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Alltop, all the top stories You will never, ever run out of strangers. And so, the goal of perfectly pleasing an infinite number of passersby is a fool's errand. They come with their own worldview, their own issues, their own biases. Since they don't know you or trust you and don't get you, they're not inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt or invest what it takes to understand you. Sure, some of them will applaud or smile or buy.

Alltop, all the top stories



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Posted in Features on October 17, 2007 If Modernism was the twentieth-century architectural trend that developed a new way of thinking, then Urbanism appears to be the twenty-first century architectural mindset. This trend is breeding urban explorers (urbex), the greening of major metropolitan areas, and a focus on merging habitats and commercial structures with politics, culture, history and the arts. Top 100 Architecture Blogs | International Listings Blog

Top 100 Architecture Blogs | International Listings Blog