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Tensile Structure. Hi, I'm looking for some guidance on modelling a tensile fabric roof. It will be quite a complex roof. I've looked at RhinoMembrane but it's a bit too pricey. I've searched all over the forums and Google and found a few other similar questions. I've also checked the official pages for GeometryGym and Kangaroo but I think I'm looking in the wrong places as I can't find any detailed examples or videos that show the definitions.

Here's a example of the thing I want to acheive: I created some simple NURBS base geometry in grasshopper from lofted circles. I also divided the top and bottom circles into points which I want to use as constraints for my tensile fabric. Here's a quick sketch of what I want to try and get to: I'd appreciate it enormously if somebody can try and point me in the right direction or offer an updated definition. I understand that Kangaroo doesn't necessarily produce actual minimal surfaces, but this is not a problem for me as it's just a conceptual design at the moment. Minimal Surfaces as Self-Organizing Systems. Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces. Minimal Surface Pavilion. Minimal Surface Pavilion is the project that is based on Minimal Surface (further definition I used Maya’s cloth simulation module to simulate Minimal Surface.

Minimal Surface Pavilion

Deforming cloth based on gravity is Gaudi’s type of experiment. This type of experiment leads to that Material itself tries to find the optimized structure possibility. The below is the digital technique I used through out this project. I learned the cloth simulation to simulate Minimal Surface from Christopher Whitelaw ( Pratt GAUD. 1. 2. 3. Minimal Surface Pavilionはミニマルサーフェスを構造体のアイデアにしたパビリオンのプロジェクト。 1. 2. 3. Minimal Surface experiment by Maya nCloth MayaのnClothによるミニマルサーフェスをつくりだす実験。 Like this: Like Loading... RTV – Headquarter « Oliver Dibrova. - designed by Oliver Dibrova, Studio Mamem Domingo ETH-Zurich This project focuses on the research of using minimal surfaces as spatial elements for programmatic interweaving.

RTV – Headquarter « Oliver Dibrova

RTV – Headquarter is a building for TV and communications studios in the city of Zurich.The site is located at Zuriberg neighborhood, on high level. The program is divided into different parts: administrative area, TV studios, radio studios, an open public zone, working spaces and offices for internal use. Inspired by the behavior of liquid crystals, their ability to change their conditions from solid to fluid depending on temperature, to form “soap”-films between their borders and to change their directions, I started to experiment and simulate the various conditions of liquid soap-films and minimal surfaces. Porosity is one of the qualities that characterize minimal surfaces.

Triply periodic minimal surfaces 001. This tests are part of my thesis project "Processi di progettazione biodigitali in Architettura: nuova biblioteca universitaria della facoltà di Architettura di Firenze" supervisors: prof.

triply periodic minimal surfaces 001

Ulisse Tramonti , prof. Alessio Erioli Minimal surfaces are defined as surfaces with zero mean curvature. Some particular minimal surfaces form three dimensional repetitive structure based on very simple fundamental regions, they are called triply periodic minimal surfaces. Above is the construction process of Schoen's Manta surface from his fundamental region to the cubical unit cell.

I found many definitions in gh that use repetition of a single nurbs surface (fundamental region) to achieve the complete structure of triply periodic minimal surfaces, but this kind of construction have some problems of continuity on the edge of the surfaces especially when the model is associated to parametric variations, moreover this models create very big files. I will post some application studies soon.