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Open ended problems

Facebook Twitter Solving Decks %28K-8%29/02CCards.pdf. Xkcd: Annoying Ringtone Champion. Open-Ended Assessment in Math. Welcome Here's a way to move beyond traditional assessment methods in math by using open-ended questions that require students to communicate their mathematical thinking.

Open-Ended Assessment in Math

Developed by Thomas Cooney, Wendy Sanchez, Keith Leatham, and Denise Mewborn, Open-Ended Assessment in Math provides more than 450 questions. All involve significant mathematics, are solvable in a variety of ways, elicit a range of responses, and enable students to reveal their reasoning processes. This online resource also offers samples of student answers, a scoring rubric, and additional narrative material that addresses the nature, construction, and reasons for using open-ended items. Choose items by grade level and/or content area, including the following: Creating Open-Ended Questions. Creating Open-Ended Questions Although there are more than 450 open-ended questions on this website, there are times when you will want or need to create your own.

Creating Open-Ended Questions

One way to create new items is to change closed-ended questions into open-ended ones. In the examples following, note how the revised questions are more conceptually oriented and require students to communicate their thinking processes. Our experience over the past twelve years indicates that, in general, teachers do not have time to create a large number of open-ended questions. But when they do, there are certain "heuristics" that can help.