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EmeraldInsight. Sharing Information in Your Company: Is It Time for an Intranet? Now that you have gathered all the information on your competitors and industry, what is the best way to deliver information within your organization?

Sharing Information in Your Company: Is It Time for an Intranet?

Hard copies of reports and Web clippings are easily lost among other reports, and e-mails with attachments often get forgotten when there is no rush to read them. Is there a practical solution to overcome these communication pitfalls? Large companies are rapidly adopting the use of intranets to ensure that information is accessible to analysts and decision makers whenever they need it. These companies are utilizing various solutions to gain a significant competitive advantage regarding sharing data amongst employees. Can small companies obtain the same competitive advantage by implementing an intranet? This article will assist in evaluating the need for an intranet in a small business environment based on the following decision factors.

Decision Factors Top management How much is this going to cost us? How much is this going to cost us? The Silo Mentality: How To Break Down The Barriers. Google Classroom: Early videos of their closest attempt at an LMS. For years the ed tech community has speculated about Google entering the LMS market, including Wave (discontinued, but some key features embedded in other tools), Apps for Education, and even incorrectly with Pearson OpenClass.

Google Classroom: Early videos of their closest attempt at an LMS

Each time there is some possibilities, but Google has not shown interest in fully replacing LMS functionality. Google Classroom, announced in May and with new details coming out this week, is the closest that Google has come to fully providing an LMS. The focus is much more on K-12 than on higher education. For background on the concept, see this video from May which emphasizes roster integration (with some instructor setup required), document sharing through Google Drive, server and security through the cloud, discussions tied to assignments, and a focus on ‘letting teachers and students teach or learn their way’.

Yesterday Google shared a new video that directly shows the user interface and some key features. Early Review of Google Classroom. Searching-for-a-shared-virtual-workspace. The 8 Best Collaboration Tools for Virtual Teams. Updated 2014 At Time Doctor, we work with remote staff members in more than nine different countries.

The 8 Best Collaboration Tools for Virtual Teams

As you can imagine, team collaboration has a range of unique challenges. There are a number of tools that we use in our company, most of them are free. With over 10 years of experience under our belts, we’ve tried the best and worst of many collaborative tools – we thought it would be valuable to share the tools we we use and what exactly we use them for. Free Bonus! Google Docs Google Docs provides free online spreadsheets and document management with a Gmail/Google Account. The spreadsheet feature is particularly useful when you need to have multiple people working on the same spreadsheet at the same time (something you can’t do with Dropbox).

You can use Google Docs effectively as a company “wiki” where anyone in the company is able to add any information to the document. Jing Although you need to pay for some features, Jing is a fantastic free collaboration tool. Skype Dropbox Mantis Basecamp.