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Farmers' Almanac Gardening Calendar. April 2014 13th-15th Favorable planting days: First two days are good for planting corn, melons, squash, tomatoes, and other aboveground crops.

Farmers' Almanac Gardening Calendar

Last day good for planting root crops. Green Witch. How to Calculate Lunar Planting Dates. First, find the best moon phase for your crops.

How to Calculate Lunar Planting Dates

If they are annual plants that produce above ground you will want to plant in the first or second quarter, preferably close to the time of the new or full moon. Root crops are best planted just after the full moon. Secondly, find the astrological sign of the zodiac that best represents your crop. Roots are favored by earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; leafy crops are best planted in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces; flowers are best in Libra, but also Gemini or Aquarius; and seed crops such as fruits and nuts may be planted in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius.

Some consider the fire signs to be barren and dry, and not the best for planting, so you can experiment and see what works for you. Moon Phases Garden Calendar 2010 Lunar Planting Guide Moon Phase. Natural Face Mask Recipes, Body Scrub Recipes, and More. Plant oils are used generously in most beauty products. When you understand their uses and know where to find them, these oils can be used in homemade skin care recipes to suit your individual needs. They can usually be found in your local grocery store or health store. Homemade Beauty Recipes. Homemade Beauty Recipes. These recipes are the intellectual property of the creators and may not be duplicated without their permission.

Homemade Beauty Recipes

We wish to thank Jeanne Rose, Noreen Finneran, Spa Index, SharAmbrosia and the National Honey Board for generously allowing us to share their recipes with you. For more information, or to ask permission to use specific recipes beyond your own personal use, please visit these web sites to find the formulators. - herbal information, organic herbs, books, & hydr. A Witch's Beverages and Brews - Magick Potions Made Easy. Green Witchcraft: Product Summary.

Date: 2009-07-20 Use to select wands/other tools; burn in candle spells; add chips to charms/spells, etc.

Green Witchcraft: Product Summary

Alder: water magic, strength, foundations. Apple: love, spirit food, unicorns, beauty, regeneration, eternity. Words of Meaning - Grimoire of a Green Witch - Green Grimoire. Magicakal Properties of Herbs, Flowers, Plants, Wortcunning, Her. Epsom Salt Beauty Recipes with Epsom Salts. A Beauty Enhancing Element Epsom Salt By Kathryn M. DImperio. Links Pages.