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One Communication Tool You Should Add to Your Toolkit. How many different communication actions do you engage in during a typical 15-minute stretch?

One Communication Tool You Should Add to Your Toolkit

I asked my students and consulting clients in an informal poll, and the results surprised me. Stuck On An Escalator - Take Action. 10 Principles of Change Management. Updated: 10 Principles of Leading Change Management This classic guide to organizational change management best practices has been updated for the current business environment.

10 Principles of Change Management

To read the newest article, click here. Or, to watch a related video, click on the play button above. Way back when (pick your date), senior executives in large companies had a simple goal for themselves and their organizations: stability. Shareholders wanted little more than predictable earnings growth. Market transparency, labor mobility, global capital flows, and instantaneous communications have blown that comfortable scenario to smithereens. This presents most senior executives with an unfamiliar challenge. Remembering Jamie Zimmerman, ABC's Meditation Doctor.

The other week, I lost a dear friend and colleague, Jamie Zimmerman.

Remembering Jamie Zimmerman, ABC's Meditation Doctor

A physician, meditation teacher, and author, Jamie lectured internationally on “meditation medicine” and living your calling. She was passionate about global health and believed that healing happens from the inside out. Leading Teams through Change at the Speed of Business. A quick scan of PwC’s 2015 CEO Survey reveals that one management mantra has become a reality: Change is now truly a constant process, not an event.

Leading Teams through Change at the Speed of Business

Of the chief executives interviewed, 51 percent plan to enter into a new strategic alliance or joint venture in 2015, often with a rival or a firm in an industry other than their own. In an increasingly VUCA world (“volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity” — the military acronym has been borrowed by business executives), the demands on managers are enormous. Following a merger, one leader I work with was asked to integrate new teams six times in nine months, until her department began calling themselves “the island of misfit toys.”

It’s not surprising. According to the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer, 51 percent of respondents believe that the pace of business innovation is too fast, which contributed to declines in the level of trust in business in 16 of the 27 countries surveyed. Best Business Books 2014: Organizational Culture. CrowdControl Time-Clip. The Organizational Change Management Process Guide - Change Galore. 3 Ideas For Navigating Change In The Office Without Freaking Everyone Out. Not long ago, I was talking with an executive at a large company, and he was concerned about a new effort being rolled out companywide.

3 Ideas For Navigating Change In The Office Without Freaking Everyone Out

A team within the company had spent 18 months ironing out the details of an elaborate new process. Two problems needed to be solved. First, it was important to educate enough people around the company to reduce resistance to the change. Second, upper management was concerned that if people felt they understood the change, then they might make adaptations to the new procedure that would ultimately undermine the effort. The first of these issues is fairly well understood in change management. The general antidote to unfamiliarity is education. The danger with this approach; however, is that you run the risk of creating a mistaken impression of people’s depth of understanding of the new program.

A change management checklist - Leading organizational change. To improve your odds, use this change management checklist Organizations must become increasingly able to change quickly and easily.

A change management checklist - Leading organizational change

The business must be flexible yet capable of implementing and sustaining organizational change. Deciding what to change is one thing. Making changes stick is another. Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it.

Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK)

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) British author. CMBoK Launched at the 2013 Conference The Change Management Institute (CMI) and APMG-International (APMG) have formed a strategic partnership to develop the CMI Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) and to promote its worldwide use and adoption as best practice for change management. In this edition we have built upon eight years of CMI research that defined what effective Change Managers actually do. This research has drawn on the experience of more than six hundred change management professionals in thirty countries and is published as a competence framework. Understanding How Habits Rule Our Lives. I first became interested in the science of habits eight years ago, as a newspaper reporter in Baghdad.

Understanding How Habits Rule Our Lives

The U.S. military, it occurred to me as I watched it in action, is one of the biggest habit-formation experiments in history. Basic training teaches soldiers carefully designed habits for how to shoot, think, and communicate under fire. 6 Habits Of Resilient People. On April Fool’s Day 2011, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with early-stage invasive breast cancer.

6 Habits Of Resilient People

As a freelance writer with a career I love and a family that depends on my income, I spent most of the year juggling surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation with assignments, interviews, and youth soccer schedules. Throughout, friends and colleagues seemed surprised that I remained relatively active and pretty optimistic. What else was there to do, I wondered. Taking to my bed for the better part of a year wasn’t an option for my personality or my bank account. Why not look at the bright side of early diagnosis and great prognosis and keep going? Since then, I’ve been more curious than ever about why some people persevere through trying circumstances while others begin flailing at the first sign of crisis.

The Good-Luck Charm That Solved a Public-Health Problem. Warding off anemia with small iron fish Jeff Elkins In 2008, Christopher Charles was living in Cambodia and researching anemia.

The Good-Luck Charm That Solved a Public-Health Problem

The condition, which is commonly caused by iron deficiency, afflicts roughly half of Cambodia’s children and pregnant women. Leading Strategic Change: An Integrative Thinking Approach. Overview In a highly competitive global business environment, being able to adapt quickly to new conditions is a key predictor of success. Senior executives frequently grapple with situations in which they know that change is imperative but can’t determine exactly what has to change or how to make it happen.

Rotman’s Leading Strategic Change program helps set the right direction for a transforming initiative and inspire effective action.