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Unconventional ideas. Let There Be Peace on Earth. Don't Worry Be Happy | Playing For Change. What a Wonderful World | Playing For Change. The Day After Peace 32 mins (English) International Peace Day (September 21st, 2016) International Peace Day (September 21st, 2016) ATL. LOOK AT YOURSELF AFTER WATCHING THIS.mp4. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google.

What is KiVa and how does it work? - KiVa. KiVa is an innovative school-based antibullying program which has been developed using cutting-edge research on bullying and its mechanisms Prevention, intervention, and monitoring KiVa is an evidence-based program to prevent bullying and to tackle the cases of bullying effectively. The former is crucial but also the latter is important, as no prevention efforts will make bullying disappear once and for all; there need to be tools to be utilized when a case of bullying comes to light. The third aspect of KiVa is constant monitoring of the situation in one’s school and the changes taking place over time; this is enabled by the online tools included in KiVa. These tools produce annual feedback for each school about their implementation of the program as well as the outcomes obtained.

The main components of KiVa KiVa includes both universal and indicated actions. KiVa is based on decades of research on bullying and its mechanisms Strong evidence of effectiveness KiVa has three units. Save. Bullying: un método finlandés para superar la violencia en las aulas argentinas - 24.04.2017 - LA NACION. Con buenos resultados en Europa, KiVa ya se aplica en la Argentina, Chile, Colombia y Perú; se trabaja con la víctima del acoso, con el victimario y con todo el grupo escolar "Todas tus bromas y juegos estúpidos/ Ya no funcionan/ No me hacen daño.

" Las alumnas de 4°, 5° y 6° grados del colegio Michael Ham, en Olivos, tararean la canción de Grace WanderWaal, esa chica de 12 años de un pueblo del estado de Nueva York que ganó el concurso America's Got Talent. Están reunidas en un patio para la presentación del programa KiVa, contra el acoso escolar, un éxito en Finlandia que se aplica en casi 20 países europeos, y que se ha empezado a usar en la Argentina. También ha comenzado a implementarse en América latina, en países como Chile, Colombia y Perú. ¿De qué se trata este método contra el bullying del que habla todo el mundo? "KiVa tiene acciones universales, que son de prevención, y focalizadas, de intervención. ¿Es bullying o no? En esta nota: Parents turn Canadian students into world-class readers. Canada’s elementary-school students are among the world’s stronger readers, thanks in part to the influence of Canadian parents who enjoy and encourage reading themselves, according to a new international survey.

Canadian students ranked in the top dozen out of 45 countries, but can’t quite be called world-beaters: They still trail such recognized education leaders as Hong Kong, Finland and Singapore. Curiously, Canada was also edged out by the United States, even though Canadian high-school students score far higher than their American counterparts in other reading studies. Nine Canadian provinces took part in the third Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS), which looks at reading achievement by Grade 4 students every five years. By most measures, Canada’s students came in well ahead of the global average: 13 per cent reached the highest level of reading, compared with an international average of 8 per cent, and the country has few low achievers. Report Typo/Error.

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Mindfulness: El arte de vivir conscientemente | Andrés Martín | TEDxSantCugat.