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With the breadth and depth of social media services out there, it’s no wonder that we often find ourselves lost in the vast array of services. Further, those who are seasoned may seem at a loss in the apparent “simplicity” of it all. I took the opportunity to contact some of my esteemed friends and colleagues who are experts in their field and asked for their advice on their favorite little known social media secret and social media tools, including their own if they had them. Here’s what they told me: 17 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips, Tricks, and Tools 17 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips, Tricks, and Tools
Can We Create The Future Of Indie Marketing & Distribution—Or Is It Already Dead? > Hope for Film We speak of the need to utilize PMDs (aka Producers of Marketing & Distribution) on Indie/TFF movies these days, but how do these people get trained (not to mention, paid for)? Where do they learn their skill sets? Two or three years into this DIY Indie Movement of sorts, can you name more than three or four people (at best) who do this? Isn't this the missing piece? Can We Create The Future Of Indie Marketing & Distribution—Or Is It Already Dead? > Hope for Film
Writing a Book – Making Money Writing a Book – Making Money MMMMMMMM, money. How do you make money writing a book? Earlier posts in this series:Writing a Book – Finding TimeWriting a Book – DisciplineWriting a Book – StructureWriting a Book – Marketing And Promotion So, we’re at the end of the series, kids, but lots of you have asked along the way, “but can I make any money at this book thing?”
How to Kickstart Your Book Project I’ve been called many things in my life. Patient is not one of them. So when I received strong interest for my fourth book from traditional publishers and was told they’d put it out in spring of 2012… Well. Like I said, I’ve never been called patient. I decided to take control of my own destiny and circumvent traditional publishers – and I’m going to tell you exactly how I raised money, planned my coupe and sped up publication of my fourth book by one full year, so that you can do the same. How to Kickstart Your Book Project
2020 Media Futures : DIY Distribution Digital tools and processes have enabled independent producers and creators to use the Internet as a distribution channel to directly connect with consumers and audiences in the process circumventing some of the cultural industries’ traditional intermediaries. British band Radiohead’s 2007 experiment with self-distribution raised awareness of the possibilities it holds, and also shook up the music industry. The band claims to have distributed 1.2 million versions of the In Rainbows album in the first day of its online availability, though the band’s label disputes this figure as high. While DIY distribution is not a new trend, it has found new life over the last decade with the combination of digital production technologies and globally distributed networks. 2020 Media Futures : DIY Distribution
Writing a Book – Marketing And Promotion Earlier posts in this series:Writing a Book – Finding TimeWriting a Book – DisciplineWriting a Book – Structure Writing a book doesn’t stop when you’ve handed in the last of your edits. Oddly, most authors think that it’s the role of the publisher to market their book, but this is fairly far from the truth. I’ve worked with two mainstream publishers and one widely-published-author-turned-publisher, and in all cases, they’re more like “air support.” Writing a Book – Marketing And Promotion
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In the rush to find new and exciting ways to promote our books, let's not forget the tried-and-true. Inspired by Chris Brogan’s article, Promoting Your Book Online, a post by the way that got just about everybody in the blogosphere commenting on his blog, I devised this piece about adapting offline book promotion techniques to the online world. In the olden days (pre-web), authors had limited personal means of promoting their books. Even if you did somehow get someone to publish your book, it didn't automatically imply that the publisher would spend a dime to promote it, the advertizing budget usually reserved for their award winning authors. So, authors had to become creative. One way authors found to get some buzz for their books was to write practical, hard-hitting articles drawn from the content of their books and submit them to magazines and other publications. Promote Your Book Online the Offline Way – Part 1 Promote Your Book Online the Offline Way – Part 1
Promoting Your Book Online Promoting Your Book Online Julien Smith and I are hard at work writing our first book, Trust Agents, about how the social web helps turn relationships into serious business (or some such). We’re still several months off from that book seeing the light of day, but we’re already thinking about how to promote the book. Seth Godin just launched Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, and as part of the mad rush, he set up some bloggers with free copies to give away.
If that sounds a little “all over the place” when it comes to types of books you can make at Blurb, it is. By design. Because if you can think it, dream it, draw it, write it, or photograph it, we can help you turn whatever “it” is into a beautiful print and ebook. We’ll never tell you what kind of book to make. Our job is to help you bring whatever book you choose to make into the world and then help you tell the world all about it. Just imagine: Amazing photo books, ebooks, and other print books, made by you, with Blurb. Make your own book. Make it great. Make your own book. Make it great.
How it Works How it Works Goodreads is a free website for book lovers. Imagine it as a large library that you can wander through and see everyone's bookshelves, their reviews, and their ratings. You can also post your own reviews and catalog what you have read, are currently reading, and plan to read in the future. Don’t stop there – join a discussion group, start a book club, contact an author, and even post your own writing.
Author Program What Is the Goodreads Author Program? The Goodreads Author Program is a completely free feature designed to help authors reach their target audience — passionate readers. This is the perfect place for new and established authors to promote their books. What Can You Do as a Goodreads Author? Take Control of Your Profile Make your profile a dynamic destination for curious readers.
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I t’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for another guest author who is excited to share her knowledge and expertise with you. Today, Julie Isaac will spend some time with us talking about how to use a blog to promote your book. Before you read Julie’s post, make sure you sign up for my free video tips newsletter. 5 Keys to Promoting Your Book With a Blog By Julie Isaac
There seems to be an increase in activity around author blogs. It’s easy to see why. After all, authors are writers first, and blogging is an immediate connection to readers. Blogging is a powerful way for authors to accomplish lots of things: Experiment with your material, tone, or focus. Authors Are Blogging, Are You?
April L. Hamilton - Indie Author Guide The Indie Author Guide has been released by Writer's Digest Books in a revised and updated edition. The book is currently available for order on the Writer's Digest, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders websites, as well as being available for purchase in brick and mortar stores. Until the new edition is ready, you can use this handy BookBuzzr widget to read as much of the original edition of the book as you like right here on the site. Once the book is open in the widget, click on any page to zoom in for a better view.
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