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With Gaudium IVF centre, you can rest assured to receive the best affordable IVF treatment Delhi has to offer. Our fertility specialists, led by ace IVF Specialist Dr. Manika, have a collective experience of over four decades in advanced IVF and infertility treatment in India.

Understanding PCOD-Treatment and Success Rate. The PCOD problem in women has been on the rise, and more than 1 million cases are reported every year in India.

Understanding PCOD-Treatment and Success Rate

Getting pregnant is every woman’s desire, but those suffering from PCOD problem find it hard to conceive. Thus PCOD must be understood for a healthy you. Miscarriage needs to handled with care. You have to give it to the fact that birth and miscarriage are in the hands of the Supreme Power.

Miscarriage needs to handled with care

Your little kingdom of dreams starts getting built up the day you discover pregnancy. But for some couples, the world can come shattering down if miscarriage happens. The most frequently asked question is “Miscarriage kaise hota hai” ( how does miscarriage happen?). Miscarriage treatment is not to be taken lightly, its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment should be dealt with utmost diligence in the hands of the experienced gynecologists. Meaning of miscarriage. How to find the best IVF Centre in India. You will have to devote a lot of time and effort to choose the best IVF Centre in India.

How to find the best IVF Centre in India

You will definitely find quite a few centers near you that offer the treatment, but it is not like you should go for the first center that calls you back. Going for fertility treatment is a significant step in your life, and there’s no denying the fact that it is not really a procedure that comes cheap. Don’t Run Away From Infertility Treatment. Hearing infertility from the doctor might bring your dreams crashing down, and you might think it is the end of the world for you.

Don’t Run Away From Infertility Treatment

Why let such thoughts cripple you when infertility treatments are available at infertility treatment centers. Having a baby is the dream which a couple nurtures together and when complications surface, it can either be the husband or the wife who can get affected by it. Thus infertility treatment must be understood so that its treatment can begin for realizing the dream of carrying the baby. What is infertility? Infertility means the inability to produce a baby despite having unprotected sex for more than a year. Medical Reasons behind Infertility in Women Irregular menstrual cyclesCystsMore than 35 years in agePCOSEndometriosisFallopian tubes damagePelvic diseases or sexually transmitted diseases.

ICSI Treatment-A step towards conception. Medical science has progressed to such a level that childless couples are now blessed to have their babies through advanced techniques.

ICSI Treatment-A step towards conception

What might have sounded irrational is now a reality and ICSI Treatment is a step in this direction. Twinning-is-a-miracle-get-ready-to-welcome-twin-babies. Siblings share a magical bond with each other and what if this bond gets developed right in the womb?


Conceiving twin babies means that everything gets multiplied, and you got to be ready to face the challenges because your body is going to carry two tiny babies in the limited space of your uterus. Twin baby pregnancy has its charm but needs loads of patience and a stress-free attitude. Twin Babies Pregnancy Twin pregnancy is likely to happen if you conceive at an older age because of the hormonal changes or you have undergone IVF in which more than one embryo got transferred, or you have been taking fertility medications to conceive.

Twins can either be: Identical: In which one fertilized egg splits into two fetuses and thus the twins might share the placenta and amniotic sac or have separate amniotic sac.Fraternal Twins: In which two sperms fertilize two eggs, and the twins have separate placenta and amniotic sac. A Quick Guide On the IVF Journey With Egg Donors. IVF or in Vitro fertilization is a boon to mankind as it helps infertile couples conceive and keeps our species run its natural course without any hindrance.

A Quick Guide On the IVF Journey With Egg Donors

Egg donors are an essential part of many couple’s IVF journey. The couples who can’t produce their own eggs due to various reasons can choose the route of IVF with egg donors. In this process, eggs are matured in the donor’s body through fertility drugs. After maturity, eggs are harvested from the donor’s body through a needle guided by ultrasound. The harvested eggs can then be fertilized with sperm in a petri dish and then placed in the mother’s uterus or frozen for future use. There is a lot of information that one needs to get before opting for IVF with egg donors. Irregular Periods: A warning sign to be taken care of. Periods are an indicator of a woman’s health.

Irregular Periods: A warning sign to be taken care of

The higher is the regularity; the sounder is the overall health. Missing periods is a good sign only if you are planning for a baby otherwise it can be a warning signal of something serious going on in your boy, which deserves immediate attention. There might be instances when you must have missed a period, yet the pregnancy test turned out is negative. Now that is a situation that needs to be discussed with the doctor. Which food increase sperm count in male?

One of the important factors in ensuring male fertility is sperm counts.

Which food increase sperm count in male?

As the rate of male infertility is increasing, the question arises about the ways to increase the sperm count. Apart from the supplements, there are various foods to increase male fertility. Consuming healthy foods is one of the best and natural ways of increasing sperm count in males. Below is a list of healthy foods that increases the sperm count in a male are: Dark Chocolate Dark chocolate acts as natural food to increase sperm count.

Which food increase sperm count in male? Which food increase sperm count in male? What to do before and after embryo transfer to increase success? In recent times, many couples long for a child but fail to have one due to infertility issues.

What to do before and after embryo transfer to increase success?

While the infertility rate is on the rise, most people are willing to undergo the fertility treatment process of IVF. Embryo transfer is one of the stressful milestones in the journey of fertility treatment. IVF opens the way for you to experience parenthood. The advice of experts can answer your queries about what to do before and after embryo transfer and helps in increasing the success rate. Before Embryo Transfer Consider Blastocyst Transfer. All about IUI Treatment. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a type of fertility treatment. You may be familiar with the term artificial insemination. IUI is the most common technique of artificial insemination. What is the difference between ICSI and IVF? With the advancement in medical science, infertility is no longer a problem.

When you decide to have fertility treatment, you can find different treatment options. Choosing between the various treatment options is not an easy decision. Considering the different aspects of the different treatments can help in selecting the right treatment option. You can easily find an ICSI center in Delhi or an IVF center in Delhi. Pregnancy test: First step to happiness. If you have been trying for a baby and you miss your periods, you feel on cloud nine. But the day you take a pregnancy test, and it turns out to be negative, you end up feeling shattered. These emotions are natural, but at this point, you need to be prompt in approaching the doctor so that the reason behind a negative pregnancy test and missed period can be determined.

Why did you get a negative pregnancy test but no periods? Either you are not pregnant, or you are pregnant, but you took the test very early.HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadatrophin) levels were not detected in the pregnancy test. The Relation between PCOS and Pregnancy. You might have somewhere come across the term Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS has evolved as a common problem among most women in recent times.

It is a type of hormonal change in women. PCOS and pregnancy are strongly linked. Be informed about thyroid during pregnancy - Gaudium IVF Centre. Anything unusual during pregnancy cannot be left untreated, and one such matter which deserves to be attended to is thyroid during pregnancy. You must have come across females saying that my thyroid levels have increased during pregnancy, and the doctor has advised me additional medicines. What does this generally mean? How can a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck affect your pregnancy and in some cases, even fertility? What is Thyroid? The thyroid gland in your neck secretes thyroid hormones, which control the way your body uses energy, and thus it controls every organ of the body.

Getting diagnosed with thyroid during pregnancy demands you to be careful and follow the medications prescribed by the doctor. Thyroid problems during pregnancy can either be related to hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, and understanding the two separately is important. Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism in Pregnancy Symptoms of Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy. A Closer look at the types, causes, and treatment of Azoospermia. The concerns of male infertility have increased in recent times, and one of the dominant problems is azoospermia. How to decide between Caesarean and Normal Delivery. A reflection into the Dos and Don’ts for before and after In-Vitro Fertilization treatments. In-Vitro Fertilization or IVF is one of the proven and tested measures for addressing issues with fertility. What do cramps after IUI indicate? The feeling of uneasiness and cramps which engulf you before and during menses is hard to bear, but cramps after IUI are sought after because it can be a signal of pregnancy.

Something that you have been craving for all your life is about to come true and cramping after IUI needs to be dealt with care. 5 Tips That Can Help You to Find the Best Infertility Centre. As most of the people, nowadays, are leading a hectic lifestyle, they are getting affected by numerous diseases. With these health issues, the occurrence of infertility is also increasing. Infertility is a reproductive system issue, which prevents couples from conceiving. 8 Important Points to Remember While Choosing the Best Gynecologist. If you are experiencing something unusual with your reproductive organs, be it periodic issues, sexual problems, or any other concerns, it’s time to see a gynecologist. Gynecological problems can be serious. Most of the time, the problems generally arise unannounced. So, even if you are fit and healthy, you should do regular check-ups. Even if not for now; you should choose a good gynecologist whom you can trust for future requirements.

However, choosing the best gynae is not easy. Surrogacy: A Blessing in Disguise. What is IVF Cost. Infertility Treatment in Delhi, IVF Treatment in Delhi, India. IVF treatment in Delhi offers new hope to couples living with infertility. It is estimated that nearly 6 million babies have been born worldwide since the first IVF baby was born in 1978.