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Balance and Equality Trends (Key Drivers)

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The world's first transgender modeling agency launches in L.A. With Caitlyn Jenner gracing the cover of Vanity Fair, transgender models on the runway, and a batch of new TV shows featuring transgender people, it was perhaps only a matter of time: The world’s first agency for transgender models is to be officially launched next month.

The world's first transgender modeling agency launches in L.A.

Thailand-based agency Apple Model Management, which has represented trans models, is opening a Los Angeles branch exclusively representing transgender women and men. Cecilio Asuncion, director of the L.A. arm, is running the business from a temporary office in downtown Los Angeles. So far, he’s got six models and is scouting talent to fill another nine spots. Transgender Model Andreja Pejic on Gender Fluidity. With gender fluidity dominating the runways and inspiring political debate, Alice Gregory meets the model Andreja Pejic and asks, have we reached a transgender turning point?

Transgender Model Andreja Pejic on Gender Fluidity

One Saturday afternoon in February, finally inside and away from the clamor of New York Fashion Week, Andreja Pejic sinks into a velvet settee in the hushed lobby of the Bowery Hotel. Three nearby tourists turn their heads, openly staring at the platinum-haired model—as if the sight of a girl so laughably beautiful was why they’d come to the city in the first place. I’ve caught Pejic just hours before she departs for London, where she’ll appear in Giles Deacon’s fall 2015 show. George Osborne: Stop taxing periods. Period. Stay-at-home dads pay the price in job market for putting family first. When his elder daughter entered first grade, Gary Clarke signed up to be a class parent, organizing and participating in all kinds of special events in her classroom and being a liaison between the teacher and other parents.

Stay-at-home dads pay the price in job market for putting family first

The catch? For an entire term, Clarke – a stay-at-home dad in Massachusetts, who for the last 17 years has been the primary caregiver for his and his wife’s two daughters – was known as the “Class Mom”. “I thought: ‘Really? Tampon Tax: How VAT is paid on sanitary products in other countries. British MPs voted this week against a move to force the government to cut the so-called "Tampon Tax" down from its current 5%.

Tampon Tax: How VAT is paid on sanitary products in other countries

Politicians rejected the Finance Bill amendment on 26 October, which would have stopped sanitary products from being classified as "non-essential luxury items" by 305 to 287 votes. The current 5% VAT rate the UK has on sanitary products is currently the lowest allowed under current EU law. However, the vote – triggered after an online petition entitled "Stop taxing periods. Period" gained more than 250,000 signatures – meant Treasury minister David Gauke promised to raise the issue with the European Commission. Following the vote, a Treasury spokesperson reiterated the UK has set the VAT on sanitary products at the minimum rate permissible under EU rules and any change would require a unanimous agreement from all 28 member states. Here, the IBTimes UK looks at how other countries deal with the so-called tampon tax. France Ireland Canada. 'Tampon tax' issue to be raised with the European Commission - BBC.

Image copyright ALAMY The issue of the so-called "tampon tax" on sanitary products will be raised with the European Commission, a UK Treasury minister has said.

'Tampon tax' issue to be raised with the European Commission - BBC

David Gauke said the government sympathised with efforts to force a negotiation with the EU for a reduction in the 5% VAT rate on sanitary items. But he said the UK was unable to apply a zero rating under EU law. MPs rejected the Finance Bill amendment, which would have forced a negotiation, by 305 to 287 votes. RAD HOURANI — L'EXPRESS PARIS - RH UNISEX HAUTE COUTURE - BACKSTAGE. Rad hourani unisex couture. I had a week off work, and somehow this turned into a week off from life in general, hence no posts.

rad hourani unisex couture

Anyway, the important issue here is Rad Hourani’s new unisex collection. I’m a big fan of Hourani in general, you know me, I’ve yet to meet a black androgynous look I didn’t like, but this new collection is a little bit special. UNISEX RAD HOURANI COUTURE FEATURE IN FSHNUNLIMITED MAGAZINE (Rad Hourani) Rad Hourani client: Rad Hourani source: published: August 2014 Single Page View Slideshow View.


If We're Going to End Music Industry Sexism, the Dialogue around It Has to Change. (Perfect Pussy, slaying.)

If We're Going to End Music Industry Sexism, the Dialogue around It Has to Change

Gender pay gap 'may take 118 years to close' - World Economic Forum. Image copyright Reuters The World Economic Forum believes it will take another 118 years - or until 2133 - until the global pay gap between men and women is finally closed.

Gender pay gap 'may take 118 years to close' - World Economic Forum

Women are only now earning the amount that men did in 2006, data from the WEF's Global Gender Gap report says. It says progress on closing the gap has stalled in recent years at a time when more women are entering the workplace. In fact, nearly a quarter of a billion more women are in the global workforce today than a decade ago. In several countries, more women are now going to university than men but - crucially - this is not necessarily translating into more women occupying skilled roles or leadership positions.

BBC 100 Women 2015: 10 men fighting for gender equality - BBC ... For International Men's Day, the BBC's 100 Women salutes 10 men who champion gender equality.

BBC 100 Women 2015: 10 men fighting for gender equality - BBC ...

Aziz Ansari, American-Indian comedian and actor Image copyright Frazier Moore Made sexism subject of 2014 stand-up show Live At Madison Square Garden; followed up with Letterman interview calling for equality in entertainment industry. Justin Trudeau, new Canadian prime minister Image copyright Reuters.

The world's first non-white modelling agency - a true celebration of ... Fashion has to do much more if it is serious about catwalk diversity. Transgender models: on a high street near you. The relationship between transgender models and fashion continues apace with the launch of a new campaign by H&M sister label & Other Stories that stars five transgender “creatives”. Aimed at highlighting the discussion between gender and identity in fashion, the campaign features models Valentijn de Hingh and Hari Nef wearing the Swedish-owned store’s new capsule collection.

Nef was the first transgender model to be signed globally by top agency IMG earlier this year and has since been cast in Netflix’s transgender comedy series Transparent and the music video for There is Nothing Left by American group the Drums. “Fashion has played a huge role in the process of constructing my identity,” explains Nef.

Transgender Woman's Fashion Struggles. In the months leading up to Caitlyn Jenner's debut, gender identity has been a focal point in the media. In an effort to give the transgender community a voice in that conversation and to help anyone going through this or on the other side of the change, we tapped Francesca Appelgate, who is shedding light on her own experience as a transgender woman. Read on as she shares what it was really like to shop and dress her new body. I have walked through the women's department on many occasions, hoping that one day I'd actually do a little shopping of my own.

Well, that day has come . . . and I have next to no idea what I'm doing. Transgender style: How an all-accepting attitude in the fashion world ... It is fashion’s duty, to paraphrase Nina Simone, to reflect the times in which we live. There’s no doubt that’s true. But sometimes, rather than simply hold up a mirror to society, the fashion industry is actually responsible for reshaping that reality. First Transgender Modeling Agency Trans Models - Refinery29. 12 Transgender Models Who Are Redefining Fashion. By James Pombo 9/10/2015. Inside New York's First Transgender Modeling Agency. Peche Di, a Thai beauty queen who studied at New York University, spent five years booking occasional modeling gigs and looking for an agency to represent her. Harry and Peter Brant launch unisex cosmetics collection with MAC ...

Peter II, 21, and Harry, 17, debuted their unisex beauty line yesterday The sons of supermodel Stephanie Seymour, 47, and Interview publisher Peter Brant, 68, are seen applying the make-up on each other in a stylish video for their collaborationMAC x Brant Brothers consists of three products - the Brow Finisher, the Cream Colour Base, and the Conceal and Correct Palette.

​Should retailers promote genderless shopping? A century ago, the high-end British department store Selfridges was founded on the revolutionary idea that shopping should be fun. Nicola Formichetti is making genderless clothing a reality. 3 Designers on How They Define Unisex Fashion. Blurred Lines: Why Gender-Neutral Fashion Is the New Normal. Will Genderless Fashion Change Retail? (L-R) Raf Simons Menswear Spring/Summer 2014, Gucci Menswear Autumn/Winter 2015, J.W Anderson Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 | Source: Indigital. No Sir retail platform addresses male-dominated industry. Terese Alstin, founder of inflatable-helmet brand Hövding, has launched an online shop and a Malmö showroom presenting the work of independent women designers from around the world (+ slideshow). The No Sir platform showcases design from a range of disciplines including illustration, lighting, furniture and textiles, with many of the products new to the Swedish market.

"No Sir is a tribute to female designers who, on top of being innovative, creating amazingly unique things and running their companies, must fight for recognition and prove themselves over and over again," Alstin told Dezeen. The majority of products are from lesser-known designers, with names including Camille Walala, Marlène Huissoud and Pia Wüstenberg, although there are some male and female design duos such as Daniel Emma.