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Hal Spacejock alias Simon Haynes

Re: [yWriter] Re: TAGS. Usage?? [Global variable] & [Project variable] in Tools menue. yWriter. yWriter Wiki. yWriter6 by Spacejock Software. YWriter. yWriter. yWriter5 - Free writing software designed by an author, not a salesman. yWriter is a powerful writing program which is free to download and use. yWriter is a word processor which breaks your novel into chapters and scenes, helping you keep track of your work while leaving your mind free to create.

yWriter5 - Free writing software designed by an author, not a salesman

It will not write your novel for you, suggest plot ideas or perform creative tasks of any kind. yWriter was designed by an author, not a salesman! yWriter5 is free to download and use, but you're encouraged to register your copy if you find it useful. Hal Spacejock - Articles. BookDB - book database freeware. By Spacejock SoftwareRuns on all versions of Windows, 32- or 64- bit and Wine on Linux & Mac With BookDB2 you can enter all your books with author, category, publisher etc and print them out in a variety of formats.

BookDB - book database freeware

Why would you need such a thing? Well, if you're always going to book sales and buying bargains only to get home and find you've doubled up, take a printout with you! Sonar3 - Manuscript and submission tracking program. yEdit2 - Text editor for writers with countdown word count.