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Harvesting Herbs & Plants This came from a talk by Gwen a little while ago. When the idea was raised to do a talk on herbs it seemed like a simple thing to cover but when I sat down to compile information it felt like sitting at the bottom of a very large mountain looking up into the mists. Herbalism is very in-depth and involved subject which takes years and years of study – people like Culpeper and Beyeri dedicated their lives to this wonderful and endless subject. It is my aim to do a basic introduction to the ways in which common cultivated and commonly found local wild herbs and plants can be used for healing, magical purposes and sometimes for a free tasty meal. I personally try to work with as many local plants as I can, ones grown in my own garden or gardens of friends and family or ones in the wonderful local countryside.

Ethnobotanicals (Entheogens) Dried, Live Plants, Seeds and Extracts Most order are shipped within 24 hours. U.S. orders usually arrive within 4 days of ordering.Tracking Available at International orders are welcome. International delivery time is about 5-10 business days. We charge a fixed flat fee of $6.00 for shipping and handling for orders inside the United States, for orders outside of the United States, $10.00. Items are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS) The Health Benefits of Rose Hips A Rose hip is the fruit of a rose. The wild dog rose is the type of rose most often cultivated for their hips. This plant grows up to ten feet tall and bears a white, very fragrant flower. Once the flower has bloomed, and all the petals have fallen off, the hip is picked and used in a wide variety of preparations.

5 Herbs to Fight Swine and Bird Flu These herbs are easy to find and make great cold and flu fighters. By no means exhaustive, try to find some of these herbal powerhouses for your immune support. In no particular order, here are 5 herbs that can help your body fight off the swine and bird flu. 1. 15-Point Checklist: Create A Kick-Ass Google Plus Business Page Sponsors When people talk about Google Plus, they always mean social SEO. Whether your business is small or big, you must not ignore the benefits of having Google Plus business page.

How I Remineralized my Tooth Cavities Without Dentistry Two years ago I went to the dentist for a cleaning. I had one small cavity in between two of my upper teeth, and one large cavity way in the back next to my wisdom tooth. The dentist recommended that I stay and immediately have those two cavities filled. I told him I was going to go home and do some research first. I don’t think anyone has ever said that to him before, because he really looked speechless there for a second. I think Doctors are pretty used to getting their way (besides, he already thinks I’m weird because of a previous argument we got into about fluoride).

25 Tools Content Marketers Can’t Live Without There’s no doubt that content marketing has grown in popularity over the last few years to become one of the web’s most important promotional strategies. And while I’ve always been a major proponent of this technique, it’s thrilling to see interest in this subject grow universally, as this surge in interest has led to the development of great new content marketing tools. When it comes to these tools, the following are 25 of my favorites. This list certainly isn’t comprehensive, but I hope it gives you the resources needed to take your content campaigns to the next level! Content Curation The Borax Conspiracy How the Arthritis Cure has been stopped Walter Last You may not be able to imagine that borax, this humble insecticide and laundry detergent, has the potential of singlehandedly bringing down our entire economic system. Can't Lose Weight? Learn The Patterns! Warmer weather is finally kicking in and you're ready for it. Sunscreen (check)Floppy Hat (check)New swimsuit you've been working out all winter for (check)What happened?What do you mean you STILL can't fit in it?Have you stopped losing weight?Picture this: As dedicated as a soldier, you stayed with your chosen regimen/diet path to the bitter end. Only problem is that the bathroom scale's numbers are suddenly NOT going down.What's going on???

Food Cravings – The Truth Behind The “Mystery” By Jordan & Kyla Miller, R.H.N. Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Food cravings seem to have touched most of us at one point or another. Seeds For Thought Seeds represent the starting point of life. The image of a seed represents the very definition of a new beginning not to mention how tasty they can be.Seeds are not just for planting they are a great food source as well. There are numerous edible seeds available. I'm going to highlight three common seeds and one controversial: Hemp SeedsContrary to popular belief, these seeds have not been proven potent enough to make you high.

Medical Marijuana Seeds – Growing Medical Marijuana Strains Seeds Guide - Cannabis Seeds Now Although marijuana is best known for its recreational use and mind altering effects, recent scientific studies shows that it has enormous medicinal potential. The history of marijuana as a medicine isn’t anything new however, it is extensive and includes many characters on many continents. It’s believed that one of the earliest Chinese Emperor’s, dating as early in time as 2700 B.C., established what’s believed to be the very first account, or categorization, of the Cannabis plant in a system of ‘Herbal Medicine’s’. The Chinese Emperor Shen Nong, who was also known as ‘ The Divine Farmer ‘, was the first to document the plant’s benefits. The Emperor was also known for teaching Agriculture and Medicine in Ancient China.

Free images for commercial use without link or attribution Where do we find really free images on the web? What we need, are royalty-free photos and cliparts without the requirement of attributing the original author and without the necessity of backlinks. On these terms, I'll present you my favorite two websites, one for cliparts - - and one for photos - Physicians Formula Organic Wear Eyeliner reviews ILikeCakeAndIceCream on 1/4/2014 7:07:00 PM More reviews by ILikeCakeAndIceCream Age: 25-29 Skin: Other, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Other, Other Eyes: Hazel I loved that I finally found a drugstore organic eyeliner. You definitely need to apply a primer and powder before applying this pencil.