water Animal Guide. Quick find... Filter By: type diet region continent all Fish This combination might work, but unfortunately the animals with those characteristics don't live with us at the zoo.