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Georgia Wilson

Writer in ReadersMagnet. Novel Writer. Soon to be an Author.

A Kids Life: Loving, Learning, Growing by Alana Konieczka. A Kids Life-Loving,Learning,Growing is not Shakespeare.

A Kids Life: Loving, Learning, Growing by Alana Konieczka

It's not meant to be. I hope this book will engage the youngest readers, and the almost ready to read, but still loving book snuggle time at night. I can remember how much I enjoyed reading books like Dr. Angels and Mysteries by Irv Lampman. The sheriff pulled up and Mrs.

Angels and Mysteries by Irv Lampman

Warren asked the men in. “Well, Sheriff, Doctor . . . What’s happened?” Inspired From My Heart - Kathryn Coltrin. How to Become an Effective Author - Greg Van Arsdale. How to Become an Effective Author Fulfilling your dreams of becoming one of the best authors?

How to Become an Effective Author - Greg Van Arsdale

If that’s so, you must learn how to become an effective one by knowing the essential elements of writing a good book. If you are looking for a guide to help you get through this journey, this blog will be just that. This will provide you with the ultimate tips and tricks you can incorporate for your writing process once you have decided to write your book. The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum. On Freedom And Revolt by Carl Moyler. This book is dedicated to all those heroes and heroines who have seen and will see life as a daring adventure to be given in the name of service to humanity, to justice and to freedom.

On Freedom And Revolt by Carl Moyler

We know a few of them, but many others are lost among the nameless crowd. Albert Camus and Martin Luther King, Jr. are two first class role models who lived out their passions for justice and freedom. Today, they are among the heroes who are well remembered around the world. The following words seem appropriate to reflect what they stood for: “For all who have sought to make a difference in the lives of men by their service and life, and to lighten the dark places of the earth” (Source: inscription on the wall of the Civil Rights Museum, 16th street, Birmingham, Alabama, USA) (Author unknown). Camus and King were born, reared and lived as personal witnesses to the political, economic and social ravages of their time and place.

Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond - Nicki Geigert. Murder Mystery Books by JB Clemmens. Book - Remembrance of Meals Past by Anita Legsdin. Anita Legsdin cooks up stories as well as recipes for certain dishes in her book Remembrance of Meals Past.

Book - Remembrance of Meals Past by Anita Legsdin

Food is the focal point of the memories and stories, some of which are fictionalized. For example, “A Good Year for Apples” is inspired by the author’s reunion with her relatives in Latvia. The story revolves around the edible mushrooms Bekas and Baravikas, both of the Boletus variety. “Blind Date” talks about the first date that made the author not eat pasta ever since. How to Write an Empowering Self-Help Book? - Roslynn Bryant. Self-help books have become quite popular over the recent years.

How to Write an Empowering Self-Help Book? - Roslynn Bryant

Self-help (sometimes called self-improvement books) are basically books that are written with the intention to instruct or guide people on how to solve personal problems. Oftentimes, these books are created for the purpose of helping other people change or improve some aspects of their lives. The Seven Fs to a Fruitful Life by Roslynn Bryant is a great example of a self-help book that helps people. It is an insightful literature that guides its readers on how to live their lives most effectively as God has purposed. The seven Fs that the author emphasizes in this book refer to the seven key areas in which people need to maximize their potential: faith, family, friends, finances, fitness, focus, and future.

Begin with research. Donut Hole by RC Le Beau. This book does not explore the religious aspects of war.

Donut Hole by RC Le Beau

Your very belief is tested in combat, you must kill your enemy, or your enemy will kill you – that is the simple, hard cold fact. Because in my humble opinion, War is hell on Earth. Evil roams freely in War, and it will kill you, one way or another, with its evil intent. Nightmares are common and, in their fantasy, never reflect the real horror and the reality that War can bring to your mind.

No matter what your personal spiritual beliefs are, you will be tested. Lynda M. Daniele - Grandpa Nick's Bump. ReadersMagnet. Attilio Guardo - Romance Writer - The Other Side of Love. My love for writing manifested at an early age.

Attilio Guardo - Romance Writer - The Other Side of Love

When I was nine years old, I wrote a 55-page novel called “Three Ways.” Two years later, I wrote a play, which was performed in my backyard. Graduating from the University of Hartford with a BS in General Business Management, I then became a member of the United States Army. Upon leaving the military and becoming employed in the accounting and management profession, I did something that most people told me was brave – I married a divorced woman who had six children.

I was married forty-one years before my wife’s death in 2016. Angels and Mysteries - Irv Lampman. Sitting On Jesus's Lap Life On Earth - Troy Louis. Book - Mommy Mommy: Look The Man Has One Leg by William Dalmas. Every person can make a difference if they only set their hearts to it and influence others.

Book - Mommy Mommy: Look The Man Has One Leg by William Dalmas

To William Dalmas, his way of doing it is to craft interesting stories. He wants to reach out to the little ones in his book to give them valuable lessons because at a young age it's crucial to develop their personality and experience. Young readers are in for a surprise when he narrates a unique story in Mommy Mommy: Look the Man Has One Leg. Through the novel, the author expands their views and successfully shows them important values, especially when dealing with people with disabilities or special needs. An Endless Quest For Spiritual Truth - Eric Chifunda. Real Life: Construction Management - Jamil Soucar. Playing Hurt - Gerald L. Nardella. Book - The Spiritual Discernment Guide by Ronald T. Tyler, Ph.D. Here, Ross is equating God to a human artist or craftsman, his point apparently being that, because careful creation by human beings takes a long time, therefore, the creation by God on an immensely grander scale must have taken a correspondingly longer time.

Book - The Spiritual Discernment Guide by Ronald T. Tyler, Ph.D.

The obvious fallacy here is that God is not a man, and therefore the way God creates is not the same as the way a man creates, and the amount of time required for human creation in no way determines or corresponds to the time required for divine creation. In fact, to imply such a thing seems to me at least mildly blasphemous, for it places human restrictions on God’s creativity and says that He is limited in this regard in the same way man is!

But God is not limited by time or human restrictions. The Other Side of Love by Attilio Guardo - Romance Writer. When Conrad Arlington Hill is suddenly dumped by his girlfriend, Abigail McCloud, he suffers irreparable hurt. Live in the Moment — Prophetic Affirmations. Psalm 39:4-5 TLB “Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered— how fleeting my life is. You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand. My entire lifetime is just a moment to you; at best, each of us is but a breath.” Book - Come Climb Toward God by Marianna Albritton. Gabriella Eva Nagy - Enchanted Rainbows. Book - The Seven Fs to a Fruitful Life by Roslynn Bryant. The Ladybug And The Bully Frog by Caroleann Rice. Healing and Transformation: Moving from...- Eric Alsterberg.

We have a spiritual ego and a psychological ego that keep us trapped in dysfunctional patterns of thought and behavior. The spiritual ego promotes separation, differences, and spiritual pride that become the antithesis of walking a true spiritual path. The psychological ego prevents us from healing the emotional wounds and traumas we experience in life, preventing us from creating a path of joy, seeing harmony and unity in all, and progressively learning to walk the spiritual path. Ultimately both ego prevent us from increasingly choosing who we are and who we want to be, moving beyond the illusions of separation and limitation, and toward unity and spiritual transformation, or ascension. We again have the opportunity to become co-creators with God. We again have the opportunity to walk the spiritual path, creating our lives as masterpieces of joy.

William and Tibby Forever - Lynda Hamblen. Book - Patchwork by Carol Wilson-Mack. The Jungle Rules Trilogy - Paul Shemella. Going… Going… Attilio Guardo - Romance Writer - The Other Side of Love. Eric Alsterberg - Healing and Transformation. Dr. Eric Alsterberg is a licensed psychologist in the State of Michigan. Daughters of Twilight - Collette Jackson-Fink. William and Tibby Forever - Lynda Hamblen. Moonlight Dance - Blog. How To Keep Your Mind While Everyone. Sammie the Shark and the Return... - Janet Councilman. A MORE PERFECT UNION - Paul Shemella. The Brotherhood Of The Wone - Len Stage. Liz Refuse to Fall - Jacquelyn Colleton-Akins, PhD.

Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad - KEITH NILES CORMAN. Healing and Transformation - Dr. Eric Alsterberg. The Pursuit of the Personal Renaissance Experience. The Other Side of Love - Attilio Guardo - Romance Writer. Enchanted Rainbows - Gabriella Eva Nagy. The Utgarda Trilogy and The Thule Trilogy - Joab Stieglitz. Ralphie the Roach - Ray Sobrino Jr.

One Caregiver's Journey - Eleanor Gaccetta.