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Xmpp. 11 Wave Tools You May Not Know Exist. Best Google Wave Tips and Tricks. Now that Google Wave is out in the wild, we are back with another Ultimate List.

Best Google Wave Tips and Tricks

This time around we are doing a ultimate list of tips and tricks, which will help you get started out with Google Wave, and also look at some really useful features and tools that you could put to use. What Is Google Wave? Before you even get started with Google Wave, here is a short and sweet video which answers the question What is Google Wave?. While you are getting started out, watch a cute little video that attempts to make Google Wave simpler for end users. First Look at Google Wave. Google Wave in Research - the slightly more sober view - Part I - Papers. More Ways to Use Google Talk. Google offers more ways to use its instant messaging client.

More Ways to Use Google Talk

Here's a (supposedly complete) list: Desktop applications. Google Blog. News. Times Online - Britain. PM warns Putin in Ukraine showdown Sonia Elks, Francis Elliott in Brisbane, Bernard Lagan in Sydney Last updated at 10:58AM, November 15 2014 David Cameron warned Vladimir Putin that Russia faces increasing isolation and further sanctions if it continues to destabilise Ukraine by intervening in the crisis.

Times Online - Britain

The Prime Minister said that Moscow faces a “fork in the road” over its relations with the world if it continues to flout an agreement to remove its troops from Ukraine during a showdown with his Russian counterpart on the sidelines of a tense G20 summit in Brisbane. He said that world leaders are ready to introduce more sanctions if Moscow does not respect the strained Minsk peace agreement in Ukraine, which has never been fully adhered to. Google Weblog. Public Service Search. Help Central.