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Websites. Y Combinator. No longer top dating site, sends in the lawyers. « Ple. How to work with “stupid” people. On Quora today I saw a question to the effect of: How do I put up with the stupid people I inevitably find myself working with? Here’s my answer: I consider myself reasonably intelligent, yet I have had no problem surrounding myself with people at or above my intellectual level.

I’ve also had good relationships with co-workers at all levels of intelligence. Unless you’re a world-class genius (statistically unlikely), you are probably mis-diagnosing people as stupid. I’ll assume that you’re not just lashing out at others as a defense mechanism against your own insecurities (although you need honestly ask yourself that). But what you’re really evaluating is their judgment. Here’s a guide for what to do instead: Before you even decide that you disagree with someone, work to understand their judgment. Do you fully understand what they’re saying? Ask questions, make sure you understand them fully. If you decide that you disagree, work to understand their thinking process: How to "Like" Anything on the Web (Safely)

Worried about Facebook "like" fraud? You should be. Thanks to Facebook's overly simple implementation of the new Facebook Like Button, anyone can post a "Like This" button on their website pointing to any URL of their choosing. In other words, users can be tricked into liking websites they're not even on. You can bet that enterprising spammers have already figured out how to use this technology for their own nefarious purposes.


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