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Why Are So Many Boys Leaving High School Thinking Rape Is Funny?  Trigger warning for sexual assault and strong language.

Why Are So Many Boys Leaving High School Thinking Rape Is Funny? 

Portions of this post originally appeared in Salon. Between 20-25% of women and 3% of men will experience an attempted or completed sexual assault in college. A girl has roughly the same chance of being sexually assaulted during college, one in four/five, as she does of getting the flu during an average year. Given these statistics, virtually any college town could be called a college rape capital. Everyone knows that, on campuses especially, alcohol is often a factor. Is Virginia’s ultrasound bill the future of abortion regulation? Virginia may soon pass legislation requiring an ultrasound prior to an abortion. (Wally Santana - AP) A Virginia law that would mandate ultrasounds prior to an abortion is gaining steam — and coming under intense criticism — as it heads to Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell’s desk. Virginia’s House of Delegates and Senate have both passed the bill, while the governor has spoken favorably of the provision.

The Virginia law (full text here) would do two things: First, it would require a woman seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound at least 24 hours prior to the procedure. 8 Quotes for International Women's Day. Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th.

8 Quotes for International Women's Day

But for us at Global Fund for Women, every day is International Women’s Day—because women are fierce leaders and changemakers every day. We’re celebrating by featuring eight of the countless women from around the world who are courageously fighting to advance gender equality. Meet our FIERCE 8 FOR MARCH 8th and share their inspiring quotes with the fierce women in your lives. ROSE, 45, Papua New Guinea Rose’s husband abused her for almost 20 years of their marriage. CHRISTINE, 62, Uganda. Under the Microscope: Comparing Mammalian Spermatozoa Morphologies for Sexual... Forensic sexual assault investigations often involve serology screenings, which can include laboratory tests for the indication of blood, semen, and saliva.1 Identifying which samples might be from the assailant is paramount to investigators, and determining spermatozoa morphologies can sometimes be the key to cracking the case.

Under the Microscope: Comparing Mammalian Spermatozoa Morphologies for Sexual...

To determine human spermatozoa from that of other mammals, first we have to understand how sperm is made in the human body. In the male reproductive tract, sperm cells are first made in the testicles, and subsequently moved to the epididymis for further development.2 The cells then go into the ejaculatory duct and urethra, and afterwards combine with prostatic substances.2,3 But, multiple areas in the male tract contribute to the composition of semen—roughly 2 to 5 mL per ejaculation resulting in 250 to 600 million sperm cells.2,4 Materials and Methods Known semen samples were donated or purchased from reputable sources.

Results Conclusions References. Les textes législatifs. L’interdiction de la loi Française1.

Les textes législatifs

Excision et infibulation relèvent de la Cour d’assisesLes » affaires d’excision » ont été jugées en correctionnelle jusqu’en 1983 où la cour de cassation a établi que l’ablation du clitoris était bien une mutilation au sens du code pénal français, à l’occasion du jugement d’une femme franco-française (d’origine Bretonne) ayant mutilé sa fille. Les textes législatifs. Genital mutilation: Women fight Africa's taboo - Africa, Wo. While the attack was condemned by media watchdogs as "disgraceful behaviour worthy of a bygone age", one woman who was not surprised was Rugiatu Turay.

Genital mutilation: Women fight Africa's taboo - Africa, Wo

When she was 12 Ms Turay was stolen away by family members and underwent what some politely refer to as "circumcision". She calls it "torture". For the past six years, she has been waging a war against the practice, which many in Sierra Leone, including senior politicians, see as an initiation rite. Her organisation, the Amazonian Initiative Movement, tries to protect young girls from the knife. "I picked the name because I am trying to talk about strong, powerful women," she says Ms Turay, who works with her 20-strong staff in and around the northern town of Lunsar. Burned in the memory: Survivors of acid attacks in Bangladesh. By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 02:10 GMT, 15 July 2013 | Updated: 13:19 GMT, 16 July 2013.

Burned in the memory: Survivors of acid attacks in Bangladesh

Kenyan female genital mutilation cutter describes FGM as 'like Christmas' in shock exposé. Back in 2011, Kenya became the latest in a string of African countries to ban female genital mutilation, passing a law to make it illegal to practice FGM or to take someone abroad to be 'cut'.

Kenyan female genital mutilation cutter describes FGM as 'like Christmas' in shock exposé

But a recent expose has revealed the ancient act is still being undertaken under misguided beliefs. Anna-Moora Ndege, 86, was approached by the MailOnline in her village in Kenya about her cutting regime - a practice she first began undertaking 70 years ago. Speaking about why she still insists on procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia on girls as young as nine - or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. She said: "Girls are cut to ensure they remain faithful because the sexual organ is not there anymore.