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Display material - French and German verbs and tenses. Millionaire er verbs. Mind maps to support learners using the perfect tense. Perfect tense writing mat in French. French Writing mats - tenses and vocab. MFL 01 0317 tenses french.

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French Six Strategies for Effective Learning posters. Go! Language Press. Verbes Irréguliers – Francais French Irregular Verbs, no translation, monolingual Shows 60 irregular French verbs!

go! Language Press

This monolingual Verbwheel shows all six “persons” for five verb tenses: Présent, Imparfait, Futur, Condicionnel and Passé Composé. Irregular conjugations are indacated by a bold font. French and English Cognates That Start With A. The (parentheses) indicate the word's part of speech in both languages, and, in the case of nouns, the gender of the noun in French.abandon (masculine noun)

French and English Cognates That Start With A

Alphabetical French-English False Cognates: A Words. One of the great things about learning French or English is that many words have the same roots in the Romance languages and English.

Alphabetical French-English False Cognates: A Words

However, there are also a great many faux amis, or false cognates, which look similar but have different meanings. This is one of the biggest pitfalls for students of French. There are also "semi-false cognates," or words that can only sometimes be translated by the similar word in the other language. 5 Valuable Teaching Ideas to Quickly Create a French-only Classroom. Imagine you walk into your French classroom one afternoon and hear tons of chit chatting.

5 Valuable Teaching Ideas to Quickly Create a French-only Classroom

Upon entering, you can see that every single student is gabbing away. French Pronunciation Guide: How to Sound More Like a Native French Speaker. Learn French with a Native Speaker at The Ultimate Selection of French Videos for Students at Any Level. Video is an extremely powerful tool to teach French.

The Ultimate Selection of French Videos for Students at Any Level

Especially if you’re trying to reach modern French students. Yet, videos are often underrated: If you’re having this much fun, it can’t be working, right? Wrong. Watching a video is the best thing you can do to recreate immersion wherever you are, and at a relatively low cost. Plus with modern technology, you’re just a click away from your next lesson. So the real issue, then, is finding the right content that is suitable to your students’ level, which will keep them both challenged and entertained.

Les Accents des Français. 7 Exciting French Pronunciation Activities to Enliven Your Classroom. Do your French learners need a little help to improve their French pronunciation?

7 Exciting French Pronunciation Activities to Enliven Your Classroom

Maybe they’re on the right track, but you’re looking for unique activities because your students are getting tired of repetitive, old school speaking drills. Perhaps you really want your students to avoid those common mistakes French learners make. Or maybe you feel that working on their pronunciation would benefit your most self-conscious students and help them come out of their shells. Or maybe your students are feeling antsy and just really want to get up and move around. Whatever your situation, you’ve come to the right place. 14 juillet : Pourquoi et comment célèbre-t-on la fête nationale ? Un peu d’Histoire concernant la Fête nationale française … Pour la plupart d’entre nous la Fête nationale française fait référence à la prise de la Bastille, le 14 juillet 1789.

14 juillet : Pourquoi et comment célèbre-t-on la fête nationale ?

Date importante de la Révolution française puisque la Monarchie est mise en péril. Cela est vrai, mais ce n’est pas vraiment la prise de la Bastille que nous célébrons le 14 juillet. En effet, un an après la prise de la Bastille, le 14 juillet 1790 est organisée la Fête de la Fédération à Paris. Cette fête a pour but d’unifier les Français. Cette association entre un noble favorable au Roi et l’Assemblée nationale opposée à la Monarchie de Droit Divin favorise la réconciliation de tous les groupes sociaux.

De villes en villages, les festivités du 14 juillet Dans quasiment toutes les communes de France, on organise des festivités pour célébrer le 14 juillet. Dans de certains villages, la fête nationale est célébrée en fanfare dès la fin de la matinée, comme ici par exemple. Révolution française - 1517 livres. La Marseillaise, French National Anthem (Fr/En) French Literature. Biblical and Hebraic Influences The influence of the Hebrew Bible and other Jewish writings on early French literature is limited.

French Literature

With the exception of the 12th-century Jeu d'Adam, an Anglo-Norman verse-play, and the 15th-century Mistère du Viel Testament, only New Testament themes appear in medieval French plays, poetry, and stories. However, there was one interesting case of "infiltration": the *Midrash and *aggadah became important sources for the French fabliaux. Fables, parables, and didactic tales were not rare in talmudic literature, and they remained part of the Jewish literary heritage throughout the Middle Ages. Indian tales and Aesop's fables mingled with talmudic "Fox Fables" (Mishlei Shu'alim), as is testified by compilations of Jewish writers such as *Berechiah b.

The renaissance Humanism blazed a trail that was also followed by the new religious trends of the 16th century – early liberal Evangelism and Calvinism. The classical age the romantic age the 20th century. French Online Sources Of Texts - ALL Literature Project. The Project has identified many online repositories of literary texts online, which are grouped here for your reference.

French Online Sources Of Texts - ALL Literature Project

Of course these may not be online forever and we cannot be responsible if they disappear! The links on this page were checked in August 2015. Please also see the sources provided by Multilingual sites, where French is also included. French Latest: Literary texts for key stage 4. French KS4 Resources Texts. Hugo 1 (description) (MS Word 30 KB) added 02.08.16 Mérimée 1 (MS Word 30 KB) added 02.08.16 Maupassant 1 (hobbies, likes and dislikes) (MS Word 27 KB) added 05.01.16 Maupassant 2 (MS Word 25 KB) added 05.01.16 Maupassant 3 (family, personal description) (MS Word 29 KB) added 02.08.16.

French KS4 Resources Texts